The Entertainment Circle is Mine Chapter 90

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Chapter 90

The meal lasted for two hours.

Wu Zhiyun, as the golden agent in the industry, was best at dealing with these kinds of endorsers, so after three rounds of drinks, they soon became brothers and sisters, and of course, he also promoted the other eight members of the ID group which the endorser repeatedly nodded as she promised to find the ID group to shoot the new juice ad with new different flavors next time.

After dinner, the group said goodbye near the entrance of the restaurant, at this time also, Chenxing’s Mercedes-Benz commercial car, was already waiting outside, and would be sending Cen Feng to his training location back first.

Wu Zhiyun who was drunk was seating on the copilot, dozing off while You Tao was checking Cen Feng’s itinerary for the next following days, Xu Zhaixing and Cen Feng sat in the second row of the car. Silence envelops the car except for Wu Zhiyu’s slight snore.

When Cen Feng suddenly asked, “What are you doing?”

Xu Zhaixing looked up from her phone, turned her head, and replied obediently, “I’ll make a list for you.”

He was a little helpless: “You don’t really have to do that.”

Xu Zhaixing shook her head seriously, “Must do this!”

Cen Feng was amused by her serious expression, “Why?”

Because you deserve to be seen by the world.

Xu Zhaixing righteously said: “Because this is the duty and obligation of being a fan! We have enjoyed your beauty and body, so we have to pay the corresponding labor! There is no free lunch under the sky, right? In the same way, there is no such thing as a handsome man for nothing! All white whoring behavior is shameless!”

Cen Feng: “…”

After she said that, she curled her lips again and said in a ‘Do you know what I mean?’ tone: “Brother, since you didn’t participate in the live broadcast this morning the fans are very disappointed. They haven’t seen you for a long time and all miss you very much.”

Cen Feng was silent for a moment before he said slowly in her expectant eyes: “Okay, once I’m back tonight, I will have a live broadcast.”

Xu Zhaxing: “!!!”

Actually, I just want you to post a selfie!

Unexpectedly, her idol knows how to pamper his fans!

Xu Zhaixing didn’t seem to realize that she was seeing the real person in front of her but still feel excited after hearing that her idol was going to start a live broadcast, probably because this was an instinctive reaction of a long-time fan…

You Tao turned around and said, “If you want to start a live broadcast, please post a Weibo notice in advance, while I contact the live broadcast team to prepare.”

Cen Feng gave a faint “hmm” as he took out his phone and opened his Weibo.

Xu Zhaixing’s phone soon received a notification.

Your baby Cen Feng open a forum.

A few seconds later.

Your baby Cen Feng posted an update.

This was the first time Cen Feng posted on his Weibo as an idol, and he was right next to her, this made Xu Zhaixing feel an unspeakable excitement as she clicked on the Weibo to have a look.

——@InDream – Cen Feng: live broadcast at 9:00 p.m.

As soon as the post came out, the whole super talk was boiling:

[Did the man hear our cry!!]

[Either business is not open, or a big one will be opened as soon as it started!]

[Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh brother! Finally, I’ve been waiting for you!]

[Is it a solo live broadcast? The kind that wears clothes?!]

[Fork the sister above who spouted the words of a tiger]

[Sobbing, he really cares about us. After filming an endorsement he even made up a special live broadcast for us, how can I love him more]

[It’s love! Sisters! It’s love!]

[No! It’s the deep love of a mother that move the earth!!!]

[Baby! Keep the business speed unchanged!]


In less than a minute after the Weibo was posted, there were already over ten thousand comments. Cen Feng casually scrolled through the comments and saw that most of them were from the same username, [baby son mama loves you], and made his eyebrows twitch as he silently quit Weibo.

Putting away his phone, he looked sideways at Xu Zhaixing.

She was pursing her lips, looking a little excited as the corner of her mouth turned upwards tremblingly as if trying to suppress her excited appearance while holding her phone and quickly putting it away.

He suddenly became curious and called her in a low voice, “Xu Zhaixing.”

Xu Zhaixing sat up straight as if caught by a teacher watching something naughty in class and turned her head to look at her idol. “Ah?”

She then saw her idol smile gently, “What kind of fan are you?”

Her child asking this kind of question means he was just being really curious…

Also, Xu Zhaixing felt that if she tells him the truth, she might not get off the car alive. Don’t ask her how she knows, it was her sixth sense, her intuition.

Showing a very cute smile, she answered, “Of course, I am a stage fan, I like watching your stage the most.”

It was unclear to see if Cen Feng believed her answer, he just stared at her for a long time before he smiled and turned his gaze away.

Xu Zhaixing grabbed her phone again and secretly peeked at the comment that she had not yet posted, [baby, you are mama’s little heart! Mama loves you forever, baby kisses!], and then looked away as if nothing happen after she tap on post.

Soon the car arrived at the training location when Xu Zhaixing realized that she still had not taken her idol’s body measurement, so she quickly took out a tape measure, “Brother, I want to make clothes for you, can I get your measurements?”

