IHFDATN – Chapter 15.3

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Chapter 15 (3)

Jiang Mian called her film emperor father to of course rely on her father.

Qin Jingrun who attended an event site received a phone call from his baby daughter had a warm smile plastered on his face. This time he has not left the scene so countless camera captured his gentle and doting smile.

“Dad are you busy now?”

“Not busy.”

Qin Jingrun said.

“The baby misses me?”

Jiang Mian touched her nose and unashamedly gave an “hmm.”

Qin Jingrun voice softened, before his baby daughter would never say she missed him. He said.

“Daddy will send someone to pick you up?”

Jiang Mian felt that it would be better to have a face-to-face talk so she nodded and agreed then waited for her film emperor father to send someone and picked her up. As for where to go, her film emperor father should have arrange it already so she didn’t have to worry about it.

And since there was a shopping mall in the area and thinking that she haven’t shopped properly in this world so she decided to enjoy herself and go shopping.

In her previous life in the cultivation world, Jiang Mian was intoxicated with cultivation and lived a completely ascetic life, never having enjoyed life leisurely.

And now it was time to enjoy the pleasure of being mortal.

However, after a round of shopping she didn’t know what to buy since she didn’t lack anything. Finally she went into a famous watch shop and was ready to buy four watches, one for each father.

Once the shopkeeper heard that Jiang Mian was going to buy four watches, she know that big business was coming so she enthusiastically introduce Jiang Mian which model was good.

Jiang Mian with her knowledge and according to the preferences of each father chooses their watches but for her detective father she was worried.

So far she has not seen this father of her, since the latter went out of town to work on a case.

She also do not know the character of her criminal police father and since the original had a vague memory Jiang Mian could not get any information. After thinking and choosing for a while she finally selected something base on her feelings.

“Miss, a total of three million four hundred and twenty thousand.”

The shopkeeper has been smiling with her teeth showing, this was the first time she had meet such a straightforward customer. It was more than three million, she could get a lot of commission with her alone, so who wouldn’t be happy?

In their line of work, what they like most this kind of customer.

Jiang Mian took out her card and paid the bill immediately she then went to a café and order for a latte. Sitting, she then waited for the person her film emperor father sent.

Seconds later her phone rings with an unfamiliar number, Jiang Mian connected the call and Gu Qiwen’ voice came over.

“Jiang Mian where are you?”

He sounded very cool-headed.

Gu Qiwen actually called her first, but Jiang Mian hung up without saying a word.

After a while Gu Qiwen called her again, Jiang Mian did not even bother to look who called and directly added the number to her block list however thinking over it again, she pulled the number again and send a message before adding it again to her block list.

What she texted him was.

[Pay attention to the color of hat on your head.]

This was her way of her showing her kindness, as for whether he would believe her or not that was his own business.

Without any more distraction from some idle people, Jiang Mian could get to know about this world by reading the latest entertainment news.

As a result, after browsing she saw her film emperor father hanging on the hot search list. The words were very eye-catching.

[Qin Jingrun’s mysterious girlfriend.]

Qin Jingrun was now a well-known national male god, his fans ranging from eight years old down to eight years old, an extremely wide rage. Not only female fans but he also have many male fans.

For so many years, fans were very concerned about Qin Jingrun’s marital status, they do not want their god to get married with someone. After all their god was for everyone, not for him to get married and become someone else’s.

Previously if an actress was linked to Qin Jingrun or wanted to rub his heat, that actress would be torn by the fans so almost no female celebrity fans could compete with Qin Jinrun fans. As a result even if someone wanted to rub heat they didn’t dare to make it a scandal.

For this reason, the fans gloat and felt that they have preserved the ‘innocence’ of their male god again and again.

But on one hand although fans were reluctant to let their male god marry someone they were also worried that their male god would be single all his life. In short their dilemma contradicts each other.

Because Qin Jingrun has been single, there was a time when the internet rumored that he likes men, so that was the reason why he has been single and did not get married.

Seeing this phrase Jiang Mian’s curiosity was immediately hooked up. She really wanted to see who was her movie emperor father girlfriend was.

It has been a while since Jiang Mian came to this world, up to now Jiang Mian doesn’t know why the original owner has four fathers. The author of the original book doesn’t explain it, not only does it does not explain these but the whole book doesn’t mention the original owner’s mother.

In the original owner’s memory, there was no such person as her mother that existed.

Jiang Mian took indirect approached and inquire about this to her Taoist father, since he was the most easy to fool. As a result she didn’t know if her Taoist father understand her or was just pretending to be dumb and changed the topic.

For now, she learned that she has four biological father, but information about her biological mother was not available. Her four biological father were all single, and other than her Taoist father, the others were all diamond king.

Jiang Mian tapped into the gossip news with her slender finger and a short video instantly appeared, that was forwarded by marketing accounts1 The video only contains a few second expression of Qin Jingrun. Qin Jingrun in the video takes out his mobile phone while exiting the activity site when a dotting smile appears in his face.

