I Raised a Big Boss in the ’90s Chapter 17

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 Chapter 17

Hearing this, Liang Minying raised her head to look at Su Weiwei, it’s not like she hasn’t thought about getting her little sister go to school but Liu Yumei doesn’t want her to, so what could she, the sister do? But Su Weiwei, the sister-in-law, took her sister-in-law’s matters as her own making her ineffably blush in embarrassment.

But she also admired her sister-in-law, who was really brave enough to go against Liu Yumei.

Liu Yumei’s face suddenly turned cold, she knew that this Su Weiwei had no good intentions, Xie Zhenjiang’s injury was not fully healed yet, and yesterday since she grabbed Xie Zhenjiang’s hair, his forehead was full of bruises and bumps making it look scary! She was not much better; people would laugh at her wherever she goes. If Su Weiwei hadn’t set her up, how could the mother and son have ended in a such miserable situation?

But now that her son was being promoted as the factory manager, his monthly salary would be several hundred yuans, and since Jiang Donglai also promised to help him apply for city household registration, if Su Weiwei was good at discerning people, how could she propose to send two children to school?

Liu Yumei kicked Liang Fugui’s leg, making the latter startled, he put down his bowl and said, “But Wei Wei ah, having these two children go to school is expensive, can’t you see, the family really has no money…”

“I have money.”

“Where did you get the money from?” Liang Fugui couldn’t understand how this woman get that money. This daughter-in-law seemed honest but she also loves to cause trouble, every day it was either this or that. The children didn’t go to school before either and she doesn’t really care so why did she suddenly have an interest in this?

“If Zhuang Zhuang and Hong Hong drop out of school, won’t we have enough money?” Su Weiwei took a sip of the porridge and said this as a matter of course.

Liu Yumei took a deep breath, as she tried to calm herself of almost wanting to slap her to death! Get her grandkids out of school! Pweh! Why should she ah!

“Zhuang Zhuang and Hong Hong have been attending for so long, how can they drop out of school!”

“Cheng Cheng is the same age as Zhuang Zhuang, and Hong Hong is also the same age as little sister Liang, how is it that your grandchildren can go to school, but the offspring of our Liang family can’t? Didn’t you know that your grandchildren are spending the money of our Liang family!” Su Weiwei didn’t allow Liu Yumei to speak, making her speechless.

“I don’t care, either you spend money to let Cheng Cheng and little sister Liang go to school, or the whole family’s children will not go. I’ll only give you these two options and decide!” Su Weiwei finished eating and throw down the rice bowl then left.

Furious, Lu Yumei pointed at Su Weiwei and scolded, “Look at her, she’s been giving me trouble these days! If it weren’t for her, why would my daughter-in-law and son be the laughingstock of the whole village? Fugui you let her do as she pleases! Fugui…”

Liu Yumei began to cry again, Liang Fugui could only purse his lips and said a few words of comfort in a soft voice.

Meanwhile, Liang Minying who watched this drama unfold got goosebumps all over her body. This Liu Yumei was thick-skinned, swarthy, and extremely disgraceful, in short, she was really not up to match but surprisingly she has her skills at leading men. Who in this village could be shameless as her, acting like a spoiled child in front of future generations?

Cheng Cheng also shivered, feeling uncomfortable for no reason after seeing Liu Yumei’s face which made him unable to continue eating.

He silently put down his chopsticks and ran away.

Little sister Liang also felt little nausea but couldn’t tell where and why she felt uncomfortable, she only knew that she felt like vomiting after eating today’s meal. Feeling uncomfortable, she also silently put down her chopsticks and stopped eating.

Concurrently, Liu Yumei continued to act coquettishly with Liang Fugui, and the latter continued to pat her shoulder, “You know Su Weiwei’s temper, I think this daughter-in-law is not easy to deal with, if you offend her again, I’m afraid she still has tricks waiting for you.”

“Bah! Then should I be afraid of her?” Yes, she wasn’t afraid but when she remembers how she supposedly catch her for being adulterous but in the end beat Xie Zhenjiang half to death, she trembled. Right, this Su Weiwei was a disaster, coming into her life and making it into a disaster!

Early the next morning, Su Weiwei casually asked, “Minying ah, I heard that Donglai has a factory manager position that is available? You see ah, there are few brothers from my mother’s family, how about you introduce them to Donglai for me?”

Liang Minyiing was stunned while Liu Yumei said anxiously, “What introduce ah? Jiang Donglai already told me that he wants our Zhenjiang to help! He also said that the factory can’t do without Zhenjiang.”

Su Weiwei muttered irresolutely, “This will be difficult, the position of factory manager is good so if I introduce it to my brother, I can get some benefits and use that to pay Cheng Cheng and Xiaomei’s school fees… ai mom, don’t argue with me on this one. I also want to send my children to school, there is really no other way!”

