I Raised a Big Boss in the ’90s Chapter 16

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Chapter 16

This dream has saddened Su Weiwei like rubbing salt on her wound. She was so poor, but Liang Heming was earning a lot of money outside, eating and drinking well. She was just not sure if the female lead at this time was already reborn and was already hugging his thigh.

Alas, she was really pitiful. She doesn’t know if the children she raised by herself would have no conscience if she broke up with the male lead and schemed against the female lead turning the children into white-eyed wolves.

Thinking of these made Su Weiwei depressed, and to get this out of her mind she decided to go outside to make money after this period and save herself from drooling over Liang Heming’s money.

By mid-September, Zhao Xiangyu could not help but pester Jiang Donglai, so he had to agree to come to the Liang family to formally propose marriage and discuss the engagement.

Guests coming to the house made Liu Yumei woke up early in the morning to clean up, Su Weiwei also cleaned up the house, and changed the children into beautiful clothes ready to meet the guests.

Su Weiwei got bored while waiting for the guest, so she picked up a book to teach Liang Xiaomei to read. Liang Xiaomei has already learned Pinyin and found reading very interesting, she seems to have a talent for studying.

Every morning she would recite two ancient poems, and this earned her sister-in-law’s praise, often telling her how good she was and how she was a genius. Hearing this from her sister-in-law made Liang Xiaomei promise herself that when she gets back to school she would definitely get a perfect score so that her sister-in-law would be proud of her.

She thought of this while staring at her sister-in-law in a daze. She wanted to tell her sister-in-law that she seemed to be getting more and more beautiful, and how her skin was also very white and tender. And how her gestures were very attractive.

She felt that her sister-in-law was more beautiful than the stars on TV. Liang Xiaomei looked at Su Weiwei’s wrist and then at her own. But why hasn’t she changed at all? Why was it still so dark? She always thinks it’s nice to have white and tender skin like her sister-in-law.

Cheng Cheng glances at Liang Xiaomei’s stupidity. He doesn’t want what he dislikes.

He then glances at Liang Xiaomei’s book, he heard last time when his mother taught them Pinyin that the Chinese characters in the book have phonetic symbols. And he knows how to read them now so Cheng Cheng casually flips over several pages of the book, knowing that Liang Xiaomei wouldn’t be moving any moment now.

When Liang Xiaomei saw it, she sneered.

“Say, Cheng Cheng, this is a book for adults. Don’t touch my book, you little boy.”

Cheng Cheng frowns and thinks that Liang Xiaomei was not only stupid but also noisy.

Liang Xiaomei proudly raised her chin.

“Jealous of me? Sister-in-law said she would send me to school while you, you will stay at home alone in the future. When I go to school, sister-in-law will like me better buy what about you? Aren’t you afraid?”

Childish! Cheng Cheng furrowed his brows tightly as he flip through the page again. Liang Xiaomei only thought he was playing.

She sat down proudly and flipped through the book.

“Well, this text is very difficult, but I can read it already. I’ll read it to you. You should listen carefully. Although you can’t understand it now, it doesn’t matter. Your little aunt will teach you when you grow up.”

Cheng Cheng really couldn’t stand her, and really wanted to cover her mouth. He already memorized such a simple text long ago, okay???

At that moment, Liang Minying entered the door, followed by Jiang Donglai and Zhao Xiangyu. Su Weiwei intended to say hello first, but she and Jiang Donglai looked at each other for a long time instead, and even after waiting for a while, Jiang Donglai didn’t greet them first. After thinking about it, Su Weiwei just smiled and welcomed the people in and forgot to say hello.

After Zhao Xiangyu entered the house, she looked at the house with undisguised disgust, they really were poor as she imagined. The house was only surrounded by walls, evidence that life was nothing but guaranteed difficulty. It was just an ordinary rural family, but she was not surprised because she already prepared herself psychologically.

What really surprised her was Su Weiwei. She has many employees under her hands and could accurately see-through people easily. Su Weiwei doesn’t look like a rural woman. Her temperament and the way she converse were more like a city person compare to people who live in the city.

Su Weiwei was very similar to those she has seen on TV, an international student living abroad who had seen the world.

Although Su Weiwei’s son, Cheng Cheng, couldn’t speak, he looked very handsome and tall for his age. And although Liang Xiaomei has darker skin color, she was bold and not timid as ordinary children, her eyes were very lively and of course, she helped her move the stool for her. This Liang Xiaomei lost her mother long ago, and she could deduce that it was Su Weiwei who teaches her well.

