IHFDATN – Chapter 15.2

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Chapter 15 (2)

Jiang Mian’s long eyelashes trembled slightly, the coldness under her eyes emerges when she raised her eyes again, and it was already red. She goes straight to Shen Shiqing taking three steps forward and took two steps back to Shen Shiqin, saying the first line of the female lead in the scene.

“Twenty years, Son Yuan I have waited for you for twenty years!”

She raised her hand and fiercely slapped Shen Shiqing on the face.


A very crisp and loud sound.

Everyone was stunned, including Shen Shiqing himself whose head was knocked a bit askew along with Jiang Mian’s force.

Immediately after, five bright red fingerprints marks printed on his face looking somewhat frightening.

There was dead silence on the surrounding.

Time seems to be slowed down as Shen Shiqing’s head turned back frame by frame.

The only one who was not stunned was naturally Jiang Mian herself, she reached out to cover her mouth and her eyes rounded as if in shock then she reacted and hurriedly said.

“Ah, sorry, President Shen, I didn’t mean to do it, I just wanted to fake the slap but I accidentally…..”

In that instant, Shen Shiqing’s eyes became extremely frightening. Jiang Mian pretended to be shocked and whispered.

“How about you fight back?”

As long as he dares to fight, she would also dares to cripple one of his hands.

Just see if he dares to fight back.

Shen Shiqing instead walk away from the conference room with big stride, while Jiang Mian looked at his back and a flash of regret in her eyes.

Contrary to what she expected he did not strike back.

A few seconds later, the silence in the room was broken by Guan Xin’s slightly shrill voice.

“Jiang Mian, you’re horrible, how can you just hit people!”

“I didn’t hit anyone.”

Jiang Mian aggrieved.

“I said I wasn’t careful.”

Guan Xin was going mad, Shen Shiqing appeared here was for her, but here he was slapped by Jiang Mian instead. She couldn’t imagine what would happened at all with Shen Shiqing’s temperament…

For a moment, she forgot that Director Zhang and Assistant Liu were still in the conference room and looked at Jiang Mian coldly.

“Jiang Mian, do you know what you are doing! Don’t think that because your family is rich you can be arrogant, domineering and can do whatever you want. There are many richer and more powerful people than your family in this world, yet you dare to hit President Shen, be ready for your punishment by President Shen…..”

Director Zhang who couldn’t continue to smile anymore coughed. Guan Xin’s voice suddenly stopped, surprised that Director Zhang was still there. Her face changed and finally kept silent.

Director Zhang felt his head ache, things have developed into this current situation that he have not anticipate at all.

The investor was beaten by Jiang Mian, in a way he was also responsible. If Shen Shiqing withdraws his capital—however, strangely he was not angry with Jiang Mian.

Instead, there was an inexplicable sense of cool feeling.

This new drama took him a lot of effort to prepare the shooting so he just wanted to find the most in line artist for the female role. And he preferred Jiang Mian, first because she had something in her like Qin Jingrun and secondly he truly feel that Jiang Mian was suitable.

But Shen Shiqing wanted Guan Xin to have the role, Guan Xin’s acting skills were really good but with Jiang Mian in front of him, he felt less about Guan Xin’s performance.

So he gave Guan Xin a second change to audition alone, but what he couldn’t stand was that Guan Xin actually pretended to be his first love.

But because of Shen Shiqing, even if he was angry, he couldn’t show it.

Director Zhang’s mind was in full chaos. At last he waved his hand annoyingly and said nonchalantly.

“You go back first, let’s settle the audition later.”


Jiang Mian nodded obediently, then walked out of the hotel honestly not looking like she had gotten into trouble.

Guan Xin stared at her back and gritted her teeth. A moment later, she dialed Shen Shiqing’s assistant number and a voice echoed on the other line.

“Miss Guan, you go back first.”

Guan Xin bit her lip.

“Shen… is he okay?”

“That’s not a question you should be asking.”

Guan Xin’s face paled, and after hanging up she froze in place when she receive call from Gu Qiwen call.

After a pause, she connected.

“Guan Guan, how’s it going?”

When Guan Xin did not speak, Gu Qiwen’s voice rose a few notches.

“What’s wrong?”


