ECM 78

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Chapter 78

Once again, Cen Feng showed his amazing talent for learning the dance steps.

The difficult dance that tortured Zhou Mingyu to death was divided into sections and simple movements. After asking Zhou Mingyu what part he was responsible for, Cen Feng proceed to correct his movements while the other three people accompanied him to practice the positioning.

From the theme song to the current “Forest Rhapsody”Zhou Mingyu’s dance had been taught by Cen Feng, , so he was more accustomed to Cen Feng’s teaching style and learned faster.

He was not a stupid person, in fact, he had a sharp mind. Otherwise, he would not get into a 985 University after he only starting to study vigorously during his second year of high school.

Compared to  Shi Ran, who entered the company as a trainee right after graduating from junior high school, Zhou Mingyu actually deserved to be called a “good student”.

The four people practiced with him until the early morning and Zhou Mingyu’s progress was also obvious, as he basically did not make mistakes again. Seeing that it was already this late, they decided to go back to the dormitory.

When arriving at the dormitory elevator, Ying Xuze explained to Zhou Mingyu.

“I think Fu Xingyan is very angry with you. You get up early tomorrow morning, go to the canteen and line up to grab his favorite soup dumpling and apologize to others.”

Zhou Mingyu pursed his lips and thought that although Fu Xingyan scolded him a lot these days, he also taught seriously for the final performance. He didn’t work hard and delayed everyone’s progress. He shouldn’t be angry and should be reasonable instead, so he nodded stiffly.

So, the next day when Fu Xingyan woke up and came to the classroom lazily while eating whole wheat bread, he saw Zhou Mingyu holding a box of small steamed buns and handing them to him.

Fu Xingyan: “Oh.”

Steamed buns are so delicious.

The second public performance was coming soon. This performance would be broadcasted in two episodes. The sixth episode would broadcast ten solo stages and the seventh episode would broadcast group performances, but they were all recorded on the same day.

In the morning, fans entered in turn, and more kites came this time. The fifth episode broadcast the final votes and ranking of the group competition. Everyone knew that the trainees with the highest votes in each group would win the personal solo stage.

In the last episode, Cen Feng’s remarks that “it doesn’t matter how he is, but he can’t affect others” were cut into the program. Only then did fans know why he didn’t slack off on the stage of his last public performance.

So it’s to not get his teammates involved.

Does that mean that now on his solo stage, he’s going to slack off again?

When others pursue stars, they were worried that their idol won’t have much screen time, no resources, and their idol was being blackened. They were chasing stars, but instead, they were worried that their idol has the strength but choose not to do business.

Other people’s topics were #YingXuzehotdancestraightshoot, #ShiRanquadruplerap, #HeSinianheavenlyvoice, and #ZhouMingyukingdebut.

While their family Cen Feng: #kneeltobegidoltodobusiness, #idoldon’twanttodobussineswhattodo, and #chasingstarsistiring.

Kite: weary smile, be strong.

What could they do? They still need to support him, they still need to shout his slogan, and still need to watch him live. The more aloof the baby was, the more passionate they must be! If they don’t coax and coddle him, what if he drops out of the circle?

With anxiety and suspicion, the kites entered the field.

This time the mentors did not perform, and the fans of each trainee turned on all their own light signs as soon as they entered the arena, illuminating the whole arena with colorful lights. The orange color was more than last time, undulating and continuous, already vaguely having the momentum of the orange sea.

But the most eye-catching was not the orange sea, but ……

Zhou Mingyu’s colorful light sign.

The last time he bluntly said that he wanted a colorful light sign. Taro really made him a colorful light sign, but his light sign was something comparable to pure color and consistent light.

As soon as his colored light lit up, it was dazzling but it doesn’t look like a support light at all, more like a billboard promotion.

It’s the promotional rainbow light of “five pairs of socks for ten yuan and three pairs of underwear for twenty yuan”.

In the program, Zhou Mingyu and Cen Feng have a good relationship, and so was the relationship between the two fan clubs. Sitting next to a group of taros, some kites looked at the promotional rainbow lights in their hands and asked with a smile.

“Sister, do you really want to use this to help him?”

It was as if Zhou Mingyu was promoting the sale of a bargain.

Taro: “Yes, isn’t this what he wants? Let him have a look with his own eyes, and then he will understand how suitable the previous pink is for him. If the child is disobedient, it’s just a meal without the realistic whip.”

Kite: “… Sister 666.”

The taro happily handed sugar candy that’s good for the throat to the kite.

“Sister, let’s eat some sugar candy, this is also like a thank you gift for your brother taking care of our child in the program.”

The two fans were happy. The girl behind holding a LED signboard said.

“Did our family Feng take care of him enough?”

Taro turned around and looked.

“Enough, sisters, you can also have some! Come on, you’re welcome to eat!”

The fans in front of the stage gradually entered, and the backstage dressing room where the trainees were busy preparing.

This time, Xu Zhaixing struggled for a long time whether to continue styling the idols by herself, especially her idol. After all, the last time the process was too torturous.

But she doesn’t trust anyone, especially if it was regarding her own idol.

She was still very confident in her profession. Although she was the youngest in the costume and styling group, her makeup and hair skills were the best.

After the first public performance was broadcasted, netizens also voted on the clothing style of each group. Everyone thought that the style of the “Scream” group was the best looking style, and asked to add chicken legs[1] to the stylist.

