TMBAM 17.2

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Chapter 17(2)

“If your Elder Brother died outside, the Yan family would not be extinguished. It’s not your turn to worry about these things.”

Gu Xueyi abruptly pulled back to the main topic.

Yan Wenshu was in trance for a while but she wasn’t used to the “her” now.

She settled down.

“What do you know? It’s not the same…”

Gu Xueyi gently opened her lips.

“Hmm? Could it be that Yan Wenjia and Yan Wenbo are eunuchs?”

Yan Wenshu was so shocked that she almost fell backwards from the sofa.

How dare she say that?

“Of course….of course not!”

Yan Wenshu gritted her teeth, she had lost count of how many times she had clenched her teeth this day. She did hate Yan Wenjia and she also hated Yan Wenbo but she was here with Gu Xueyi today sitting while defending that there was nothing wrong with them…

Yan Wenbo could throw her down from the second floor if he could hear their conversation now.

Yan Wenshu raised her head and met Gu Xueyi’s serene and beautiful face.

She couldn’t help but show a cold and sarcastic smile as she said.

“You don’t know…well I might as well tell you directly.”

She bit her inner cheeks until she tasted blood in her mouth.

“Even if we are put all together our genes are not as good as my elder brother’s, only if his genes are passed down will that child be worthy of inheriting the Yan family. Are you trying to say again that since Yan Chao is dead, the Yan family has a throne to inherit?”

“Yes! The Yan family hold too much in their hand, but isn’t it equivalent to having a throne to inherit?”

The more Yan Wenshu talk the faster the speaks and the more she brought up her hatred the more she felt hate.


There was a moment of silence in the room.

This silence made Yan Wenshu feel uncomfortable.

She bit her lip hard again and suddenly regretted a little that she had said those words.

Gu Xueyi suddenly opened her mouth.

“You really are stupid.”

Yan Wenshu who of thought of comforting Gu Xueyi, was now turning to wanting to vomit: “…..”

Gu Xueyi stood up.

“I should go downstairs there are many guests today.”

Yan Wenshu gritted her teeth furiously.

Gu Xueyi walked up to her side and suddenly raised her hand and pressed the corner of Yan Wenshu’s eyes.

“Everyone’s genes are different, there are people who are born geniuses, there are ordinary people and there are even people who suffer from brain diseases. You should understand that stupidity can still be saved. Trying to make yourself shine and hot is better than jumping into a pile of self-abandonment and doing countless stupid things.”

Her fingers were warm and smooth.

But it only took one click before it was pulled away.

Gu Xueyi walked out and the door quickly closed.

Yan Wenshu raised her hand and wiped the corner of her eyes and only then did she find a little cold moistening in the corner of her eyes.

She cried.

Yan Wenshu bit her lower lip and suddenly stood up but fell down again back on the sofa.

Yan Wenshu: “….”

When Gu Xueyi came out of the elevator, Chen Yujin immediately greeted her.

Chen Yujin actually did not know why he walked up so quickly but since he already walked up he also came out of courtesy and asked.

“Have you talked?”

Gu Xueyi: “Hmm.”

She paused.

“I have to trouble Secretary Chen with one thing.”

It’s finally here.

What unreasonable request would Gu Xueyi make?

Such thought flashed through Chen Yujin’s mind but miraculously he could hardly feel disgusted.

“In the last three months, once Yan Wenshu ordered a foreign ticket cancel them all for her.”

That’s it?

Chen Yujin was silent for a second.

“Is Madam planning to keep Third Miss at home?”

“Not at home, just inside the country.”

Gu Xueyi corrected him then said.

“I know that such small matter can be easily done by Secretary Chen.”

Chen Yujin: “…..”

No sugar coated words but straight forwardness instead.

But her tone was indifferent and sincere as if she had given him a great deal of trust.

Chen Yujin cleared his throat.

“Of course.”

Gu Xueyi nodded slightly before mentioning her dress again and walked towards Jian Changming and others not far away.

Other rich wives also began to take the initiative to talk to Gu Xueyi.

Gu Xueyi took a glass of wine from the waiter, she lifted the glass and shook it gently in an elegant manner as she had learned from the book.

The corner of her lips rose slightly and she gave a little light smile to the person who came to talk to her.

After getting her smile, the other party suddenly seemed to get some kind of motivation and became more enthusiastic, perhaps even the other party itself did not notice.

“Madam Yan, your jewelry is beautiful today.”

“Madam Yan…..”

“Madam Yan…”

Gu Xueyi slightly turned her head as she listened attentively but her mind was thinking about something else.


Stupidity was contagious.

From the appearance of Yan Wenshu, she could tell what kind of social circle she has abroad.

Yan Wenshu was living too far from the Yan family, she’d better put here within the country first and let her adjust and then teach her for a few months.

Gu Xueyi also didn’t expect to get such useful information at once from Yan Wenshu’s mouth today.

These small details in the original plot was never mentioned.

In the end she was just a little girl who could be swallowed in one gulped in this scheming society.

Compared with Yan Wenjia and Yan Wenbo they were far more inferior.

Gu Xueyi smiled lightly and raised her eyes just in time to meet the gaze of Jiang Yue who was standing at a distance.

She raised her glass at him and smiled lightly, then she averted her gaze without slightest delay. In front of her Mrs. Kim was striking a conversation with her.

Jian Yue’s gaze twitched.

It was as if something swept quickly from his heart leaving only a little trace.

It was a little itchy.

Chen Yujin took in this scene from afar and immediately drew his legs towards Gu Xueyi.

At this time, someone under his command came over and stopped him as he embarrassingly said.

“Mr. Chen, what about…what about Miss Jiang brought by the third miss?”

Chen Yujin: “Does she have an invitation in her hand?”


Chen Yujin turned his hear and smiled so much that both eyes narrowed.

“Isn’t that very manageable?”

The person in charge dawned on him and immediately turned his head to call a bodyguard and drive Jiang Meng outside.

Jiang Meng didn’t expect that there would be no news as soon as Yan Wenshu went.

Gu Xueyi could beat Yan Wenbo, but would she dare to fight Yan Wenshu? And with Yan Wenshu’s character it was reasonable to say that she would not compromise…

However right now, at this moment Jiang Meng was embarrassed to death.

The dress Jiang Meng wore were carefully selected, and even the makeup was carefully applied so even if she wanted to invincible she couldn’t, especially with those eyes that almost pierced her skin she couldn’t.

She even faintly heard someone talking about her.

“So that’s, that Jiang Meng?”

“Snort, the vixen really take herself seriously, Madam Yan is the light of the white moonlight while she is just a grain of light. How dare she come to Madam Yan’s party, to humiliate herself?”

“Really laughable!”

Jiang Meng was angry and ashamed, shaking she said.

“You….can’t kick me out, I’m a guest of the Third Miss.”

“Miss Jiang please cooperate.”

Jiang Meng’s eyes were widened as if it was about to bulge out from her socket.

Tomorrow’s headlines…

How about her face!!!

The person in charged clicked his tongue behind her.

“But no scoundrel has ever been able to rely on the Yan family.”

This female star is too naïve.

At the corner.

Gue Xuemin’s wife Zhang Xin murmured.

“Xuemin, do you fell that your daughter seems to have grown and changed?”

Gu Xuemin was distracted as he just said.

“Oh, isn’t the same woman? With makeup is the same, remove the make up still the same. It’s normal!”

“No, it’s not, it wasn’t like this before…”

Gu Xuemin however didn’t pay attention to her words and said hurriedly.

“Quickly, quickly! Mr. Jian is coming over, go and talk to Mr. Jian!”


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