ECM 76

editor: sushi~


Chapter 76

The night was deep.

Xu Zhaixing patted the dust on her butt and stood up.

“Brother, I’ll send you back.”

Cen Feng chuckled.

“You will send me back?”

She nodded happily.

“Yes, it’s safe inside the camp, I’ll walk you down to the dormitory building, then walk around and come back so I can enjoy the moon for a while longer.”

When she said that, he didn’t refuse again: “Okay, let’s go.”

The two walked together towards the dormitory building, the cool white moonlight stretched their shadows.

Xu Zhaixing jumped around him.

“Brother, have you thought about what to perform on the solo stage?”

He shook his head. “Not yet.” He paused and asked, “what do you want to see?”

Xu Zhaixing: “I’m not that demanding, you can just stand on the stage without doing anything and I can watch it for two hours.”

Cen Feng: “……”

Xu Zhaixing tilted her head and gave him an embarrassed look.

“Brother, will you think I’m particularly naive?”

He put his hands in his trouser pockets and paced slowly, the moonlight haloed his slender figure, a kind of arbitrary valiant, but his voice was gentle: “No.”

Xu Zhaixing was charmed again, looking at his eyes she couldn’t get her gaze away and almost hit the pole. Cen Feng reached out in time and pulled her hand.

Xu Zhaixing couldn’t stand firmly hitting her nose with his arm, feeling the pain she couldn’t help and whimpered.

Cen Feng chucked and felt helpless at the same time.

“You watch the road.”

She covered her nose and muttered, “It’s your fault you’re so good-looking.”

He looked up at the moon with a smile at the corner of his lips hanging and nodded his head in a serious manner.

“En, blame me.”

Xu Zhaixing was amused by him for the first time, overflowing her heart with a honey-like sweetness.

The dormitory was not far from the cafeteria, it didn’t take long for them to get there. Xu Zhaixing didn’t enter the dormitory lounge and stopped not far away then waved obediently at Cen Feng.

“Brother good night, rest early.”

He whispered, “Good night.”

He turned and walked towards the dormitory. After a few steps, Xu Zhaixing shouted again.


Cen Feng looked back, “Hmm?”

She stood under the streetlamp behind her, hands above her head, smiling brightly at him.

“I love you.”

His heart fluttered fiercely.

In fact, he understood what she meant by love. The same as the kites shouting ‘we love you’ over and over again at the public performance tonight, it was the unconditional support and love of the fans for their idols.

But he still clenched his palm where she couldn’t see.

Until his figure disappeared from her sight, Xu Zhaixing finally put his hand down contentedly and turned around as she walked away with happy little steps.

Inside the dormitory building, Cen Feng was still waiting for the elevator.

Before the elevator reached the first floor, he heard the noise inside. Sure enough, as soon as the door opened, three people in dormitory 302 and Ying Xuze, who was wearing a windbreaker, were all inside.

When the elevator door opened, Ying Xuze was criticizing Zhou Mingyu.

“The recording camp is very safe. Brother Feng can’t have an accident. What caught by aliens? Zhou Mingyu, don’t just watch science fiction all day!”

Cen Feng: “….”

As soon as several people saw him, their hurried looks dispersed and they shouted.

“Brother Feng, you’re finally back! Zhou Mingyu talks endlessly that you were captured by aliens!”

“Are you in a bad mood? What took you so long to take a walk? We were talking about coming to look for you.”

“Brother Feng, why are your neck and ears so red, did you blow a cold and get a fever?”

Cen Feng felt his head ache as he pushed all four people into the elevator.

“Shut up, it’s noisy.”

Several people were laughing in the elevator. Ying Xuze said.

“They just came to knock on the door and woke up Fu Xingyan, and this made Fu Xingyan hit me with slippers by the door. Anyway, I don’t dare to go back now. What if he beat me again? I’m going to sleep in your room!”

Shi Ran: “The single toilet room is reserved for you, go ahead.”

Ying Xuze looked at Cen Feng pleadingly: “Brother Feng ……”

Cen Feng’s face was expressionless: “Don’t even think about it.”

Finally, four people racked him back to his own room, and Fu Xingyan really threw another slipper over.

Early the next morning, the thirty eliminated trainees packed their bags and prepared to leave. No one sleeps in and sends them off collectively.

Many dormitories had a lot of empty beds.

Ying Xuze looked at the still full 302 and said regretfully.

“Why is there no one eliminated from your room? Otherwise, I could have moved over to live with Brother Feng.”

Right after saying this, Zhou Mingyu and Shi Ran held him down and beat him violently.

Ying Xuze scurried around with his head.

“How dare you hit the Emperor! I’ll chop off your heads!”

Shi Ran coldly snorted.

“You can’t sit on that throne for long, and the next time the ranking is announced it will definitely be replaced by Brother Feng!”

The dorm room was in chaos, Cen Feng covered his head with a pillow and collapsed on the bed in despair.

After the first public performance, the remaining seventy trainees received two more days of training before starting their fourth recording session. This time, excluding the ten solo stages, the remaining sixty people would form six groups of then each for the assessment.

This time the rules were different from the last time; the last time the groups were decided by lottery, which was all based-on providence and luck. This time it was by ranking. Except for the ten soloists, six performances would be selected according to their ranking. Each performance song could only accommodate ten people, and the selection was already full.

Six of the first nine debutants have a solo stage, and because Fu Xingyan was in the same group as Yin Xuze in the previous performance, he lost five votes. Ranked second, he was the first to choose the performance track and his choice would be made public, making everyone guess what song he would choose.

