After Jiang Liangchan finished releasing the signal black cylinder, she drew back her hand to the carriage.

She just sat down confidently and found the girl across her was looking at her feet, with a bit of panic on her face.

She looked down.

The big mummified dumpling on the ground woke up.

And was staring dead at the nearest person, Jiang Liangchan, with obvious ferocity in his eyes.

Jiang Liangchan released a scream: “Ahhhh… he woke up, what should we do, the assassin woke up and his eyes are staring at me ahhhhh!!!!!! This is terrible I’m going to die !!!!!”

Jiang Yunting and the young girl watched as she screamed while stamping her feet, and because of the panic and how fast and heavy her countless stamps were, the man on her feet was once again knocked out.

Jiang Liangchan breathed a sigh of relief: “God, I was scared to death just now.”

Jiang Yunting: “…”

The girl: “….”

Right, everyone was scared to death.

Not long after, there was very slight rattling outside the carriage, like a bird passing by from outside.

Jiang Liangchan thought it was Chen Fang coming so she just got up to greet him when an arrow broke through the air and penetrated the carriage, sticking in the seat she just sat on.

If she hadn’t gotten up just in time, the arrow would have been stuck in her.

Jiang Yunting was the first to react, fiercely pulling her towards his back.

Immediately after the second arrow also broke through the air, and stuck in the middle, just on the thigh of the killer on the ground.

Jiang Liangchan understood at this moment.

This must be the crown prince’s people coming after them.

She thought it was safe before it seems that she was naïve to be thinking like this. It was no surprise that Chen Fang couldn’t find the person, the crown prince people wouldn’t even let them go so easily.

The two killers just now were probably the backup of the first group that was tasked to assassinate.

The girl across her also understood this.

One after another, the arrows stuck into the carriage.

At such times, Jiang Liangchan’s mind was clearer than ever.

The first thing she did was cover the girl’s mouth across the room to keep her from screaming out.

The carriage was sealed and those who were shooting arrows from outside could not see their position, they could only hear the sound.

If someone makes a sound, they would undoubtedly reveal their position.

Jiang Yunting also reacted extremely quickly and pointed to the bottom of the seat, where they could take cover from the arrow.

Jiang Liangchan and the girl immediately lay prone under the seat together.

Yet there was only a brief period of safety.

They hadn’t been down long when the arrows outside suddenly stopped.

Jiang Liangchan’s heart relaxes but immediately tightened as she realized something.

She’s afraid that these people simply give up on shooting arrows and was preparing for a direct attack.

She was still muttering about Chen Fang’s little black tube, but what was the use of that little spark in a broad daylight. She just hopes that Chen Fang could really notice it

Jiang Yunting also had a grave expression as he squeezed the sword in his hand.

Fortunately, he brought his weapon today when to see visit the arena.

But he clearly knows his strength, and today would definitely be a tough battle.

He was afraid that he may not be able to win even if he fights with his life on the line.

Suddenly, the girl behind her screamed.

A knife came up from under the carriage and penetrated straight through the chest of the assassin who was wrapped in a dumpling on the floor.

With Jiang Yunting’s quick response he raised his sword and slashed under the carriage.

But there was no one under the carriage, the people were gone.

There was a moment of silence outside the carriage.

The three people in the carriage, however, were even more nervous, not daring to breathe.

Jiang Yunting tightly gripped the sword in his hand.

Suddenly, the top of the carriage was slashed down by a sword, which made Jiang Yunting extremely alert and blocked the sword with a backhand sword. He immediately let go of the momentum and suddenly slashed straight up with his sword. There was a piercing sound and muffled groan coming from the top of the carriage.

Jiang Yunting jumped to chase out the people outside, and immediately heard sounds of clashing swords.

Jiang Liangchan was also very quick and immediately lifted the man on the floor and placed him in the middle of the carriage seat, forming a barrier. She then pulled the girl with her and squatted under it.

She silently counted the number of possible killers outside. At the thought of Jiang Yunting fighting so many killers alone, she knew that she would only be a burden if she goes out. But she was also burning with anxiety.

Outside, the fight suddenly fell into silence.