She shook her head, she could not let Gu Qiwen know the existence of Shen Shiqing.

“Director Zhang said to try again next time, not today.”

“Did Jiang Mian do something?”

Gu Qiwen’s voice sank, and said word for word.

“She said she won’t bother me anymore and she won’t trouble you anymore.”

The fact that Guan Xin did not say anything made Gu Qiwen increasingly concluded that it was Jiang Min who did something bad to Guan Xin again.

“I’m sorry, it’s my fault.”

Gu Qiwen’s said.

“I’ll be right over to pick you up, wait for me.”

Guan Xin whispered.

“No you have classes, I’ll just come back by myself.”

She was sick of seeing Jiang Mian again and left using another road so she didn’t see a car pulling up to Jiang Mian—the one that Shen Shiqing often had use to pick her up.

Looking at the two bodyguards coming down from the car with murderous look, ordinary people would only panic immediately when they saw them but Jiang Mian just raised her eyebrows.

“What are you doing?”

Bodyguard A said with a stern face.

“Mr. Shen asks you to come with us.”

“What if I don’t want to agree?”

“Mr. Shen said that you had to get in the car anyway, no matter what.”

Bodyguard B said.

“If you don’t get in the car, the fact that you auditioned for a scene and hit someone will spread in the circle and soon you will get caught in fire1

Jiang Mian tilted her head and smiled.

“Threatening me.”

The bodyguard did not say anything. Jiang Mian thought about it and suddenly she cheerfully said.

“Ok, I’ll go with you.”

The two bodyguards froze, not knowing why. Their instincts as professional bodyguards told them that there seemed to be some kind of danger approaching.

Not waiting for them to think clearly, Jiang Mian already nimbly got into the car.

“Let’s go.”

It seems that her slap was not too hard, since the other party took the initiative to send his face over if she don’t give a fight it would not be good ah.

The car stopped at an high end clubhouse, and once inside there were body guards clad in black surrounding the place, and her entering into this pack of wolves look liked a delicate lamb entering into their mouths.

She pushed open door and saw Shen Shiqing sitting on the sofa who looked like he also just arrived not long ago, holding a packet of ice in his hand pressed on his left check.

The slap of Jiang Mian contained spiritual force, so not only would Shen Shiqing spit blood but also make his face swollen and painful for at least one night.

The door closed with a clicked and the room was suddenly left with Jiang Mian and Shen Shiqing. Jiang Mian looked around.

“Is there any surveillance here?”

He had expected to see a scared and shivering Jiang Mian but did not expect the other party to come in confidently and not only was she not afraid but had time to survey the surroundings with interest, not putting him in her eyes at all.

Shen Shiqing laughed in anger, the pain coming from his left check touched his nerves. He resisted to strangle the woman in front of him and said.

“Do you know where this is?”

Jiang Mian snorted.

“Isn’t this one of your place?”

Shen Shiqing pretense was broken by Jiang Mian with this sentence alone, and stalled for a moment unable to react.

Jiang Mian asked again.

“Is there any surveillance here?”

Shen Shiqing sneered and did not speak. Jiang Mian understood, this was Shen Shiqing’s exclusive place and no one would dare to install surveillance camera in this room.

“Very well.”

Jiang Mian smiled, walked to the door and under Shen Shiqing’s astonished gaze, locked the door.

Soon Shen Shiqing understood what Jiang Mian was going to do. Until he passed out he could not understand what happened, he asked his people to find Jiang Mian and get her here to teach her some lesson. How did it happened that in the end, he was the being taught?

And he was a big man, but he couldn’t even beat a small girl!

Shen Shiqing’s bodyguards have always been very sensible, once Shen Shiqing called someone to go to his exclusive room the bodyguards would consciously retreat a little farther.

Once the room was unlocked and with it’s soundproof no one even noticed that their boss had been beaten into a dog.

And when Jiang Mian went out she said.

“President Shen is asleep, l’m leaving.”

The bodyguard looked at each other, one stopped Jiang Mian while the other one went to the check the room and found that Shen Shiqing was lying on the sofa. He was indeed sleeping, so there was no reason not to let Jiang Mian go.

So, Jiang Mian who was politely invited over was also politely sent out after beating a person. As for Shen Shiqing after waking up—


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