Su Weiwei was clearly threatening her, this was clearly robbery in broad daylight! She wasn’t even given a chance to talk.

Liu Yumei gritted her teeth trying to stop herself from vomiting blood, this instead made her cheeks swollen from biting but had no choice and continued biting, and still had to smile as she said, “But Wei Wei ah, look at you treating your mom like an outsider, why didn’t you ask mom? Your child going to school is a trivial matter!”

“But Mom doesn’t have any money, so how can I ask Mom to spend money for my children?”

“What’s there to be ashamed of! We’re all family! That’s only a small amount of money! Small amount!” Liu Yumei said as she held back her tears.

Su Weiwei looked as if she deserves it, “Then I will trouble Mom, I will go pack the children’s school bags, and send them to school as soon as the formalities are completed.”

Once she left, Liu Yumei gnashed her teeth and her breathing shallowed but what could she do? The factory manager position was not something that could be easily obtained, this was an opportunity that was hard to find in a lifetime! As long as Xie Zhenjiang could become the factory manager, she would be able to make a fortune, and then she would definitely get rid of Su Weiwei immediately! But for now, she could only bear it.

Speaking of it, her liver hurts when she hears Su Weiwei call her mother.

Once this woman calls her mother in a sweet voice, it’s no good!

On the other hand, Liang Minying couldn’t stop laughing until her stomach hurt after she return to their room. “Sister-in-law, you are too talented, look at Liu Yumei being cleaned up by you.”

Cheng Cheng and Little sister Liang also covered their stomachs as they laughed hard, seeing this, Su Weiwei just smiled and said nothing. Cleaning up Liu Yumei? To deal with this kind of tyrannical people, one shouldn’t be cowardly, just roll up your sleeves and do it! As long as you were more arrogant and unreasonable than her, would she still dare to say anything?

Su Weiwei took out an old cloth of Little sister Liang and cut it, this clothing was given by someone and had been worn for so many years. At present, Su Weiwei has no money to buy new clothes for the children, so she wondered if she could take out the old clothes and change them.

There was a hole in the back of Little sister Liang’s clothes, so Su Weiwei was thinking of how to mend this and after so much deliberation she sewed a goose-yellow lace collar at the neckline to block the hole making it look fashionable.

Even Liang Minying was amazed. “I’ve made clothes for so long, but I haven’t seen do it like this. You remind me that in the future when making clothes I can make a fake button-style like this, and change one every day. It will look like changing into new clothes.”

Su Weiwei smiled, she loved to sew clothes for dolls in her previous life and roughly remembered some styles.

“Right? Especially for people like us who have no money, we can wear new clothes every day by doing this.”

Liang Minying fondle it admiringly, she was very interested in fashion design, but as an apprentice in a garment factory, it was not her job to make styles, yet at the moment she was feeling greedy, after all, her sister-in-law’s design was so beautiful.

“Sister-in-law, can I make clothes for others according to this pattern of yours?”

“Of course,” It was her goal to help the big boss, smiling Su Weiwei continued, “And it so happens that my needlework is not as good as yours, so can you sew this collar for me?”

Liang Minying took it and quickly finished the clothes, as expected of someone who has a professional background, the hand-stitched were neater than the machine.

The more Liang Minying looks at it, the more she like it. The clothes produced by the garment factory she works in have rustic and unsophisticated style, if only she has the talent, she could have made a custom fake collar without buttons and wrapped it around the neck like a scarf for the girls to wear in summer and surely this would make a ton of money. With this thought, Liang Minying immediately drew the pattern, Su Weiwei who saw this couldn’t help but praise, big boss was really big boss! She wouldn’t dare say anything else, big shot’s power was still leverage!

She also drew the design in her mind, which was praised by Liang Minying. Liang Minying smiled and said, “Sister-in-law, I will send this design to the factory later. If it sells well, maybe they’ll give us a commission.”

Su Weiwei smiled and said, “It would be nice if I could earn some money!”

Little sister Liang has reached the age where she also wants to look beautiful, unlike before when she was used to dressing ugly, she doesn’t like clothes with holes now after her sister-in-law dressed her up beautifully. She hasn’t worn this dress for a long time but after her sister-in-law added the fake collar the dress that looks ugly turned into a beautiful princess dress.

“Wow! Sister-in-law, this dress is so beautiful! This is second to a princess dress, I love it so much! Sister-in-law, you must be a fairy, only a fairy can make such a beautiful dress!” Little sister Liang kept spinning around and smiling, making Su Weiwei laugh.

Liang Minying smiled as she shook her head. She hadn’t home for several months and wasn’t aware that Su Weiwei and Little sister Liang had gotten closer.