Zhou Mingyu, on the other hand, was a bit wilted. This time he was not in the same group as Cen Feng. He felt like a baby bird leaving his mother’s nest, poor, weak, and helpless. Tugging Cen Feng’s sleeve, he asked nervously.

“Which song do I choose?”

Cen Feng recalled the fragments of the six songs just now and said in a light voice.

“Heart’s Desire” is the easiest.”

“Isn’t that vocal?” Zhou Mingyu wanted to cry, “I can’t sing either.”

Shi Ran couldn’t continue listening.

“As if you can dance and rap. Brother Feng cannot take care of you all your life so make your own decision!”

Zhou Mingyu pouted and didn’t say anything as he just went off to think for himself.

Shi Ran rubbed his hands excitedly. He ranked high this time. Among the six songs, there was also a rap that was very suitable for him. He should be able to choose it.

When the song selection was over, everyone came to the stage in groups and saw their choices.

Zhou Mingyu actually didn’t choose “Heart’s Desire”, just like some of the trainees and Fu Xingyan, he chose the “Forest Rhapsody”, which requires a lot of singing and dancing. As a vocalist, He Sinian chose “Heart’s Desire” and Shi Yan chose the rap “Walker”.

Shi Ran with a berating voice called out Zhou Mingyu from the other team.

“You’re an idiot, why did you choose “Forest Rhapsody”?”

Zhou Mingyu who was overflowing with fighting spirit replied.

“To step out of my comfort zone and be brave enough to challenge myself! Otherwise, I can never progress!”

Shi Ran: “… Just be happy, when the time comes don’t go and beg Brother Feng for help.”

After grouping, everyone goes back to the classroom for training. Ten solo stage trainees were in one classroom this time. They need to discuss their tracks and styles with the program group first, and then carry out targeted training.

Ying Xuze was happy like a two-hundred-pound fatty.

“I’m finally in the same class with Brother Feng!!!”

Except for Zhao Jinjin, the other four mentors came to the solo group, and they all sat on the floor in a circle and began to discuss their respective styles.

Everyone has their own ideas, and most of them should be formulated according to the type they were good at. Among the ten people, there were vocals, rappers, and dancers. Through these recordings, the mentors know more about them and give pertinent suggestions.

When it was Cen Feng’s turn, it got a little cold.

In fact, so far, no one has seen his real and complete performance. They knew he had skills, but they don’t know how strong he was and what he was best at.

As a vocal, Shi Lin was now very optimistic about Cen Feng’s voice. And hopes that he could sing a song quietly and show his singing skills.

However, Ning Sile disagreed.

“What you need now is to show the audience your strength in all aspects, I think the singing and dancing stage may be more suitable for this performance, which can drive the audience’s emotions more.”

He nodded and, not knowing what came to mind, asked in a light voice, “Is it okay to use my own song?”

Shi Lin was shocked.

“You can write songs?”

He nodded: “En, it was written before, and it might be more suitable for the stage this time.”

Ning Sile laughed, “Of course, if it’s appropriate, do you have a sample? Let us listen to it.”

Cen Feng was silent for a moment: “No.”

All the songs he has written were from his last life, in this life he hasn’t touched composition. He looked up at the electronic organ next to him.

“I play a section for you guys to listen and see.”

Of course, those who could compose music could also play musical instruments, so Shi Lin asked one more question.

“Can you play other musical instruments except for the electronic organ?”

Cen Feng got up and walked to the electronic organ as he replied.

“Piano and guitar.”

He looked down at the keys, which he hadn’t touched for a long time. After familiarizing himself again with the tune, he recalled the score and finding the feeling before playing it

He was standing.

His posture was very casual, hanging his head when playing the piano, strands of his hair swept in the corner of his eye, exuding an aloof and cold picture.

The tune was great.

Cen Feng frowned after playing.

“The arrangement is a bit troublesome, and the time is too short, I may not make it.”

“No.” When Shi Lin disagreed, Cen Feng was now a treasure in his eyes.

“I’ll find the arranger I often cooperate with. There’s no problem with the time, this is just one song.”

Determined, Shi Lin immediately went to contact the music arrangement teacher. Good thing he was in B city and promised to come tonight. When the performance of every trainee for the solo stage was confirmed, Shi Lin took Cen Feng to the instrument room to write down the complete score of the song he composed.

The instrument room had everything.

With the help of Shi Lin, the demo was quickly completed. Not to mention that night the arranger came over, the three of them basically stayed up all night to finish the song.

This song has been perfectly arranged in his last life, but when it was released as his single, it was suppressed by the company and never came out. So this time, Cen Feng put forward many opinions during the composition period, and this made the teacher praise him for his talent in composition.

After the song was made, the next step was the dance steps.

In the beginning, the choreography was only half done, and only the remaining half needs to be finished. When he put himself into work again, the passion he had once long forgotten seemed to gradually wake up from his blood.

Just as the trainees were working hard for their next public performance, the fourth episode of “Teen Idol” went live as promised.

During this period, the trainees would be divided into ten groups by drawing lots, choosing the tracks, and going on the public stage for the first time after a week of rehearsal.

Kites already know that since their idol didn’t slack off on this stage performance, they have great expectations for the broadcast of this episode. But they don’t know that there were bigger surprises waiting for them in this episode.

The dance of the whole song “Scream” was immediately grasped by Cen Feng.



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