The Entertainment Circle is Mine Chapter 91

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Chapter 91

The live broadcast ended after only twenty minutes, and before ending it, their idol said to them in the camera, “Thank you, take care of yourselves.”

He always says less but every time he talked and says thank you to them, he would say it seriously.

Giving off a feeling that he always cherishes the fans’ love for him.

The kites were both moved and felt pain, crying they all posted in Chaohua*: [This is a sign of a child’s lack of love!!]

(*abbreviation of super topic, a function launched by Weibo where fans and stars interact)

He was obviously a cold boy whom no one dares to get close to, especially with his aura in work as if telling people “Don’t talk to me” but this instead easily arouse the fans’ love. There were nine members of the ID group, and eighty percent of the other eight members had girlfriend fans or career fans but with Cen Feng, it was a little unique, almost all of his fans were mother fans.

Although the live broadcast was only 20 minutes long, it was very satisfying for the kites who were praying for their idol’s business to open every day.

This twenty-minute solo full-face live broadcast on their screens, and although the angle was either straight or weird, they still couldn’t get enough of their idol’s high face value. All his 360 degrees were without dead angle and even his nostrils looked beautiful.

Enough to hang the fans for a dog life in a while.

Soon, major websites and official organizations began to produce refined screenshots of the live broadcast. The P picture technology of the fan circle was superb, although the live screenshots were not clear enough, but with lovely filters and special effects, it really looked adorable.

The Feng circle began to run towards the road of collective mother fans, that a small group of girlfriend fans couldn’t pull their sisters back.

All of them were heartbroken and could only lament: Don’t you want to have such handsome and A-list husband, what mother fan?! Look at his Adam’s apple, look at his thin lips, look at his looming abs, isn’t it worth calling husband?!

Which Mom fans replied: Look at his dazed expression, look at his clear little eyes, and see how helpless he is when surrounded by love. Isn’t it worthwhile for you to shout “Don’t be afraid of mother”?!

And since their idol was still closed for business, fans find fun on their own, starting a daily battle between mother fans and girlfriend fans.

Regarding the gentle look in his eyes during the live broadcast of their idol, and the meaningful “thanks to her”, a small number of fans couldn’t help but question, could this be a sign of love?

Which most of the fans responded: Instead of worrying about his love life, it was better to worry about him quitting the circle.

After experiencing a series of abusive events, and knowing the inner world of their idol, most kites have been open-minded.

After all, such immortal idol was rare to meet in a hundred years, and knowing that he may withdraw from the circle at any time, so on how long they could chase him would depend on god’s arrangement. He may not stay for that long, so if he’ll be gone sooner than later then why care if he’s in a relationship or not?

It was all thanks to buddha that he could stay on the stage all this time.

Since the last campus violence, the Feng circle has set a family motto that was completely different from other idols: Don’t ask him to become popular, just ask him to be happy and healthy, and do everything he wants.

He grew up alone, without parents and friends. He experienced cruel injuries on his own that even fans find it difficult to truly empathize with.

They vowed to be his family from this day forward, and family members were different from fans, this also means that they should not be required by secular rules.

And since this was his home, he should feel at ease here, surrounded by unconditional love, rather than those rules and regulations, that once tightened, he may leave.

By then it would be too late for them to be gentle and cautious, as they already dared to force him away.

So many fans’ Weibo profile includes, [if you turn into a (feng) wind] then pinned at the top: may he be a free wind forever.

This sentence has almost become the kites identification.

In short, cherish the days while he was still on the stage.

Just think about the new songs to listen to and new MVs to watch, then what else was there to be dissatisfied with!

And now that they were on this topic, fans were waiting happily, by the end of the month InDreams’ first group single “Towards the Sun” would be officially launched on the whole network.

The song “Towards the Sun” was composed by the famous musician He Meng, while Shi Lin wrote the lyrics. The whole song was full of youthful enthusiasm and dreams of young Xiangyang*.

(*literal translation is facing the sun or exposed to the sun, but it could also mean youth/full)

Chenxing had a clear position on InDream’s first song which was to cater to the current pop music market, so the melody should be graceful and unforgettable but the lyrics should be plain and simple to touch people’s hearts.

Simply put, “Towards the Sun” needs to be popular.

And this was precisely what He Meng and Shi Lin were best at.

He Meng was one of the leading pop musicians in China and among the top 100 KTV’s most popular songs, 50 were his songs. As for Shi Lin, he was the first person in domestic folk songs and as the first person who popularize folk songs in China, Shi Lin wrote his lyrics that were full of life experiences captivating his audience’s hearts.