Cheng Cheng on the side rested his chin, refusing to watch her stupid face.

He has been worrying lately, why couldn’t he talk yet? When he learns how to talk, he would go to the same class as little sister Liang and would defeat her, and let Little sister Liang who thought favorably of herself recognize her true level.

Ever since Xie Zhenjiang learned that he was going to be the factory manager, he asked Liu Yumei to buy some clothes for him in the street. And so, although it was still hot, he was wearing a very stylish black leather jacket, a pair of black flared pants, and black-framed sunglasses with a cigar in his mouth, his overall attire made him look like a big boss in the movie at first glance.

Xie Zhenjiang kept looking in the mirror and was very satisfied with his outfit!

Look at this! This was what a boss looks like! That’s what he was! With him like this, who wouldn’t be polite to him when he when out? He heard that the scale of Jiang Donglai’s repair shop was not small at all, and it was one of the best in the country. Jiang Donglai was the boss, and if he gets busy that’s when he the manager comes in and handles it for Jiang Donglai. And with how big the shop, not to mention, Dongali calling his friends over, he, Xie Zhenjiang, could just sit as he count his money. With this thought, Xie Zenjiang was determined to seize such good opportunity!

Xie Zhenjiang whistled and walked out, sweeping away the previous bad luck, the villagers who haven’t seen him for a long time asked, “Zhenjiang where are you going?”

“I’m going to pick up my mother-in-law.”

“How is your head injury?” Everyone burst into laughter, laughing at the matter between him and Widow Liu. Hearing this people laugh at his little setback and look down on him, Xie Zhenjiang couldn’t wait for the time when he develops, everyone would call him factory manager but since he would be a city man by then, he wouldn’t lower himself as this village people.

“What head injury? I’m going to take up my post in the city soon! I’m afraid I won’t be able to return to the countryside very often, so take care of yourselves!” Xie Zhenjiang waved his hand in an exuberant manner

The crowd looked at each other, “Take a post in the city? Is he going to get rich?”

Who hasn’t heard the story? When Xie Zhenjiang said that he was going to the city, everyone could not help but feel inevitably sigh with sorrow. It was like having someone work in the imperial court, and a monthly salary of a factory manager was hundreds of yuan, and now that Xie Zhenjiang was climbing up to the Jiang family, it wouldn’t be hard to say that he was going to get rich!

Xie Zhenjiang stopped at his father-in-law’s house, startling the poor old man, he looked left and right and pondered, “Zhenjiang ah, do you have a fever or a cold? Why are you wearing such thick clothes? Are you not hot? See, your sweating, be careful of heatstroke!”

Embarrassed, Xie Zhenjiang burst. “What hot! This leather jacket is new and if I don’t wear it will go out of style, besides, if I don’t dress up how will people know that I am going to be the factory manager?”

The old man was surprised, “Factory manager?”

Xie Zhenjiang told him what happened, this old man has always looked down on Xie Zhenjiang as his son-in-law and disliked him for not working for his family, so hearing Xie Zhenjiang he felt his back straightened, while Jiang Tao couldn’t believe what he said.

“Are you really going to be the factory manager?”

Xie Zhenjiang said proudly, “Are you still staying it’s not true? When I, this father become the factory manager, you will be the factory manager’s wife, and from now on you don’t have to do laundry and cooking, you can just enjoy yourself at home. When you go back I will ask my mother to buy you a gold necklace, gold earrings, and gold bracelets, of course, you will also have new clothes so that you can look like a factory manager’s wife!”

Upon hearing this, Jiang Tao was overjoyed. She had been married to Xie Zhenjiang for a long time and had long since given up all hope of this man, she also had long figured out early on that it was impossible to expect Xie Zhenjiang to make a lot of money, however, this all changes when she heard she was going to be the factory manager’s wife.

Jiang Tao had long forgotten about Xie Zhenjiang’s adultery, and immediately packed her bags and went home with him.

The first thing Jiang Tao did when she came back was to buy clothes, Xie Zhenjiang was right, she would be the factory manager’s wife so how could she not have some decent clothes? Mink coat? Buy! Gold jewelry? Buy! High heels? Buy! Of course, she also perms her hair! And now who would dare to say that she was a village girl?

Su Weiwei, who watched all of these couldn’t but laugh at how exaggerated these people were, even more for Jiang Tao, forgetting how his man cheated on her a few days ago and even went back home to her mother, to think she was this easy to coax? If men know that women were these easy to coax, how could mean learn their lesson?

Well, anyways she doesn’t have time to worry about these things now, her mother’s family brought a message saying that her younger sister Su Yuanyuan was going on a arranged marriage interview with a man and asked her to go back for dinner.



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