GTKAWF – Chapter 6.2

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It’s the fault of this world (2)

Sheng Qiao sat alone in the room for a long time and finally left after calming down. As she walked to the lobby, she admired the luxurious decorations and suddenly remembered a very important detail: she only had fifty thousands in her account! Why on earth would she ask him to come to such an expensive place like Xifeng Shui Pavilion? She could have just made an appointment in the small outdoor park…

Wanting to cry, Sheng Qiao went to the front desk and took out her wallet: “I would like to pay, please. How much is it?”
The young woman at the front desk smiled and said with a sweet voice: “Hello miss, the bill had already been settled. Thank you for your patronage, see you next time!”
Oh, her brother was so nice.
Sheng Qiao was moved. She put away her wallet and noticed a few people coming out.

The two middle aged men in the front were happily talking and they were followed by a young man wearing a hat and a mask, hands in pocket, with an untouchable aura. As a wife fan, Sheng Qiao could recognize her husband anywhere, even if he was entirely wrapped in a quilt!
Sheng Qiao felt extremely happy, being able to meet Huo Xi this way. Her depressing mood cleared immediately but because they were in public, she could not rush to him. Sheng Qiao could only suppress her excitement.

Winter was approaching; the sky was dark and the cold wind was blowing, the night only lit by a silver moon. Because Xifeng Shui Pavilion was next to his residence, Huo Xi bid farewell to his company and took the trail on the right. This way would lead him directly to his home and because it was late, he was not worried about reporters. He rarely wanted to take walks alone when he had free time because of them.

Unexpectedly, just as he was turning around the corner, a person suddenly jumped from behind the shadow of a tree.
“Huo Xi!”
Huo Xi was frightened. When he saw clearly who it was, he gritted his teeth in anger: “Sheng Qiao, are you crazy?!”
He had actually noticed her in the lobby of the tea house and knew she had recognized him. But he had not expected she would just follow him. Huo Xi couldn’t help but scold her in his heart: she was still the same as before and he had to avoid her like the plague! Not only she had followed him but she had also scared him!
“Were you scared?” Sheng Qiao’s voice was nervous and embarrassed. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it.”
Huo Xi waved his hand with impatience: “What do you want?”
She looked up at him again, her eyes were sparkling in the night. “Good night!”
Huo Xi thought he had heard wrong: “What?”
“Good night! Rest early, don’t stay up too late!”
Huo Xi frowned and stared at her: “You hide here and wait for me… just to tell me this?”
“Yeah.” She nodded very happily and looked around, tightening her clothes. “Then I’m leaving, bye~!”

He couldn’t have known that for the past few years, she had wished him good night on Weibo every single night before going to bed. He had never responded or even saw the messages but it had become her daily routine. Every day, if she did not write those two words she couldn’t sleep well.
And today she was able to stand in front of him and tell him in person. Was there anything better than this? No! Starchasing girls were easy to satisfy.

After speaking, Sheng Qiao turned around and left. Huo Xi looked at her bouncing back in confusion and after a small pause, he said: “Wait.”
Without hesitation, Sheng Qiao turned back and with a small smile she asked: “What is it?”
“Has the contract matter been settled?”
Sheng Qiao looked at him for a moment and as if nothing had happened: “It’s a trivial matter, don’t worry.”
Huo Xi looked suspicious. He had known about Gao Meiling’s character since he had joined the agency; could an idiot like Sheng Qiao go against her?
As if aware of his doubts, Sheng Qiao added: “I can solve it! Fans are as strong as their idols so it will be alright!”
Huo Xi’s eyes twitched: “And who is your idol?”
“You, of course.”
Huo Xi: “???”
When had this happened? From when had he changed from scandal subject to idol?
“Okay, okay, you go back soon, it’s cold outside.” Sheng Qiao urged him and Huo Xi did not say anything else anymore. He nodded at her, started walking but after two steps he looked back. She was still in the same spot, rubbing her hands because of the cold. Seeing him turn back, a big smile bloomed on her face and she waved at him.
Huo Xi disappeared in the night. Sheng Qiao stood there for a while then sighed. 

When she got home, she took a hot shower. She had not rested well the day before and fell asleep as soon as she hit the bed. The next morning, she was still dreaming when her phone rang and woke her up.
Fang Bai was already waiting downstairs: “Sister Qiaoqiao, get ready to go.”
It seemed that before the lawsuit, she still had to deal with this Danmei drama.

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