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Jiang Meng’s plan (3)

“This is Gu Xueyi.”

The voice on the other end paused.

“Mrs Yan, did you hit Jiang Jing?”

The reason why he was asking was because an outsider had said Gu Xueyi had beaten his brother. If the Yan family beat the Jiang family in private, it could be considered as just a kid’s fight. But if they beat each other in the open, it was equivalent to challenging the Jiang family and it could not be easily tolerated.

The problem was that Jiang Jing had not said anything about it. When he had asked the family doctor to check his injuries, there had been no visible marks. It was only when the doctor had pressed his hand on his back that Jiang Jing had felt pain.

“Yes.” Gu Xueyi answered honestly.

Jiang Er was stunned. Had Gu Xueyi really just admitted it? Was she courageous or did she not take his Jiang family seriously?

“Then I will have to pay you a visit.”

“I will be waiting.”

Jiang Er choked. He did not know if it was false bravery or not.

Jiang Er hung up the phone and had a bad feeling. He had obviously called to hold them accountable, how come had he not been able to vent his anger?

His secretary waited until he had hung up the phone to bend over and ask: “Are you really going to visit the Yan family?


“How about 3 pm? I will rearrange your schedule.”

“Yes, let’s go then.” Jiang Er put out the cigarette between his fingers.

“There is still no news about President Yan, this is the perfect time to go.”

Back to the Yan villa, Yan Wenbo was a little agitated. He grabbed Gu Xueyi’s wrist.

“Why did you admit it? Are you not afraid it will cause trouble?”

Yan Wenbo was 185 cm tall and Gu Xueyi had to raise her head to look at him.

“So you’re trying to try to take the fall for me? That whip was not for nothing, it is good to respect your elders and want to protect your family but there are some things children can not do and can only be taken care of by the adults.”

Who was the kid? Who was the adult? She herself was also just in her twenties.

Yan Wenbo was full of rebuttals but in the end, he only squeezed out: “… I’m not. I’m not defending you.”

Gu Xueyi did not want to argue with him about such a meaningless matter and faintly replied: “Yeah, I know.”

Yan Wenbo was not relieved when he heard her unemotional answer and felt even more pressure.

She knew? What did she know?

She beat Jiang Jing for him but he was not grateful and would say something like thank you. What was she thinking?

No, it did not matter. Why would he care about her feelings? Yan Wenbo tightened his grasp unconsciously and felt the soft wrist he was holding. He could feel her pulse beating under his fingertips, beating directly into his heart.

Yan Wenbo quickly withdrew his hand, not daring to think of what he had just felt and squeezed another sentence from his throat: “… I didn’t mean to do that.”

Gu Xueyi responded faintly: “I know.”

Yan Wenbo suddenly felt dejected. Whatever he say, Gu Xueyi just did not seem to care at all…

“Have you had breakfast?”

Yan Wenbo did not want to answer but because Gu Xueyi wanted him to be polite, he gritted:

“… not yet.”

Gu Xueyi turned around and said to the maid:

“Prepare breakfast.”

The maid recovered from her trance:

“Right away, Madam.”

Yan Wenbo and Gu Xueyi sat at the same table for breakfast.

Gu Xueyi was not very proficient with a knife and fork but her posture was elegant and impeccable. Yan Wenbo looked at her with a weird expression before speaking again:

“You can’t afford to offend them.”

“When I decided to hit him, I had thought about the consequence. Think first then act. This is how you should act next time you encounter trouble.” Gu Xueyi answered without looking up.

It was ironic to hear “think first then act” from Gu Xueyi’s mouth but Yan Wenbo could not laugh.

He said: “Jiang Er is the current head of the Jiang family. He came forward for just this small matter, do you know what it means?”

“It means that he is very interested in the disappearance of Yanchao.”

Yan Wenbo was taken aback.

“It’s not a big deal and you do not need to worry about it so much. It is good to have a sense of worry but you should not be afraid of the enemy.” Gu Xueyi put down her fork. This thing was heavy and uncomfortable to hold.

“Aren’t you worried that he will find a way to deal with the Yan family while my eldest brother is away?” Although Yan Wenbo still couldn’t help but contradict Gu Xueyi, he was indeed already a lot less anxious. Gu Xueyi’s unhurried tone affected him.

“Your eldest brother might be very powerful but he is not a god. The entire Yan empire is not supported by him alone. In other words, if your eldest brother is powerful enough, then he should have a fairly strong sense of risk. He will consciously cultivate a strong team to make sure that the Yan Group will still be able to function normally when he is away.” Gu Xue Yi paused. “So, from any perspective, these are not things we need to worry about.”

It has never been so easy for families to go up against each other. No one knew that better than Gu Xueyi.

Yan Wenbo: “…”

He was actually convinced. It was just that the words “eldest brother” from Gu Xueyi made him feel a bit weird. It seemed that the relationship between her and the rest of the Yan family was very alienated.

… Well, he had never tried to get close to her.

“Second master Jiang coming is actually a good thing.”


“We can show them the strength of the Yan family and let people know that even if Yanchao’s absence, the Yan family can not be bullied.”

Gu Xueyi’s tone was very calm but Yan Wenbo’s heart started pounding and even the blood in his limbs started boiling.

He licked his lips: “They can’t do anything to the Yan Group, but what if they directly attack us?”

Like Gu Xueyi had said, the Yan Group was a powerful empire. Those who tried to provoke it would always pay the price. But they were not the Yan Group but the Yan family. The Yan Group was only firmly held by his eldest brother.

Then what about their safety?

Gu Xueyi glanced at him in surprise and Yan Wenbo’s heartbeat got even louder.

Gu Xueyi asked him: “Do you believe he can beat me?”

Yan Wenbo: “…”


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Author’s note:

One shot rhetorical question.

Fourth young master Yan: I lost.


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