Chapter 78 part 1

Fortunately, Chen Fang didn’t know that he had been forced to be a father by Jiang Liangchan, so he unknowingly protected Jiang Liangchan to prevent her from falling and didn’t flick her forehead for those idiotic thoughts.

On the galloping horse, “father and daughter” each have their own thoughts, and they seemed to look quite harmonious over the years.

Full of false warmth.

On the other hand, the emotions of both sides were very real.

Jiang Yunting was disgusted: “can you be more self-respecting? Can you stay away from me?”

The girl was even more disgusted: “why don’t you pull the sword and use the scabbard to put it between us? If I came near you, I’m a dog.”

Chen Fang brought a few men, Jiang Liangchan only found them when they got on the horse. She turned back several times in the middle, and found them far behind, escorting all the way.

After they took some detours to confuse the route and hide their tracks, Chen Fang brought them to a courtyard and stopped one of the doors.

Jiang Liangchan found that this place seems a bit familiar.

How come it feels like the next door was the deserted courtyard that Chen Fang took her to when he brought her out of the Jiang Mansion?

At that time, she thought Chen Fang casually found an empty courtyard with no one, now looking at it…

Maybe this was Chen Fang’s territory?

So not only does he have a property in the capital where every inch of land was gold, but he has two sets?

Her real name was sour.[1]

What Jiang Liangchan didn’t know was she misunderstood Chen Fang.

Chen Fang does not have two properties in the capital.

Rather, as far as the eye could see, the whole of this high and low courtyard was all his.

For the convenience of doing things, he chose this piece of land, since it was also in a good location and could lead to all parts of the capital, as a wealthy businessman he bought the whole piece.

After buying it, he chose some of the best courtyards to live in. He let his subordinates live in other houses around him.

Usually, he would watch the old and the young come and go, how the common people live in a way that was not eye-catching, and just enough to hide them safely in the busy city.

This courtyard was not like the one before, it looks like it was taken care of, and when Chen Fang brought them in, there was even a fire pit in the hall.

Chen Fang placed Jiang Liangchan in the warmest place, let her sit down, and let Jiang Yunting sit down with him, then turned around and face the young girl who had been silently following them after they came in.

The girl Qu Xi stands behind, quietly watching Chen Fang interact with them.

Just now in the carriage, she already knew that these two siblings were the first daughter and son of Prime Minister Jiang’s family.

On the way to the capital, she also inquired a lot, and from what she heard from her father when he was at home before, she knew that Prime Minister Jiang was the most determined person in the capital.

Since Chen Fang could help them, then he shouldn’t just idly watch the crown prince’s crude behavior, right?

But how could they still hang out together, and most importantly this brother and sister seemed to be very familiar with Chen Fang.

Especially Chen Fang’s attitude towards Jiang Liangchan, listening to their cold words as the two of them said ten sentences that could break into a fight any minute, but every time it was something related to her, his movements were unconsciously much gentler.

He was not like Jiang Yunting who was as rough as hemp rope.


Qu Xi has eyes that look at the nose and the nose looks at the heart.[2]

It also has nothing to do with her.

She was just exhausted now, and all her energy was limited to doing her own thing well.

Chen Fang settled the siblings before turning to Qu Xi: “This way please, Miss Qu.”

Qu Xi did not say anything and nodded to follow.

Jiang Liangchan and Jiang Yunting also watched silently, watching the two of them close the door after they entered what looked like a study.

The door was quite tight, and they couldn’t hear what was being said inside.

The siblings could only silently drink tea and eat the snacks, as well as the cold cake that Chen Fang bought for them when he got off his horse just now.

Then put their ears up and tried in vain to listen to the movement in the study but still couldn’t hear anything at all.

Jiang Liangchan was eating a cold cake while something was running on her mind.

In the plot, Chen Fang didn’t meet Qu Xi after trying to find her, and this scenario was nonexistent, which also became an obstacle to Chen Fang’s career.

Qu Xi’s role must have been very important.

Because this scenario was nonexistent in the plot, she did not know what kind of deal was made between Quxi and Chen Fang.

She didn’t know if Qu Xi knew what Chen Fang’s identity was, nor did she know to what extent Qu Xi and Chen Fang actually knew each other’s roots and what kind of friendship they have.

She doesn’t know why, but when she thought that Qu Xi might know Chen Fang well under the circumstances of Chen Fang’s knowledge, she was a little sour.

It’s like, she shared her secret with her, they were originally the ones who had a little secret together.

But he had to share his secret with others.

And she, standing alone outside watching him whisper to another woman.

She was having this feeling that her good friend who had been secretly hiding was being robbed.

Anyway, she was a little unhappy.

Jiang Liangchan felt that she was too sour.

Just sour.

But why was she feeling like this?

What’s wrong with her?

What kind of relationship does she and Chen Fang have in the first place, it wasn’t like they were each other sweethearts right?

After some severe self-condemnation and self-criticism, her mind finally smoothed out again.