With this collaboration, the song “Towards the Sun” would undoubtedly become a golden song in the Chinese music scene.

Chenxing and InDream’s official Weibo started to warm up the publicity as early as a week ago and the copyright of the major music platforms was also discussed. At the end of the month, they were launched at the same time, and the video platforms such as Entertainment, Maitian, and Pineapple also got the broadcast copyright of the “Towards the Sun” MV.

At two o’clock on Saturday afternoon, “Towards the Sun” was officially launched, Weibo’s hot search as well as the airborne hot search, and the marketing number collectively forwarded this, furthermore, Chenxing who always has top-notch publicity in the circle, “Towards the Sun” has truly spread across the entire network.

And only one hour after the single was launched, the number of on-demand views on major platforms jumps to top three, and the data on the Chinese music charts soared all the way, directly reaching the top spot at night.

Not to mention, the power of the fans who together raised their idols’ number on the charts, and Cen Feng’s family fans alone were already beyond the reach of many singers.

Thus “Towards the Sun” was destined to be favored not only by fans but also by passers-by.

The names, He Meng and Shi Lin alone were enough to attract the public. After searching the keywords, passersby were basically praising the song and expressed unanimous affirmation of InDreams’ singing skills.

And of course, after listening to the song, they also wanted to watch the MV.

The choreographer of Towards the Sun was from the Phoenix Society, a top dance studio in China. The Phoenix Society was good at UrbanDance, and the choreography they created for the song “Towards the Sun” was not difficult, their dancing was uniform and very enjoyable to watch.

What’s more, with Cen Feng, the king of stage, no matter how simple the movement was, it became extraordinary once he dances it, pulling it up a few notches, and the whole music video became extremely beautiful and cool.

InDream’s first work after forming a group has achieved very good results.

The ID girls were flaming with enthusiasm as bias fans and group fans worked hard to raise the rankings of their idols, with this cooperation the group was bound to become the number one boy group in China in a short period of time.

And with different kinds of people working hard for the same goal, for the first time, the internet felt something wonderful, different from what they usually felt before.

The momentum of InDream was so good that Chenxing step up its promised resources to keep up. The nine members of the ID group soon received a notice from Chenxing’s headquarters that they would be meeting the director of the music department to discuss everyone’s plan to release a single.

Releasing a single during their limited time as a group was also one of the conditions written on their contract with Chenxing but the group wasn’t expecting it to happen so soon, so they were all very excited after hearing this. And immediately went downstairs to get into Chenxing’s commercial car after dividing themselves into two groups.

They were laughing and making jokes as they went out, but immediately stops as they rush to the same car as Cen Feng, no one budges so at the end they could only play scissors, paper, and stone to decide who could get in the same car as their captain.

Shi Ran even said that he could just lie in the trunk after losing, but Cen Feng give him a side eye, only then did Shi Ran get into another car.

The summer sun was scorching hot.

And as if giving energy to the little kids, several people in the car were restless as they continued joking around, pulling each other hair or hat, Cen Feng who sat in the middle, felt like he was on the school bus leading to kindergarten.

Finally, he couldn’t bear it anymore and said, “Sit properly!”

Ying Xuzhe and Fu Xingyan gave each other a middle finger and sat back down.

He Sinian weakly lectured them from the back: “Brother Wu said to deduct the endorsement fee if they do this again.”

Ying Xuze looked back at him and said, “Are you going to complain? Do you want to watch the movie ‘Mountain Village Old Corpse 2’ with your older brothers tonight?”

He Sinian was the youngest in the group and had yet to become a fully grown adult, not to mention he has a soft personality. Last time he was forced to watch ‘Mountain Village Old Corpse 2’ with his older brothers in the middle of the night causing him to have nightmares, scared, he knocked on Ceng Feng’s door.

With his head throbbing, Cen Feng raised his hand to Ying Xuze, “Don’t scare him.”

Ying Xuze covered the back of his head and looked at him in disbelief, “Captain, you hit me? You hit me for Xiao Nian? Am I still your favorite brother?”

Cen Feng: “….”

What kind of sand sculpture group* did he enter.

(*internet buzzword for uncivilized term stupid)

Not wanting to talk to him any further, Cen Feng put down his hat and decided to take a nap, seeing that no one paid attention to him after chirping for a long time, Ying Xuze turned around and played an impromptu rap with Gu Xingyan.

Cen Feng listened in silence for a while, and the corner of his lips couldn’t help hooking up.

The memories of a group, at one time, were a nightmare for him.

Those cynicisms, insults, isolation, and being framed made him put away all thoughts of communicating with the outside world.

