IHFDATN – Chapter 15.4

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Chapter 15 (4)

Since her film emperor father said not to worry and that he would take care of it, Jiang Mian left Shen Shiqing’s affairs behind. Remembering the hot search, she stared at Qin Jingrun with a smile, and the latter smiled back while looking at her.

“Is there something on dad’s face, looking at me like that?”

Jiang Mian shook her head, then slowly said.

“Dad, the hot search says you have a girlfriend. Is that true?”


Qin Jingrun had already seen the hot search, he never took these news online to heart. Anyway, every once in a while marketing accounts would rub his heat sending him to the hot search. He was already used to it.

“Daddy has only one little lover in this life.”

Jiang Mian was curious.


The film emperor stretched out his long slender fingers and lightly tap the tip of his baby daughter’s small nose.

“Of course it’s my baby.”

Jiang Mian couldn’t help and blushed, luckily he was her father.

She began to think strangely that the reason why the original owner took fancy to Gu Qiwen was probably because her four dads were too good, that she was attracted to their exact opposite instead.

While waiting for the green light, Qin Jingrun answered a phone call and frowned.

“Now? Must go?”

Jiang Mian was looking at her film emperor father’s popular pictures online when she heard Qin Jingrun hanging up the phone. Jiang Mian said.

“Dad, you can go busy yourself if you have work. I can just a taxi back.”

Anyway her purpose of meeting her film emperor father has been accomplished.

Qin Jingrun finally had the time to get along with his daughter so how could he be willing to separate from his baby daughter so soon? After thinking about it, he tentatively said.

“I’m invited to cocktail party. Do you want to go and have fun?”

He tried to lure his baby daughter to go with him.

“There are lots of delicious food there, even better than the cake you just ate.”

Jiang Mian: “….”

The black line1 of Jiang Mian’s mind was thinking that her film emperor father really take her as a three-year-old baby.

But when he met Qin Jingrun’s expectant eyes which he thought were well concealed, Jiang Mian hesitated.

“If I go, will it cause you any trouble?”

“Of course not.”

Hearing his baby daughter’s intention, Qin Jinggrun added another fire.

“This is a private reception, inside are all businessmen. Only few people in the circle, no media and everyone will sign an agreement before entering the reception that no one will leak out any information in the reception.”

“You just go in and take charge of eating and eating and eating.”

He felt that his daughter seemed to have lost weight recently and had to raise some meat back.

Speaking of this, if she still won’t go she would hurt her father’s expectant gaze so Jiang Mian readily agreed.

Qin Jingrun took Jiang Mian back to his place first.

Except for her Taoist father who had no fixed place to live, every father had a room ready for Jiang Mian. Although Jiang Mian couldn’t come to live with him, Qin Jingrun would often still prepare clothes for his baby daughter in her room.

They went back to his place first was to picked up a dress for his baby daughter.

When Qin Jingrun sometimes sees a beautiful dress, and thinking that it would look good on his baby daughter, he would let Lin Xi buy it for him and put it in the cloakroom. There were all kinds of clothes in the room.

“Baby should wear this.”

Qin Jingrun took out a large gift box from the cloakroom.

“I bought it in London last time, you’ll look good on it.”

When the box was opened, place inside was a small pink strapless dress. The hem was decorated with countless small diamonds that glittered under the light.

Jiang Mian: “………”

“Didn’t you say I was responsible for eating and eating, it’s not good to dress like this.”

Jiang Mian struggled, although the dress was beautiful—but it was too flashy.

“Even if you eat, you still have to dress up.”

This was the first time Qin Jingrun took his baby daughter to a public place and although he couldn’t tell anyone about their relationship it didn’t stop the film emperor father from wanting to dress his daughter to be the prettiest one in the room.

The film emperor father holds the dress with expectant gaze directed at Jiang Mian.

Jiang Mian resignedly took it, when she changed and came out she found that there was already an additional person the living room—Xia Qi.

Xia Qi’s home was nearby, and he was temporarily called by Qin Jingrun to do Jiang Mian’s makeup.

Jiang Mian’s long hair was pulled up by Xia Qin with a hairpin, revealing her beautiful neck. Qin Jingrun finds a jewel necklace to put on Jiang Mian, as if she had become a doll for the two big men. And she just let them play dress-up with her.

When everything was done and ready, Xia Qi exclaimed.

“I can guarantee that Xiao Mian will be the prettiest girl at the reception tonight.”

She is so beautiful.

Jiang Mian was sleepy and yawned.

“Is it done?”

Qin Jingrun was very satisfied and ignored his baby daughter’s words then said to Xia Qi.

“It’s better to let her hair down.”


Jiang Mian’s hairstyle was done elegantly by Xia Qi.

Qin Jingrun frowned and said worriedly.

“You’re so beautiful, what if someone makes a move on Mian Mian at the party?”

Jiang Mian: “…..”

Xia Qi rolled his eyes and hated him.

“You good for nothing.”

Thinking about it, Qin Jingrun did not say anything else and carefully helped his baby daughter get into the car.