However, Su Weiwei has behaved appropriately but not flatteringly since she entered the door. It was not because she was in a hurry to hold on to her family, nor was she as cramped as other women. Su Weiwei has always behaved steadily, which makes Zhao Xiangyu look at her in a new light. Zhao Xiangyu didn’t like Su Weiwei at first, but now she realized that Su Weiwei didn’t particularly like their family, but still has sincerity.

“It’s my first time coming here, so I wasn’t prepared.” Zhao Xiangyu put down her mesh bag.

Su Weiwei glanced at the mesh bag, inside was milk powder, a bottle of wheat milk, and a bag of apples. It looked good, but since it was her first time coming here to visit, wasn’t it inappropriate things to prepare? If this was a gift she would send to the countryside—Su Weiwei smiled and did not respond.

Zhao Xiangyu was also a human being that shows her true color, sometimes. So, how could she not know herself that she was being obnoxious? However, that was because she originally hated Liang Minying’s family background, so she really was not thoughtful enough.

But it would be a different story if Jiang Donglai marry someone with their status, she would definitely send boxes of good cigarettes and wine to the woman’s house.

Zhao Xiangyu was embarrassed.

Jiang Donglai was also looking at Su Weiwei and has been staring at her for a while. Su Weiwei was really beautiful, he thought Liang Minying was beautiful enough, but it turned out that her sister-in-law’s beauty was surprisingly above her. Looking at Cheng Cheng and Liang Xiaomei, who were all good-looking, he couldn’t help but wonder, were the Liang family all good-looking people?

The people in the house were in a really embarrassing atmosphere.

Liu Yumei brought Xie Zhenjiang came. The former was full of smiles as she said.

“Aya, in-law! Why don’t you come and sit on my side? Our side is spacious.”

Zhao Xiangyu gave a dry smile, she was too used to this pleasing look on Liu Yumei’s face, and her smiling face immediately stopped smiling: “I’m sitting here just fine.”

“Aigoo, don’t be polite to me, in-law. I practically watched Minying grow as I have always loved this child, and now that she is going to marry it saddened me.”

Having said that, Su Weiwei was embarrassed in her stead, while Liang Minying laughed unnaturally, and Zhao Xiangyu also laugh but didn’t say anything.

The two discussed the betrothal gifts from the man’s family when Liu Yumei, hurriedly said to express her goodwill.

 “Forget about the betrothal gifts, we are not selling our daughter.”

Su Weiwei couldn’t help but laugh sarcastically at Liu Yumei and said with a smile.

“Mother-in-law, you are not part of this family, and you know you are not so how can you give advice, no betrothal gifts? Do you think the Jiang family is poor and can’t afford the betrothal? Or do you think that our Minying is not worthy of a betrothal? The betrothal itself is not much so I believe the Jiang family won’t care about it. They can decide how much they should give, we don’t want it if is too much and we don’t dislike it if it want less. In short, the Jiang family can decide what to do. “

Liu Yumei’s face paled and was too embarrassed to speak up again.

Zhao Xiangyu smiled more dryly as she cursed at how cunning Su Weiwei was. She originally did not intend to give much betrothal gifts, after all, the Jiang family and the Liang family could not see eye to eye, but this Su Weiwei dug a hole for her.

She first raises the Jiang family’s values by saying the Jiang family was not poor, and someone with taste so it was not like they could not afford to give money. However, Su Weiwei did not mention the amount of money, she was too vague if it was more or less. Originally they could get away with giving 200 yuan but now it seems that it’s not enough if it’s less than 800 yuan.

“Then there’s no need to buy the four major pieces, right?”

Su Weiwei was slightly surprised, then laughed again and said thoughtfully: “if your family has temporary financial difficulties, we can understand this. It doesn’t matter. The four major items are not important things. Don’t buy them, there is no need to worry about this little thing.”

She seemed very considerate, but Zhao Xiangyu has the urge to beat her.

But Su Weiwei on the other hand was all smiles as she said that it doesn’t really matter!

“No, it’s just that they will be living with us after they get married and thought it wouldn’t be necessary to buy all new ones.”

“Understood! It’s always good to save some money.” Su Weiwei said with a smile.

Zhao Xiangyu’s uninterested attitude makes Su Weiwei very considerate, but this also made Zhao Xiangyu think that Su Weiwei was connoting that their family was poor, that they were reluctant to spend money, and that they were stingy. And despite all of these, Su Weiwei still welcomes them with a smile, not saying anything, and could only stomach it all to herself.

Liu Yumei had no room to interrupt from beginning to end. She wanted to keep Zhao Xiangyu and Jiang Dong for dinner, but how could she invite them, if they don’t even look at her?

After only sitting for a while, Liu Yumei took the bag and left. Liu Yumei caught up with Zhao Xiangyu and said with a smile.