Cen Feng was a little surprised: “Make clothes?”

Xu Zhaixing was a little embarrassed, “I wanted to design clothes specifically for you.”

The clothes designed by Chanjuan’s designer were always swamped by countless people who wanted to purchase her clothes but when put in front of him, they seemed to be just small gifts full of fans’ wishes and blessings, hoping her idol could accept them.

Cen Feng’s heart immediately melts.

He whispered, “En, thank you.”

In the training room, the rehearsal was still going on. Xu Zhaixing followed Cen Feng at the lounge.

Even though it was in the middle of summer, Cen Feng wore a jeans and an oversized black t-shirt covering his whole body, making his shoulder blades look soft. Xu Zhaixing began to measure his back.

To make sure she got the correct measurement, Xu Zhaixing had to press the tape measure on Cen Feng’s body but because of the height difference, she has to tiptoe as she measure the width of his shoulders, and after measuring, she silently wrote down the measurements and then continued to measure his arm length and so on, when she reached the waistline, she accidentally touched his abs.

She was able to feel it through a thin layer of fabric!

… No!

To cleanse her mind from corruption and calm herself, she had to recite “I am a mother fan” three hundred times as she continued to take his measurements but when she reached his hips, she couldn’t hold back any longer and had to put the tape measure aside, she just couldn’t dare to touch it.

Cen Feng waited for a while and didn’t move when he notice her stopping, he then turned back and asked her, “What’s the matter?”

Xu Zhaixing: It’s too impressive, I dare not touch it.

She blushed and dared not look at him as she pretended to be calm and said, “I have measured it visually, so there’s no need to measure it.”

Cen Feng: “… measured visually?”

Xu Zhaixing made an OK gesture and nodded perfunctorily: “I have measured a lot of people thus the experience so it’s not a big problem.”

Cen Feng: “?”

As she said this, she had already turned around and taken out her notebook and pen and began to jot down the measurements she took but secretly looked back at Cen Feng when she wrote up the hip measurement.

Unfortunately, Cen Feng stood facing his back to her so Xu Zhaixing couldn’t see it and had no choice but say, “Brother, turn around, I’ll have another look.”

Cen Feng: “….”

He turned around in silence.

Xu Zhaixing estimated a rough measurement and wrote it down, after she finishes, she put the notebook away and didn’t dare to keep him. “Brother, I’m leaving, you go and rehearse! See you next time!”

And immediately scurried away.

After successfully running away, she finally let out a long sigh of relief. She was actually annoyed at herself with the situation she was in earlier, she was obviously working seriously! But why does it seem like she was eating her idol’s tofu in public?!

Xu Zhaixng, you’re mind is dirty, and you’re heart is unclean.

Very unworthy of being a mother!

At nine o’clock in the evening, the kites came in rushing in the live room as they howled, [baby mama’s here], but Xu Zhaixing didn’t shout along with them for the first time, because of guilt.

She felt that it was necessary for her to re-examine her attribute as a fan.

Meanwhile, at this time, Cen Feng was still wearing the same clothes during the time Xu Zhaixing took his measurements but because he just came out from his rehearsal, he was slightly wet, and the oversize t-shirt was stuck in his body.

He was sitting on the floor of the training room holding his phone by himself and not caring about the angle as he greeted his fans calmly, “I have work this morning, so I couldn’t participate in the live broadcast, sorry.”

The bullet screen was full of “it’s okay”.

Since he was still not good at interacting directly with fans, after saying sorry he doesn’t know what to talk about so You Tao reminded him, “You can choose some questions to answer.

He looked carefully and the pop-ups that were basically all confessions.

Everyone rushed to express their love for him.

Until he saw someone asked, [Baby, did you eat well today?]

The idol on the screen froze for a while.

If it wasn’t for his teammates walking behind him all the time, fans would have thought the connection buffered.

All were saying:

[Note, this is not a still picture!]

[Baby actually wandered off during the live broadcast with us….]

[Ooh, he still looks so good even when his distracted]

After about twenty seconds, Cen Feng looked back at the camera and said, “En, I have a good meal.”

The kites wailed.

[Such an obedient child!!!]

[I can be a mother again]

[Baby, who did you think of just now?]

When he saw this question, he smiled: “Well, I remembered someone who was like you all that would tell me to eat every time we met, telling me to eat well, sleep well and take good care of myself.”

When he said this, his eyes evidently looked gentle.

But surprisingly, none of them felt jealous.

It turned out that in his once dark and cold world, there was a such warm person who existed and gave him so much care, which was great.

The pop-up screen was brushed up and they said: [Thank you ta*]

(*that is written in raw)

Although they don’t know if it’s a boy or girl, young or old, a friend, a teacher or a girlfriend, it doesn’t matter, they wanted to thank her for appearing in his cold world and giving him the only sunshine.

Cen Feng looked at the pop-up and curled his lips into a smile as he said, “En, thanks to her.”


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