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Translator: Dorkzilla

Editor: Kyoun15


Yan Wenjia (3)

Gu Xueyi was leaning against the bay window with a book and a hot cup of tea.

She asked: “Did Yan Wenbo go to school?”

The maid nodded in response: “Yes, madam.”

Gu Xueyi thought for a while and said again: “Let the driver go there and bring him something to eat.”

“Send… food?” The maid was stunned. No member of the Yan family had ever given this order.


Looking at Gu Xueyi’s usual expression, as if it was the most natural thing in the world, the maid suppressed her curiosity and only asked: “What should we send?”

“The crab noodles, lion’s head meatballs1 and imperial tofu soup2 I ate today were delicious. Add some fruits too.” Gu Xueyi replied without looking up.

The maid nodded and turned around to go prepare the food. But as she walked away, she wondered in a daze since when she had started to listen to the madam.

Wang Yue, who was standing at the door, was also wondering the same thing. Gu Xueyi had suddenly changed personality and had finally become a real madam.

At the same instant, a phone rang in the room. A maid hurried forwards, took it and brought it to Gu Xueyi: “Madam, your phone.”

Wang Yue was so shocked at this lackey behavior that her eyes almost flew out of her head but Gu Xueyi did not notice anything was wrong.

In the past, she had even more people serving her. Each person had different abilities and would ensure that she did not have to worry about trivial things in her own household.

Gu Xueyi took the phone and answered.

An unfamiliar and nervous voice came from the other end: “Hello, is this Ms Gu Xueyi?”


There was a sigh of relief. He was already relieved that she had not yelled nor hung up the phone already.

He took a deep breath and said: “Hello, we are the staff of the {Spy} movie. Mr Yuan Jia suddenly disappeared. The studio mobilized people to look for him but there are still no results. The Director asked us to call…”

“Yuan Jia? Who?”

“…” The assistant on the other end choked: “You… you don’t know?”

Gu Xueyi searched in her body’s memories and in the plot to finally find a character with that name.

Yanchao’s second brother, Yan Wenjia.

“He disappeared?” Gu Xueyi asked.

“… Yes, yes.” The assistant shrank his neck unconsciously but did not understand why he started to feel so oppressed.

Gu Xueyi turned over and got up: “Prepare a car.”

The maid had vaguely heard some part of the conversation and knew something had happened. She did not dare to delay and hurried down the stairs to inform the driver and bodyguard.

Gu Xueyi put on a coat, tied her hair with a rubber band and grabbed a pair of sunglasses. Although this thing was not very comfortable, it was very convenient against the sun.

Gu Xueyi frowned but did not feel particularly troubled. As a member of a big family that enjoyed its resources and reputation, it was normal to feel inconvenienced from time to time. But what she did not know was if Yan Wenjia’s disappearance was related to Yanchao’s, or if an enemy was trying to take advantage of the current weakness…

No matter what the situation was, she had to find him as soon as possible before someone with ulterior motives would use it as a threat against the Yan family.

If Gu Xueyi had no sense of belonging to this world a while ago, in these past few days, her new environment had used its “technology” to charm Gu Xueyi.

The Yan household was a nice place, worth living in it and suitable for survival. And for that reason, she should not only protect this place but also the people inside.


The same moment, Jian Changming also received the news. Yan Wenjia was missing and Gu Xueyi was looking for him.

Jiang Changming turned a page of his newspaper. Not many people read those anymore but he had kept this old fashioned habit.

When he had finished reading all the small advertisements in the newspaper, he raised his head and frowned: “What new trouble is Gu Xueyi going to create?”


Further away, in a first class university in Beijing.

“What the hell? Yan Wenbo, since when does your family bring you food?”

Yan Wenbo looked at the thermos barrel in the hand of the bodyguard and felt his heart strangely warming up. It was not expensive food but this small thermos was something he had only seen from his classmates as a child.

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Author’s note:

Jiang Er comes to realize: I think I am a tool.

  1. Pork meatballs
  2. Pingqiao tofu, famous dish in Huai’an City, Jiangsu Province


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