Jiang Liangchan’s heart shivered at the thought of the most unthinkable possibility.

She got up haughtily, felt a dagger from the tied-up man, clutched it tightly, and pushed open the carriage door.

Crap, since she doesn’t know martial arts she doesn’t know what to do.

Then she could only die just like her brother.

She pushed open the carriage door and was stunned.

Chen Fang was standing right in front of the carriage, with his back facing her.

Most of the killers around Jiang Yunting were hit by arrows and fell to the ground.

Hearing what was happening behind him, Chen Fang didn’t look back. He drew a sword from the nearest killer who fell to the ground and said.

“Go back to the carriage. What are you doing?”

Chen Fang is here.

She’s saved.

Jiang Liangchan hid back in the carriage and open a small gap to peek outside, and saw that Chen Fang quickly controlled the situation.

Jiang Yunting seemed to be exhausted but tried his best to cooperate.

In no time, Chen Fang and Jiang Yunting returned to the carriage.

The coachman had already died, and the carriage was already damaged.

Chen Fang just came in to have a look when he saw the cut by a sword under the carriage and the damaged ceiling. He also saw the killer who was tied up in the carriage, frowning he said.

“You are so careless. Why did you put the killer inside the carriage?”

Jiang Yunting: “It’s okay, he woke up once and was stomped out again by my sister.”

Chen Fang glanced at Jiang Liangchan for a while, then tore the bloody logo from the killer and put it into his sleeve.

The carriage was no longer useable so, Chen Fang decided that the four of them should ride out of the place first.

Chen Fang rode to a horse coming here, and there was one available horse from the carriage. They pair up and take each horse so he quickly assigned who would ride who.

Jiang Yunting also felt that they couldn’t stay here any longer, and now that the carriage was too damaged it would certainly attract attention.

But there was one thing he was unsure of.

Why would Chen Fang and Jiang Liangchan ride on the same horse, while he and that blind girl would ride a horse together?

He protested: “of course, I’m going to ride the horse with my sister. Since this girl has something to do with you, take her with you.”

Jiang Liangchan thought so too.

The siblings looked at him together as a matter of course.

The corners of Chen Fang’s mouth curved and said in a humane manner.

“Your sister is too heavy. Your old horse can’t carry her.”

Jiang Liangchan feels that this was an unsolved mystery.

He looked like an unknown entity dressed in human.

Was that why he doesn’t talk like a human?

Given that everyone depends on Chen Fang to save their lives, he now has the right to decide

Qi was not as important as integrity and integrity was not as important as living.

Jiang Liangchan endured the humiliation and got on the horse.

Jiang Yunting also endured the confusion and got on the horse.

For some unknown reason, Jiang Liangchan was now sitting on the horse with Chen Fang behind her. His warm breath seemed to hit her ear, making her always feel itchy and numb.

Probably for the convenience of controlling the horse, he wrapped his arms around her, vaguely forming a posture of encircling her and letting her lean on his body when she moved.

Chen Fang has an excellent figure, wide shoulders, and pectoral muscles but when Jiang Liangchan accidentally leaned on his body because of a bumpy ride, she felt uncomfortable.

And whenever she leaned on Chen Fang’s body, he stiffened.

Jiang Liangchan understands.

A lone man and a woman riding on a horse were a bit embarrassing.

She was the same.

Jiang Liangchan leaned forward and said.

“So riding a horse feels like this, this is the first time I ride a horse, and I don’t know how to sit still.”

Hoping that Chen Fang could understand the meaning behind her words. This was the first time she rode a horse so she couldn’t sit still, her body would sway on its own and accidentally bump into him. It really wasn’t intentional.

Chen Fang’s voice was a little low for some reason, and he said in a short reply, “Hmm.”

Jiang Liangchan scratched her head as if she was still a bit embarrassed.

She thought about it and finally came up with a good idea.

Wasn’t her position right now the same as when she sat on the beam in front of her father’s bicycle when she was a child?

En, behind me is my father’s love like a mountain that surrounds me.

This method works well.


The author has something to say: Father’s (husband’s) love is like a mountain that surrounds you.

TL: as promised posted the second half~


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