–In order to match the makeup and clothes, Jiang Mian also wore a ten-centimeter high heels.

The reason why she tag along was for her to eat and eat—right!?

Getting back in the car, she notice that Xia Qi did not follow them. Jiang Mian wondered and asked.

“Uncle Xia is not coming along?”

“His position is low, so no one invited him.”

Qin Jingrun replied without thinking.

Xia Qi stomp his feet in anger.

“Who’s the lowest? I refused them, OK!”

On the way, Jiang Mian asked tentaviley.

“Dad, do you think a person with personality like Uncle Xi has high probability of suffering from depression?”

“Unless the sow could also climb up the tree.”

Jiang Mian: “….”

Forget it, it’s better not to talk.

Arriving at the reception, the doorman pushed open the door and all eyes turned to the father and daughter who walked in on the red carpet and the noisy hall fell silent.

Both father and daughter did not care about these eyes, Qin Jingrun walked straight to the area with Jiang Mian. Some people come over to him, these people’s eyes fell to Jiang Mian from time to time, and amazement could not be hidden.

“Mr. Qin, this is……?”

“Our family’s junior.”

Jiang Mian found a lot of people came to Qin Jingrun. After the latter dealt the wave, Jiang Mian finally found the chance to said.

“Dad, you go work, I’ll go there to eat.”

Qin Jingrun naturally did not feel at ease to leaving her alone, and was about to follow Jiang Mian but she slip quickly when someone came over to find him so when he looked again his baby daughter was nowhere to be found.

Qin Jingrun: “….”

Without Qin Jingrun in the side, Jiang Mian gets less attention. When someone comes to talks to her she would only smile and doesn’t talk. Gradually other people understand, so even if other people were interested on her they would not come up again making Jiang Mian quite happy.

“You’re Jingrun’s girlfriend?”

A voice rang out behind her.

Jiang Mian turned around and saw the person who spoke it was a woman in a long red dress, the fitted dress outlined the woman’s enchanting figure, making her looked more charming and attractive.

Jiang Mian knows her, she was the famous first-line actress in the circle, the film queen—Yu Sizhu.

It was rumored in the circle that the film queen did not get married because she likes Qin Jingrun and has been waiting for him.

She politely smiled at Yu Shizu, and did not said anything then just turned around to get another piece of cake to eat.

Her purpose of coming this party was one to accompany her film emperor father and second was to eat. She doesn’t want to do anything else, that was if they don’t provoke her.

Yu Sizhu could not hold a conversation with the little girl and could only watch Jiang Mian carry food like a beautiful butterfly all over the hall, attracting a lot of attention.

While enjoying her food, Jiang Mian did not expect to see Qi Yanshu at the reception. To make sure she was not mistaken, she took a few more steps and finally found that she really was not mistaken.

Qi Yanshu stood in the corner, his eyes were not covered with white cloth but he was wearing a black glasses to avoid light instead.

Why is he here?

Jiang Mian was about to walk over when two men came to Qi Yanshu from her direction, she could see that one of them threw something white in the wine and shook it before handing the glass to Qi Yanshu.

Jiang Mian: “……”

Qi Yanshu took it, Jiang frowned seeing all of these.

The next second, Qi Yanshu splashed the wine in his hand on the man’s face.

Jiang Mian was happy and almost blurted out ‘good’.

After splashing the water, Qi Yanshu accurately put the empty wine glass into the tray next to him and without saying anything turned around, walking towards the right corridor.

The person who was splashed wanted to retaliate but was pulled by the man beside him.

The reception was very larger, and this small incident that happened didn’t affect the other side at all so only few people saw it. Jiang Mian thought about it and followed up with a plate full of food.

The corridor was long, there was hardly any people on this side and only at the end one would find that the corridor connects to an inner courtyard with a small spray pool which was quiet in contrast to the crowded hall.

Jiang Mian looked around twice but did not see Qi Yanshu, such a big person should never met an accident without anyone noticing it.

There was a bench in front of her, she was going to walked over and sit down. When she was two steps away, there was a sudden sound of fist coming behind her.

Jiang Mian: “……..”

She had food on her hand, and her feet were wearing a ten-centimeter heels so she really didn’t expect a sudden attack. In her haste she could only bend down to avoid it.

The attacker was so aggressive, after missing one hit another move was coming again. Jiang Mian who inexplicably attacked got angry, she throw the food on the ground.

“You pyshco!”

She turned back to intercept the other’s wrist but unexpectedly the other side suddenly drew back its strength, Jiang Mian’s force was a little stronger when she hit the person, and heard a click.

She found out the person who attack her was Qi Yanshu.

The bad thing was—

Qi Yanshu’s wrist was broken by her.

Jiang Mian: “….”


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black line1– pronounced hēi xiàn, which means a line that is considered reactionary, and also refers to the way of expression in comics. 1. A route considered reactionary. 2. Manga expression technique. It is usually used to express the mentality of a character when he is depressed or when he is hit.


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