After struggling for a long time, she still decided to sacrifice herself for her idol’s success.

So once again she was responsible for the style of the ten people in the solo group.

Inside the room, the trainees were all excited as soon as they saw Xu Zhaixing dragging in her makeup case. Everyone had discussed privately that they loved her styling for the “Scream” group and secretly prayed that they would be assigned to her.

As soon as she came in, the trainees greeted her warmly.

“Teacher Xiao Xu!”

She was young so directly calling her “teacher Xu” would make her seem too old, so after much deliberation they all decided to add “xiao”[2].

Xu Zhaixing didn’t expect herself to be so popular. Smiling, she said.

“Hello everyone, I’m in charge of your clothes and makeup and hair today.”

Everyone was elated: “Please take care of us!”

At the door, Bai Feifei and Zhou Yue acted as her assistant for the time being and pushed ten sets of clothes in.

Xu Zhaixing walked over.

“According to your respective stage styles, I will match you with different clothes and change them in turn. After changing, makeup and hair according to the order of appearance. Hmmm… Ying Xuze, this is yours, Bian Qi, this is yours.”

She took the name tag in order and read the name, reading the seventh name she paused.

“Cen ……” she raised her eyes to sneak a look at her idol sitting not far away, reading the name again, her voice sounded like a good child who got a perfect score.

“Cen Feng. “

Cen Feng chuckled lightly and walked over to take the costume she handed him.

This time she paired him with a white shirt with a black jacket with tassels and was sewn with irregularly broken diamonds, with black monochrome pants.

He has always been a prince in her heart.

So the clothes she matched with him were always with a sense of dignity.

When Cen Feng changed his clothes and came out, Xu Zhaixing was tying Ying Xuze’s tie and told him.

“The knot I tied for you is very loose. You can pull it off easily so don’t use too much force when you pull your tie. Just pull it gently.”

After saying that, she heard Ying Xuze said smiling.

“Wow, Brother Feng, you look good in those clothes!”

Xu Zhaixing turned around at once.

Cen Feng stood behind her with his new set of clothes. His white shirt was stuffed in his black pants, showing his long legs and the silver tassels on his coat shook left and right as he move, bringing light.

His hair was very soft, as it was not been sprayed with hairspray yet making his hair down and blocking his eyes, looking noble and cold.

Xu Zhaixing feels like she was hovering on the brink of death.

She hurried over, suppressed her excitement, and whispered.

“Brother, do the clothes fit?”

Cen Feng said, “They fit.”

Her face was a little red as she looked at him from head to foot and seriously suggested.

“Brother, you can untie two shirt buttons to make your neck look better. Well, it’s better to lose the corners of the shirt, a little messy feeling would be better.”

Cen Feng nodded thoughtfully and suddenly leaned down toward her.

Xu Zhaixing shivered in fear, shrinking her head, and was a little nervous as she looked at him a little puzzled. Her big round eyes were as if asking: what ah!

Cen Feng looked at her faintly.

“Didn’t you suggested it for me?”

Then he looked at the tie next to Ying Xuze.

Xu Zhaixing stammered.

“I tied it for him because he doesn’t know how to tie……”

Before she could finish her words, she was rendered speechless by Cen Feng’s light but cold eyes. Pursing her lips, she obediently reached out her hand and gently loose two sides of his buttons.

He was one hundred and eight three tall, and although she leaned over, she had to lean her head forward slightly. So was so close, that she see the curve of his Adam’s apple sliding. With the button untied, the exquisite clavicle under his shirt loomed.

Xu Zhaixing was like being burned by fire, her whole face was red and her brain buzzing but with all these in front of her, she could still hear him chuckling.

After unbuttoning, he tugged on the collar and pulled it twice, lowering his eyes to signal her to continue.

The shirt was pure white, soft in texture, and nearly transparent in the light. She buried her head and tried not to let her eyes wander, but the well-defined abs still crashed into her eyes, rising and falling slightly with his breathing.

What a sin!!!

Why should a pure mother powder suffer this crime!!!

Xu Zhaixing couldn’t pull it down. She looked up with a sad face and her crimson burned from her cheek to her neck. Her words were incoherent.

“Brother, will you pull it yourself? I really can’t…”

Cen Feng smiled without moving, “En, I’ll do it myself.”

Xu Zhaixing turned around and ran away as if she had been granted amnesty.

She ran to the corner where no one was looking and drink a bottle of mineral water as she silently recited “I am a pro-mother fan I am a pro-mother fan I am a pro-mother fan” a hundred times in her heart before her mood finally calmed down slowly.

After the trainees changed their clothes, Xu Zhaixing put on makeup for them in turn according to the order of appearance.

Cen Feng was in seventh place. When it was his turn, Xu Zhaixing, who had just been torn apart by the collapse of the mountain, had returned to normal, with a stiff face and a motionless look, she seriously put on makeup for him.

“Brother, I’m going to brush your hair up and show your forehead oh.”

“This time, use a darker eyeshadow and smudge the deep eye sockets.”

“Wait for me to blow a little gold leaf in your hair so the light will hit it beautifully.”

After finishing his makeup, she smiled as always and gave him a cheer.

“Brother, go for it, I will also support you on stage this time!”

Cen Feng smiled and said yes.


add chicken legs[1]- a popular word on the internet commonly used as appreciation which means that some “candy” in the eyes pictures are not covered

“xiao”[2]- small


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