But right now, those bad memories have been gradually replaced.

The car drove all the way to Chenxing.

From the underground garage, the members took the specific elevator for artists and since they were already full, Wu Zhiyun and You Tao went to the other side to take the elevator for normal employees.

The music department was on the ninth floor, after pressing the ninth floor as the people inside chatted happily once again, the elevator door opened on the first floor but no one came in so Shi Ran pressed the door closed again and it continued to go up.

Meanwhile, on the regular elevator where Wu Zhiyun and You Tao were, the elevator also stopped when it went from the underground to the first floor. This time, Xu Zhaixing was waiting outside with two senior executives.

She went to a meeting with the producers today, and in order not to lose her momentum, she put on sharper makeup and dressed in a very OL style, exuding a delicate and powerful look.

When the elevator door opened, she was frowning while talking to the senior management, “Don’t concede at all. Tell them that if they don’t agree with us, we will withdraw the capital. This year’s market is so big, it’s not necessary for us to concede.”

As soon as she finished speaking, he saw Wu Zhiyun and You Tao in the elevator. Stunned, she asked. “Why are you here?”

Wu Zhiyun reached out to block the elevator door and waited for her to come in: “We’re bringing ID to have a meeting with the music director.”

Xu Zhaixing’s eyes widened in shock, “ID is here?!”

Wu Zhiyun looked at her strangely: “Yes, the artist elevator should have reached the ninth floor now. Come in.”

Xu Zhaixing stepped two steps back in succession, and as soon as she regained her senses, she returned to the harmless little girl. “No… no, I suddenly remembered that I have something else to do! I’ll go out first.” She turned around and was about to walk when she suddenly remembers something and winked at Wu Zhiyun: “Keep my identity secret, don’t forget.”

Wu Zhiyun said nothing about the fact that the eldest lady was still playing cosplay and nodded a little helplessly.

Xu Zhaixing stomped on her black high heels and ran away.

She ran to the bathroom in the hall and patted her heart with lingering fear. Just now she was going to take the artist elevator since this was used rarely and comes up quickly.

After pressing the elevator, she saw the two senior executives waiting for her in the drawing room next to the hallway and remembered the meeting today, so she walked back again.

If she weren’t walking fast, her idol would have seen her as soon as the elevator door opens!

Xu Zhaixing looked at her reflection in the mirror and quickly pulled two pieces of paper, turned on the tap, and wiped off the dark red lipstick and sharp eyebrows.

The shape of the eyebrows and the lip color could easily change a person’s temperament, and as she wiped the makeup off, the domineering temperament she wanted to show off was now gone. Xu Zhaixing continued to struggle to erase the waterproof eyeliner for a while and finally gave up with smudged eyes.

Twenty minutes later, she still had a meeting and couldn’t leave for a while. So, she took off her high-heeled shoes and went to borrow a pair of espadrilles from the young lady at the front desk.

This time, the domineering style was completely gone and was replaced by a very simple and ordinary young lady.

Xu Zhaixing looked left and right at the reflective walls of the lobby and went upstairs with confidence under the indescribable eyes of the front desk ladies.

The music director has held a meeting with the ID group in the conference room on the ninth floor.

During the time they were rehearsing, the music department didn’t stay idle and tailored singles for the eight people to suit their respective styles.

That’s right, eight people. The director said to Cen Feng, who was sitting at the top, “Cen Feng, you have other arrangements. I will hold a meeting with them first. If you are bored, you can go out for a walk. There are coffee shops and tea rooms on the 13th floor. After the meeting, I will talk to you alone.”

Cen Feng slightly nodded, got up, and went out.

You Tao who was waiting outside and didn’t ask anything when he came out. She just said, “Why don’t I show you around the company?”

Cen Feng was not interested and said quietly, “No, let’s just go to the coffee shop.”

So You Tao took him to take the elevator.

The elevator went up from the first floor to the ninth floor and stopped.

Xu Zhaixing, who was not mentally prepared, inescapably encountered her idol.

Before she could react, Cen Feng laughed as soon as he saw her face. “How did you make yourself like this?”

He walked into the elevator.

You Tao hesitated for a while and decided not to follow.

In the elevator, Xu Zhaixing was a little frightened, surprised, and glad at the same time. “Brother, when did you come?”

“Just now.” He looked down at her and couldn’t help but laugh again, “Why is your eye makeup smudged like that?”

“Oh.” Xu Zhaixing said calmly, “This kind of smoky eye makeup is popular now. Brother, don’t you think I have a messy casual beauty?”

Cen Feng: “….”


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