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Send him to his death (1)

A black Cadillac car was parked outside the set of “Spy.”

Luxurious cars come and go on the road beside, but this car was naturally not uncommon. Soon the car door opened and the first to come down was a big man in black suit, looking obviously as a bodyguard.

The big man walked over the passenger seat and pulled open the door.

That’s when someone stared at the car and exclaimed.

“License plate! Look at the license plate number!”

“Yan Chao’s car?”


“Didn’t he go missing?”

The discussion suddenly became noisy, and they even couldn’t help but look towards Jiang Meng frequently, with eyes full of envy and jealousy.

“It’s not coming for Sister Jiang, is it?”

“It’s possible oh.”

When Jiang Meng heard this, she did not feel happy only felt a pang of guilt.

No, it couldn’t be… Yan Chao has been missing for so long without any news, so how could he suddenly appear here?

The passenger seat door was quickly pulled open, a pair of straight and snow-white legs first reflect in everyone’s line of sight.

Followed closely by the man in the driver’s seat coming out.

She was wearing a white jacket with her hair tied up high, revealing her beautiful features without reservation.

Jiang Meng’s pupils shrank and sighed in relief.

It’s Gu Xueyi!


Jiang Meng breath steeply choked in the throat again.

Even if it’s just Gu Xueyi who comes, there’s nothing to be happy about either.

Jiang Meng thought worriedly, she felt that if her emotions continued to fluctuate so much. The fetus in her belly might not be able to persevere.

Gu Xueyi didn’t notice Jiang Meng as she entered the set and asked.

“Who is the director?”

Director Li vaguely heard the voice, he put the loudspeaker in his hand and jogged over, he then incredulously asked.

“Yan, Madam Yan?”


The person around vaguely heard the conversation, and soon one by one the majority of the crew knew that real wife of Yan Chao was here!

Originally, when they first learned that Jiang Meng was the lover of Yan Chao, they could not help but felt envy and hate. That’s Yan Chao ah! Even if Yan Chao really does not come back, the Yan family was still a huge behemoth that ordinary people couldn’t match!

But now when people’s real wives come to the door, they immediately do not feel envious and looking at Jiang Meng’s gaze, on the contrary became a little subtle and even a word difficult to say.

Jiang Meng received stares from all directions, making her heat cursed in anger.

How could she have imagine that the flash of light at that time not only failed to solve the trouble, but also put herself in a more difficult predicament.

Seeing Gu Xueyi now, her ears could still faintly hear the sound of the belt hitting against the flesh.

Pa! Pa!

“Madam Yan, this way please.”

Director Li respectfully invited Gu Xueyi to the backstage lounge.

As soon as Gu Xueyi left, the crew dared to talk freely.

“Why do I remember when I saw her in a magazine a few years ago, she didn’t look like this…”

“Plastic surgery?”

“It doesn’t look like it. It looks very natural, if any doctor can have such level, please refer me.”

“Madam Yan turned out to be so good-looking.”

Saying that, they couldn’t help but glance back at Jiang Meng.

Jiang Meng was of course beautiful, but compared with Gu Xueyi, it was a little not worth mentioning.

One was a half blood and has delicate appearance that may be very popular with men. But the other has a stronger features and has more outstanding temperament. Her eyebrows and eyes were quite in line with Chinese aesthetic. She was like an ice beauty, captivating and unforgettable.

Jiang Meng felt their ogling gaze and suddenly felt even more humiliated to death.

Was a fool like Gu Xueyi worthy of being compared to her?

Jiang Meng was so angry that she wanted to vomit.

And Gu Xueyi who was the center of the gossip, was in the lounge watching a surveillance video provided by the crew.

Surveillance video was showing Yan Wenjia at one in the morning three days ago, the set was shooting a night scenes when suddenly left the crew.

“This would not have been surprising. Yan Wenjia seems to like going to bars…. I heard his agent say that he rode a car. Sometimes when he was in the mood, he will also take a private jet overnight and fly to Las Vegas to have fun….”

“The Second Young Master originally didn’t want to take part in this film, but I specifically invited him here, making Second Young Master unhappy. So he would occasionally leave the crew to take a break, and we all understand it.”

“But this time the agent, assistant and bodyguards, he did not bring any of them…..”

The more Director Li says, the more anxious he was, as if he was on fire.

Some people believed that Yan Chao won’t be coming back, while others believe that Yan Chao would definitely come back. And director Li was the latter, he was afraid of being skinned by Yan Chao.

After the words were said, director Li looked at Gu Xueyi’s gaze with a hint of doubt again.

Can Madam Yan, really be the new Master of the Yan family?

Can she find the Second Young Master Yan?

“Okay, I get it.”

Gu Xueyi said indifferently.


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