GTKAWF – Chapter 7.1

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I can’t afford to be blackened with only nine fans (1)

Taking into account that the crew had to do styling and makeup, Sheng Qiao just washed her face and went out with a bare face. 
As soon as she got in the car, she saw the breakfast Fang Bai had prepared for her and thanked him as she ate.
“Where is Gao Meiling?”
She was going to call her by her full name from now on.
Fang Bai replied: “She went abroad to follow one of her artists. You will join the studio today and be part of the new crew and Sister Gao said I had to take care of you. She said there is a makeup artist there who will take care of everything.”
Because they had just fought, it was better if they stayed apart for a while.

Sheng Qiao spent the rest of the drive leisurely. When she arrived at the studio none of the actors had arrived yet and Fang Bai led her to the dressing room. The stylist was ready to change her clothes and began to apply the makeup for the promotional shoot.

{Crazy Words} was a fantasy novel set in the modern city. There were two male protagonists, one human and one demon, and the story was mostly about the love between the two.
The two leads were both played by newcomers. The one playing the human was named Fu Ziqing. He had graduated from Chinese opera and had done a few supporting roles in various blockbusters.
The demon was played by Zhong Shen, who, like Sheng Qiao, had been scouted by a talent agency thanks to his face.
Although the two of them were not very famous, they were still quite popular online and the director had chosen them to respect the original story; their temperaments were perfect for the characters. When the first posters had been released, fans and passeraby alike had both supported his choice and the drama was already a big subject on the Internet.
Of course, they would not look forward to it anymore after today. Who would want a heroine in a Danmei drama?

Fu Ziqing’s character was a young man with Yin Yangeyes. He had been able to see monsters since childhood but no one had ever believed him and he had been treated as a madman. Sheng Qiao looked over the script while her makeup was being done; she played the role of his therapist.
Sheng Qiao sighed. She did not know how to act, that was not good.
Fortunately, neither did the original Sheng Qiao. She had just known how to glare and pout, this must have been in her capabilities, no? Well, she would have to do it anyway.

Unsurprisingly, she did not do a good job during the shoot. The photographer said that she was too stiff and her laugh too unnatural. Sheng Qiao felt like a puppet with broken joints.
The photographer was quite ruthless but after a while, he put the camera aside and asked Fang Bai that was standing next to him: “Your star, does she have any favorite artists?”
Fang Bai: “What? Why would a celebrity chase another?” Then he thought about the scene in the elevator yesterday and how idiotic Sheng Qiao had looked at Huo Xi. He hesitatingly added: “Perhaps… Huo Xi?”
The photographer snapped his fingers and whispered to his assistant. Soon after, the assistant came back with a poster of Huo Xi and as his boss had ordered, he squatted in front of the camera and set it there.
The photographer yelled at Sheng Qiao: “Come on, look at the poster.’
Sheng Qiao who was currently massaging her shoulders and back looked up and suddenly smiled brighter than the sun. The sound of the camera sounded twice: perfect and done.

The rest of the cast arrived at the studio one after another. The budget of the web drama was not high and because the actors were basically newcomers, there was no such thing as arrogance. The atmosphere of the entire crew was quite friendly.
The only thing that made the team a bit uncomfortable was Sheng Qiao who had a very bad reputation.
Everyone knew she was a hypocrite with low intellectual quotient but still had gotten this role. Once they all had come, they had seen Sheng Qiao sitting in her chair reading her script and after politely greeting her, they had stayed away.
Sheng Qiao did not pay much attention to the strange gazes around her and was trying to recite her lines. Her acting skills were already at the bottom, if she also was unable to memorize her text she was afraid she would be beaten.

It wasn’t until the two leads had arrived that the director greeted everyone and prepared for the opening ceremony. Sheng Qiao walked over with Fang Bai’s reminder, still massaging her sore waist.
At a glance, some of the celebrities were some she could have only watched on TV before. But in Sheng Qiao’s mind, there were only two categories: Huo Xi and the others. She stayed calm and shook hands with everyone after the director’s introduction.
Like his role, Fu Ziqing had a cold  and aloof personality. He looked very dedicated. Zhong Shen had a more feminine appearance and was very handsome with a pair of peach blossom eyes.
After their introduction and once basic courtesy was in place, the crew completed the launching ceremony and the filming officially started.

Sheng Qiao’s first scene was in the evening. Because of her back door position and bad personality, the crew had prepared a separate lounge for her. But unexpectedly, she did not go to rest and moved to a small bench next to the director and started watching the show. It was better to observe and eventually learn something.

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