The short video has several different angles as the cameraman wanted to see what was displayed on Qin Jingrun’s mobile phone to make him smile so gently and dotingly.

This smile was too striking but also too easy to make people reverie, and those people with high EQ ability would immediately think that this smile was only reserved for his beloved people or person.

Therefore, marketing accounts1 all think and posted that Qin Jingrun has a girlfriend which made a huge commotion in the internet and got into the hot searched.

Many people were digging who Qin Jingrun’s so called girlfriend was.

“What? Brother Qin has a girlfriend!!!”

A scream rang out from the next table, several voices came together and Jiang Mian could clearly hear them.

“Absolutely not! It must be someone who is shameless enough to rub Brother Qin’s heat again.”

“It’s just a smile, this marketing accounts are just rubbing some heat and had no conscience at all, they were all excessive interpretation and misinterpret meaning.”

“That’s right, I don’t believe Brother Qin will have a girlfriend, and even if he does it can only be me!”

 Jiang Mian: “……”

It’s so crazy.

No wonder her other dads and her film emperor dad all agreed to never expose their relations with Jiang Mian—this agreement was suggested by her Taoist father.

It was because of these female fans.

Lost in her thought, her film emperor father sent her a message asking where she was. Jiang Mian sent her location directly and then continued to wait for the driver’s call.

“Someone is setting here.”

Sensing someone sitting down across the table, Jiang Mian said without raising her head.

“I know, it’s my baby who is sitting.”

A familiar voice rang out from the top of her head, Jiang Mian raised her head instantly and with a dumbfounded look stared at her film emperor father who was in front of her.


She responded, pressing her voice.

“Why are you here, what if someone finds out?”

Her film emperor father was only disguised with a duck-tongued hat and nothing else.

“As long as you don’t act too surprise, I won’t be found out.”

Her film emperor father then wink at his baby daughter, as he looked at her worried expression.

Jiang Mian held her forehead, listening to this familiar tone of which made her wonder if he often did this.

Qin Jingrun sat down opposite to Jiang Mian, who sighed with relief after surveying the surroundings and making sure no one notice him.

“Want to go play in the arcade? Daddy will take you there.”

Qin Jingrun proposed, not minding that he was a superstar.

In the past, he remembered that his baby daughter once mentioned that she wanted to go to arcade city with him, but before they could even arrived at the arcade city he was already recognized by the people and had to leave her with the security guards in the shopping mall. After that, his baby daughter never asked him again.

Qin Jingrun was very guilty and has been trying to make amends.

Jiang Mian shook her head, thinking they were to conspicuous. She did not want to be surrounded by people.

Hearing this, a trace of loss flashed under Qin Jingrun’s eyes but hid it immediately then pulled Jiang Mian out of the café.

7:30 in the evening was the busiest time, there were a lot of people in the shopping mall. Jiang Mian was led by her film emperor father while carefully covering her face, thinking that even if someone recognized him at least they won’t see her face.

Luckily her worries were superfluous. Father and daughter arrived safely in the parking lot and no one recognized them.

After getting into the car, Qin Jingrun handed Jiang Mian a beautiful cupcake.

“You’re hungry, eat your fill first.”

Jiang Mian return the politeness with politeness, and took out wrist watch she had chosen for her film emperor father.

“Thank you baby.”

Qin Jingrun immediately took off the wrist watch he was wearing which was given to him by a sponsor and was worth more than two million yuan, and casually put it on the box while he carefully put on the wrist watch given by his baby daughter on his wrist.

Jiang Mian eat the cupcake while telling Qin Jingrun everything that happened to her today at the Junlai hotel, hiding the part about going to the club and beating Shen Shiqing—as long as Shen Shiqing was good at saving face, he would definitely put this matter in his stomach then no one would know.

At the end she sighed and said.

“Dad, what do you think, I just beat a major investor.”

“Good fight.”

After listening to Jiang Mian, Qin Jingrun touched her baby daughter’s long and soft hair as anger grew in his eyes.

“Leave this matter to your father, you don’t have to worry with your father no one can bully you.”

“Thanks dad.”

Jiang Mian smiles and curved her eyes thinking it was really great to have a backer.

No wonder the original owner is so spoiled~

“Why so polite to your dad.”

Qin Jingrun pulled a paper towel to wipe his baby daughter’s face.

He suddenly thought of his baby daughter’s birthday when she was a child come to mind. She accidentally knocked a big birthday cake, everyone thought she would cry but surprisingly she didn’t cry but grabbed the cake instead and ate it.

The heart of several old men melt in an instant.

Thinking of this, Qin Jingrun looked at his baby daughter were more and more tender while his anger for Shen Shiqing deepened. He has been in the circle for decades, with his current status he was confident to say that Shen Shiqing attached no importance. At all.


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marketing accounts1– in simple terms, is mainly a public account that collects some specific content, processes it into specific information, and then pushes the information, but the purpose of these marketing accounts is not to create To share content, but to obtain traffic or benefits as the fundamental purpose. In other words, most marketing accounts first accumulate traffic through content, and then monetize the traffic.


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