Jiang Liangchan took a smooth bite of the cold cake.

The cold cake has not yet entered her stomach when she hears Jiang Yunting sigh next to her.

Jiang Yunting turned to look at her, “Sister, no matter what I think, I feel uncomfortable.”

He said aggrieved, “Who is that Qu Xi, why does it feel as if there she has secrets with Brother Chen? I feel like Brother Chen was being robbed away, my heart is sour and unhappy.”

Jiang Liangchan breathed a sigh of relief.

It turns out she’s not the only one who’s being sour.

The siblings who were both sour, after eating the cold cake, snacks, and drinking tea while muttering the door of the study opened.

Chen Fang stood in the doorway and squinted at the two of them.

Inexplicably, the look in his eyes gave Jiang Liangchan the illusion that the conversation they just had was overheard by Chen Fang.

But it should not, after all, they did not hear the sound inside, and there was no reason to hear their voice inside.

Qu Xi then also came out of the study, nodded a greeting to Jiang Liangchan, while she and Jiang Yunting ignored each other, then followed Shen Xi who pushed the door and went out.

As soon as Qu Xi left, Jiang Yunting could not hold his tongue and asked, “Brother Chen, who is that woman and why did she come to you? What does she want?”

Chen Fang took a look at Jiang Liangchan who was clearly also had a face full of curiosity, but to force a look of “I don’t gossip at all”.

Chen Fang sat down, took a piece of snack from in front of her, and said slowly: “She is the daughter of Qu Chengzhi, the magistrate of Jiang County.”

Jiang Yunting simply did not understand what this statement meant.

Was there something unique about Jiang County?

Chen Fang glanced at Jiang Yunting’s bewildered eyes, and then faintly looked at Jiang Liangchan.

Jiang Liangchan was also a bit confused, she still has some understanding of the capital and other places she has not been anywhere ah?

Suddenly, she remembered something.

Jiang County?

Jiang Liangchan asked carefully, “Is it that Jiang County that was hit by the disaster?”

She remembered that there was something written like this in the plot.

Later, the reason why Chen Fang seized the imperial power and removed some historical grievances was a big deciding factor because the dynasty was too difficult for the people to live on.

The emperor was addicted to alchemy and ignores the government. All the important affairs in the court were controlled by some powerful officials and princes.

But the problem was that they were also all for personal gain, and none of them were clean.

The people couldn’t live like this any longer, but even if they have reached the point where they want people to eat people, they were still living in a place where the dead eat nothing and there were plenty of debaucheries.

The people have no hope and no expectation.

Later, not only Chen Fang but rebels and riots were everywhere. One of the causes and opportunities was the disaster-stricken Jiang County.

Jiang Yunting also asked blankly and naively, “What’s wrong with Jiang County, how come you know all about it, sister?”

Jiang Liangchan shook her head: “I do not know the specifics but from what I heard in people’s discussions, they said that there was a disaster there.”

Chen Fang glances at Jiang Liangchan.

It was impossible for anyone to discuss this matter about Jiang County, and it was even impossible to discuss these among the noble ladies.

In fact, after that day, he went back to Master Xuan Deng to ask about the origin of Jiang Liangchan.

Master Xuan Deng knew him very well, and when he heard his question, he just shook his head, repeatedly saying that this was Jiang Liangchan’s secret. And the secret was unbreakable, he couldn’t say it for her, otherwise, it would have a negative effect on her.

Since it would affect her, Chen Fang naturally did not ask.

Master Xuan Deng later told him that although outsiders could not tell, Jiang Liangchan herself might not be able to tell either.

But if Chen Fang figured it out on his own, it would not be considered breaking the law of the heavens and would have no effect on Jiang Liangchan’s life or fate.

Chen Fang guessed, based on her past performance, that she might know a lot more about this world than he thought.

Sure enough, she knew about the matter in Jiang County that ordinary people wouldn’t.

Because this matter was deliberately suppressed.

Chen Fang coughed and said, “Indeed, as your sister said, Jiang County was badly affected last year.”

Not only a disaster but a series of disasters.

First, during the rainy season, the rain didn’t visit the area.

People grow rice and vegetables without a drop of rain and carry water for irrigation.

They thought it would pass and did not expect after five consecutive months, the entire county did not rain a drop.

The drought, which lasted for nearly half a year, but the whole county in a difficult situation.

At first, they just didn’t have something to eat, and then they also didn’t have to drink as the river water bottomed out.

No food, no water, the people couldn’t survive.

Nevertheless, Jiang County’s magistrate has a little bit of skill and cares for his people. He organizes the people to try their best to save themselves in a desperate situation.

Fortunately, after another month, the sixth month, it finally started to rain.

The people were ecstatic and hurriedly planted crops and vegetables, otherwise, there would be no food and water in case disaster hit them again next year.

Little did they know that once the crops have just grown, looking that they could finally be harvested.

Jiang county suffered another disaster.

A plague of locusts.

The locusts came through and chewed up all the food.

