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Editor: Kyoun15

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Yan Wenjia (2)

When she left, Jiang Meng bit her lips and her wide eyes were bloodshot. She thought about another actor in the crew.

The other actor was even worse than her. Since joining the production, there had been no sign of him for three days. Why didn’t Director Li trouble him too? Everybody kept tossing her around because of her low status!

The most hateful thing was that Cao Jiaye had invested in the movie but several millions… it was nothing for the Yan family. But for the sake of these several millions, Cao Jiaye had asked her to film the movie pregnant and exhausted…

Who wanted to act in the future? Wasn’t the reason she had obediently rolled in the bed sheets with him was to not suffer anymore? All kinds of thoughts slid through Jiang Meng’s mind and the more she thought about everything, the more aggrieved and angry she was. But also, the more she thought about it, she felt very jealous. How could Gu Xueyi succeeded on tying herself up with the Yan family to begin with? Even if she divorced Yan Chao in the future, the money and alimony she would get from Yan Chao would be enough to live a life nobody could ever reach…

Right this moment, Jiang Meng wished she really was Yan Chao’s lover. She would be able to get rid of Gu Xueyi by relying on the child in her stomach!

On the other side, in the {Spy} production studio, Director Li felt distressed.

“Have you reached him?” he asked the assistant.

“No…” The assistant answered anxiously: “And I looked everywhere, he is nowhere to be found.”

“It’s over.” Director Li looked like he was about to die.

The assistant wasn’t sure he understood. When Jiang Meng was gone for days, the director would just get angry. But now that “he” was missing, Director Li was going crazy.

“Look again! We have to find him…” Director Li was really anxious, his lips were white and his hands holding the loudspeaker were shaking. “I specially hired him and now he is missing…”

He was about to be finished.

The assistant was frightened by Director Li’s appearance, so he immediately organized the whole staff so they would keep looking.

But he still did not understand.

His looks were outstanding even in the entertainment industry, to the point people could not even compare anymore. His fans usually joked that his appearance was common property in the showbiz.

But when this guy went to play and disappeared, was it really worth it to shut off the whole production and burn through all the money to find him first?

“Sister Jiang is back!” Someone yelled.

Everybody looked up. Jiang Meng was beautifully dressed and returned to the set. The assistant behind her was carrying gifts with both hands that seemed to have been brought for them. But this time, nobody felt happy seeing this.

The smile on Jiang Meng’s face suddenly disappeared. She also noticed that the atmosphere in the studio was not right. Could it be that Director Li had really been angry about her absence?

“What’s wrong? What happened?” She asked someone casually.

“Brother Yuan is gone.”

Jiang Meng was stunned but also relieved. She quickly asked her assistant to distribute the gifts.

This “Brother Yuan” was called Yuan Jia. As soon as he debuted, he had caused huge waves in the entertainment circle because of his outstanding looks.

At that time, Jiang Meng had been jealous. How could someone get something so easily? And this man had a terrible temper, always playing on Weibo with no regards with the basic rules of being a star.

Later, Jiang Meng had found out by accident that his real name was actually Yan Wenjia.

He was from the Yan family.

When she had first learned about it, Jiang Meng had planned on hooking up with him, But Yan Wenjia’s temper was particularly weird and no matter what Jiang Meng tried, Yan Wenjia would not even pay attention to her.

It was precisely because of him that Jiang Meng had understood that she could never hug the Yan family’s thigh and had agreed to Cao Jiaye’s advances.

While Jiang Meng was sighing in her heart, Director Li noticed her. Rumors on the internet that Jiang Meng was carrying the child of Yan Chao were already all over the Internet and the gazes on her were slowly becoming wrong.

There was surprise, there was fear, there was envy…

Another assistant of the Director rushed over to tell him the current gossip.

Director said with a cold face: “No wonder she is so unruly and leaves the studio without saying anything.”

Although Yan Wenjia was similar, he had personally invited him while Jiang Meng had forced her way in. But Director Li was still surprised. He looked in Jiang Meng’s direction again and suddenly remembered someone.

The woman whose presence had been slowly forgotten, Mr Yan Chao’s real wife, Gu Xueyi.

Yan Wenjia’s disappearance… he probably should not hide it from the Yan household. Director Li called the assistant: “Find a way to get Gu Xueyi’s phone number. Call her and ask her to come here. Tell her… tell her that Yan Wenjia is missing.”


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