“In-law, there is something I want to tell you. You see, we will all be in-laws in the future, in short, we’re going to be family. My son Zhenjiang is very capable and has the strength to do things. Do you think I can trouble in-laws to arrange a job for him?”

Zhao Xiangyu was polite to Su Weiwei but that does not mean she would also be polite to Liu Yumei, she immediately frowned and said, “Work?”

“Yes, I see that with your family’s great business, you’ll definitely need people to help you out, our Zhenjiang will definitely help you when he goes there.”

Zhao Xiangyu wanted to laugh, her son helping them? Does this Liu Yumei really stupid or pretending to be stupid?

She was too lazy to take care of this country bumpkin, but she still had to pretend to be polite.

“Tell you what, I’ll take a look at it later.”

“Hey…” Liu Yumei pulled her, “You have to take this to heart, in-laws! We are all family, Zhenjiang is Minying’s brother, you have to help out!”

Zhao Xiangyu impatiently pushed her and walked away.

Only after walking away did Jiang Donglai ask, “Mom, are you really going to help that Xie Zhenjiang find a job?”

“Of course not, that kind of person…”

Jiang Donglai smiled, “but I need a few people at the garage. When it’s not convenient to show up there myself, I let him do everything.”

Zhao Xiangyu seemed to have thought of something but could not help nodding. “You can decide! But Minying…”

“Her? When she marries me, she can only listen to me!” Jiang Donglai was confident.

After they left, Liang Minying breathed a sigh of relief.

She did not understand the meaning behind Su Weiwei’s words to Zhao Xiangyu, and how strange to see how strong Su Weiwei’s attitude was, she could see how polite Zhao Xiangygu was to Su Weiwei. After Liang Minying has never Zhao Xiangyu polite to anyone, her sister-in-law was really capable.

Liang Minying stayed at home until her wedding date. Su Weiwei also took out her only money to add to her dowry, while Liu Yumei was also forced to put out a few quilts.

Liang Minying didn’t expect a decent dowry at home, but seeing that Su Weiwei added a lot of things, moved her heart. She didn’t have a mother, and her stepmother was not good to her while she was not close to her sister-in-law at first but now, she doesn’t know why however when she came back this time, she felt that her sister-in-law seemed to be a different person.

Although she was not very enthusiastic, she knew that everything her sister-in-law did was for her own good.

The next day, Xie Zhenjiang was overjoyed while Liu Yumei’s face was rarely vibrant, and couldn’t wait to raise her tail if she saw Su Weiwei.

Liu Yumei hasn’t gone out for many days and was feeling suffocated. Anyway, things have happened so it’s useless for her to lock herself in. She might as well go out for a walk so she swaggers out.

Hong Mei and Zhang Guihua were standing there chatting, and when they saw her. Zhang Guihua threw the melon seed shells.

“She’s shameless and brazen, she doesn’t even treat her daughter-in-law as a person.”

“Thanks to Weiwei’s good character, if it was me, I’m sure I will finish that shrew!”

“Look at her what is she so proud about.”

When Liu Yumei heard this, she spits and snorted at them before raising her chin and said proudly.

“My son is going to be a factory manager! His monthly salary will be several hundred and will even have bonuses! When my son gets his promotion, he will take me to the city to enjoy happiness, by then I will be a city resident!”

That day when this reached Su Weiwei’s ears she touched her chin.

Factory manager? Would Xie Zhenjiang stay in such a good position as factory manager? Jiang Donglai’s family couldn’t even afford the betrothal gifts. Would they be so generous as to give the position of factory manager to an outsider?

“Yes, she said it is a car repair shop and the salary is worth several hundred not to mention he will also have bonuses, but Weiwei is this true? If it is true, why should Minying’s boyfriend give a job to someone who is outside like Xie Zhenjiang, and not you, the sister-in-law?”

Zhang Guihua could not figure it out.

Su Weiwei smiled and shook his head, “Aunt Guihua, pie doesn’t fall from the sky. Besides Minying is a girl who is going to married, so she needs to find a job while waiting for her wedding date. After all, she shouldn’t be looked down on by her husband’s family.”

Zhang Guihua nodded: “You are so thoughtful, while that Liu Yumei did not take Mingying as a daughter, but she shamelessly curry favor to the Jiang family.”

At dinner, Su Weiwei glanced at Xie Zhenjiang, only to see his face was vibrant and a smile was plastered at the corner of his mouth as he could turn up to the sky while Liu Yumei was rarely generous as she serves dinner with fried shredded pork.

She put down the bowl with a smile.

“Dad, I have something to tell you, Cheng Cheng and Liang Xiaomei are already at the age where they can go to school. Seeing that the school has been open for half a month, I want to send them to school.”



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