After two consecutive disasters that happened, last year, Jiang County not only had a little harvest to none but also had to open a warehouse to provide food so the goods that had been saved before were also emptied.

And this the Jiang County was still dry and does not rain.

Last year they were able to save themselves, but this year they already have no fighting spirit and have been starved of strength.

Now the people have no food or drink, and some people starved to death at the beginning of the year, and now it was the second winter.

In the past two years without food and drink, a large number of people have starved to death. There were often people who were only walking weakly, stumbled and fell, and never woke up again.

Jiang Yunting breathed heavily and said.

“Why are you still not asking for help from the imperial court when you are so badly affected?”

Chen Fang snorted as if he had heard some kind of joke.

Jiang Yunting had a guess in his heart and began to feel a little uneasy.

Chen Fang’s gaze faintly turned to Jiang Liangchan: “What do you think?”

Jiang Liangchan sighed: “Probably asked for help from the court.”

Jiang Yunting buried the guess in his heart, which he thought was impossible, and cut her off.

“Impossible! I know that the emperor does not deal with government affairs, but it is impossible to ignore such a big event. Even if the emperor does not care, it is impossible for the prince to sit back and just watch and ignore them.”

Prime Minister Jiang was the most reliable person in the court, after all, he was the crown prince’s teacher and had taught the crown prince.

As the song of the Prime Minister, Jiang Yunting was naturally nurtured by him since he was a child, and always felt that the crown prince was the future saint, the man whom he regarded as high as the moon.

The information brought by Qu Xi and the meaning of Jiang Liangchan and Chen Fang’s words just now was a bolt from the blue for him.

Jiang Liangchan felt some sympathy for Jiang Yunting.

In fact, in the story he was so naive until his death, thinking that when he was on a pilgrimage for the crown prince, he was the most reliable person.

When Chen Fang came out to suppress the expedition with his overbearing attitude, he always felt that Chen Fang was a traitor and hated him extremely.

But perhaps, this time, he would change his view?

If that’s the case, it’s a good thing.

Jiang Liangchan suddenly got a little excited when she thought of this possibility.

No wonder Chen Fang brought Jiang Yunting and her here, with Chen Fang’s status they could have never crossed the area even if they have Qu Xi with them.

After all, it was dangerous, one mistake and he exposes himself and what he’s doing now.

This was Chen Fang accepting him and trying to let him know about the truth that he doesn’t know, then does that mean?

But of course, she still has to wait for Chen Fang’s explanation.

Jiang Liangchan mustn’t understand and shouldn’t understand what was going on now.

Although she suspected that Chen Fang just looked at her as if she knew everything, but in front of Jiang Yunting, she couldn’t know anything.

Chen Fang said, “Qu Xi is the daughter of Qu Chengzhi, the magistrate of Jiangxian County, you probably wouldn’t believe me if I told you, you can ask her when you go out. She should be not far away.”

Jiang Yunting’s face looked serious for a moment, and he nodded: “Okay, I will ask her.”

Despite the heavy shock, Jiang Yunting thought of one thing: “Why did Qu Xi come to you, and how did you know?”

Jiang Liangchan was a little nervous and sweating for Chen Fang.

Chen Fang calmly implied, “Because it just so happens that a friend of mine in Jianghu is from Jiang County, so I naturally want to help.”

Jiang Yunting thought about it and got it.

Brother Bao’s friends, or perhaps Brother Bao’s gang?

Even the gangs were upholding justice.

I am an official’s son, but not as much as Brother Pao and them.

I feel like I still have a long way behind Brother Pao.

His brother Pao was really still his Brother Pao.

Jiang Yunting solved this doubt but was still anxious because of the vague hints about Jiang County given by Chen Fang and Jiang Liangchan so he went to Qu Xi to ask for clarification.

It just so happens that Qu Xi was not far from the door, afraid of being heard, Shen Xi took them back to the courtyard.

Jiang Liangchan was lying by the window and heard their conversation throughout.

The tone of Qu Xi was even mocking and sarcastic, the meaning was said to be very clear.

From the beginning of the drought at that time, Jiang County magistrate several times reported to the court for help, a letter. Later when the locust plague hit them he went all the way to the court to ask for help.

But after the whole year has passed, the court in addition to one or two nonsensical replies, there was no substantive reply.

County Magistrate Of Jiang tried every means to ask someone to inquire about it. Only then did he know that none of the notes had been reported to the emperor.

The emperor was addicted to alchemy and had long ignored the government. He doesn’t read the daily memorials. So, the crown prince was also responsible for handling government affairs.

But the crown prince didn’t even look at the memorials of those who were affected by the disaster. Those who inquired came back and told him that the memorials of the crown prince had been backlogged. For those who suffered such disasters, he threw them aside and didn’t bother to read them.


Her real name was sour.[1]- sour is also synonymous with jealousy

eyes that look at the nose and the nose looks at the heart. [2]- (1) the appearance of bowing because of shyness, shame, etc. (2) that the mind is concentrated, and not distracted


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