TMBAM 16.2


Chapter 16(2)

So when Jiang Yue spoke again he couldn’t help but resist a different approach.

“Madam Yan might want to ask Mr. Chen how many billion have been lost in that project?”

“It sounds good to say it’s a loss.”

Gu Xueyi’s gaze flickered.

Is it corruption?

Is the person in charge of Baoxin embezzled the funds? And the project into a mess?

She didn’t know much about Yan Chao but since he was the male lead of this world and have subordinates like Chen Yujin, his slight of hands should be powerful. But then why would he still leave such a mess?

……was it left by the elders?

And by the time he took over the mess was already rotten.

Gu Xueyi was speculating but in the surface it doesn’t show in the slightest.

It made Jiang Yue also a little confused.

Jiang Yue stared at Gu Xueyi’s serene face and couldn’t help but think, did Gu Xueyi not understand these things? And Chen Yujin was fooling her and really took this stuff as a sweet to share with him?

Jiang Yue pursed his lips and was about to say something else.

Gu Xueyi suddenly smiled faintly.

“Mr. Jiang will need it.”

Compare with dealing with the emperor’s affairs and official projects here were really inferior to her.

Need? What is needed?

Need a project form Baoxin?


Jiang Yue held the word to himself.

He turned his head to look at Chen Yujin and said.

“Don’t believe whatever the fuck Chen Yujin says.”

As Jiang Yue said this he was frowning and a memory flashed back when Chen Yujin bent down to Gu Xueyi and hold the hem of her dress.

Gu Xueyi then also looked back at Chen Yujin.

She responded,


Jiang Yue sounded a bit perfunctory as he did not elaborate what he meant.

Chen Yujin the smiling tiger was really fucking deceitful.

At the other end, Chen Yujin was also puzzled by the look he was getting.

What did Jiang Er say?

“Mr. Jian excuse me for a moment.”

After Chen Yujin said this he was ready to go over where Gu Xueyie and Jiang Yue were.

When Jian Changming said lightly.

“It just so happens that I also have something to say to Madam Yan.”

Chen Yujin’s steps lagged as he reluctantly allowing Jian Changming and him walked over together.

When other people saw this, they all wisely didn’t come forward to talk.

“How’s Mr. Jiang doing lately?”

It was Chen Yujin who took the initiative to greet Jiang Yue.

“Madam Yan.”

It was Jian Changming’s polite and courteous voice.

But these conversation that was supposed to start were interrupted by another sound—

“Gu Xuyi.”

The visitor’s voice was slightly cold as she said.

“Let’s talk.”

Gu Xueyi looked over.

The person who came was wearing Chanel high-fashion ready-to-wear clothes with her hair dyed blonde and braided into pigtails, ah no in this era it seems to be called….dirty braid?

She was very young with beautiful features and slender figure but drew a pair of raised eyebrows that didn’t really suit her.

Her body was overflowing with the overwhelming arrogance.

Chen Yujin’s face was slightly sunken, he took half step aside quietly and blocked Gu Xueyi’s figure. At the same time the girl also noticed him.

When the young girl saw him her face change at once.

Panic could be seen in an instant.

But it quickly recovered.

“Mr. Chen….”

Gu Xueyi turned her head and asked Chen Yujin.

“Who is she?”

Chen Yujin: “….”

The young girl: “….”

The young girl looked at Gu Xueyi with shame and indignation.

“What are you pretending for? You don’t know me?”

Chen Yujin slowly got used to Gu Xueyi’s unexpected words, he paused and said.

“Madam this is Miss Yan, Yan Wenshu.”

Yan Wenshu felt even more exasperated.

Since when did Chen Yujin become Gu Xueyi’s person? How could he even explain to Gu Xueyi in a serious manner?


Gu Xueyi responded nonchalantly followed by the words.

“Calling me by my name I thought it was a little girl who had no family education and followed people in to rub for a meal.”

Jiang Meng who was following behind was stunned.

She even scolded Yan Wenshu?

Jiang Jing who was quietly approaching did show a little expression of exclamation.


You haven’t even taken a beating here.

Madam Yan, Sister Gu, Sister-in-law, you do it instead!

Jiang Jing continued to say inwardly.

You can’t just hit other people’s children.

Yan Wenshu was so angry that her face turned blue, but then she realized how many people were around.

This means that if she exploded her she would disgraced herself and threw it out in the sky at one time.

The face of Yan Wenshu rose read again at once.

“Gu Xueyi, you….”

“Did I said something wrong?”

Gu Xueyi turned her head and asked Chen Yujin.

Secretary Chen who was selfless and didn’t give much information, that secretary Chen was now not giving Yan Wenshu any face as he nodded to Gu Xueyi.

“You did not say anything wrong.”

Suddenly running here, looking so aggressive, she looked more than uneducated.

Gu Xueyi looked at Yan Wenshu and said lightly.

“This little girl, she is still a bit stupid.”

It was the same as what he thought.

Chen Yujin said inwardly.

A word came out from Secretary Chen’s mind.

Minds that think alike.

….doesn’t count either.

It’s just that smart people always have something in common. That’s right, Secretary Chen’s eyes glittered.

Jiang Yue was left waiting for a long time.


Why didn’t Gu Xueyi ask him “Did I say it wrong?”

Yan Wenshu was now furious.

She has never been this furious when she was a child.

Yan Wenshu looked around again, only then did she clearly saw the surrounding people.

Jiang Yue of the Jiang family, Jian Changming of the Jian family and Chen Yujin her big brother’s secretary, who just catered to Gu Xueyi. Except for her everyone else looked at her faintly as if looking at an irrelevant figure.

Even Jian Changming who as a good friend of her elder brother, was like this.

Don’t they….think Gu Xueyi was spiteful?

Yan Wenshu suddenly fell into bewilderment and anger.

Did they…..all get dosed with ecstasy?



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