Chapter 190

Although some people keep saying that Jiang Hengshu and Fu Zhen were just good friends. But two innocent men attending people’s golden wedding banquet feels a little strange.

However, the speculation dies down faster than it comes up, after all, it was Chen Lao’s golden wedding and Jiang Hengshu couldn’t just bring a junior and slap Chen Lao in the face, so once again the speculation between Fu Zhen and Jiang Hengshu didn’t make that much noise.

Later, netizens speculated that Fu Zhen and Jiang Hengshu’s wives might also be best friends. The two wives went to the party together, but the paparazzi didn’t know them, so they weren’t able to take pictures of them either.

If the two of them really have something, they certainly do not dare to appear so high-profile in the golden wedding banquet, so they both must be straight, only straight men would be so reckless to get along that well.

Erwin Schrodinger’s [1] straight love affair was staged again in front of netizens.

As soon as these CP fans returned to their group, they began to send red envelopes to celebrate. Fantasizing that since Jiang Hengshu and Fu Zhen went to Chen Lao’s golden wedding banquet together, it wouldn’t be too long for Jiang Hengshu and Fu Zhen’s wedding also.

By this time, the paparazzi were really desperate. This was the first time they have met such stubborn netizens. In the past, they just let out a bit specious rumors, and netizens would be led by their nose, just like Qin Zhao’s cheating. Netizens immediately said they lost hope in everlasting love, but how could this move have no effect on Fu Zhen and Jiang Hengshu? Do they have some sort of magic?

What they don’t know was that these fans like these paparazzi very much. They all rely on the photos sent by the paparazzi to eat dog food. Today, the photos were quite good.

Jiang Hengshu’s hand was on Fu Zhen’s shoulder while Fu Zhen turns to look at him. The warm light extends from the hall to their feet and their shadows were intertwined in the bright light.

These fans quickly preserved this piece, and the great guru of editing made some small changes to make it more ambiguous. However, while in the process of photoshopping the picture, the guru found a pair of familiar figures not far behind Jiang Hengshu and Fu Zhen.

The great guru froze for a moment, quickly zoomed in, and zoomed out the picture again and again. The figure of the woman was clearly the famous movie star Zhang Zhenmeng, the man beside her was not tall enough to see who it was, but the people who could attend Chen Lao’s banquet today were estimated to be celebrities who endorses brands from the shopping mall and department store, and generally speaking most of those who attend were couples.

The exceptions were Jiang Henshu and Fu Zhen, both of whom probably walked separately from their wives.

The great guru came back to his sense and stared at the figure in the picture for more than ten minutes. He determined that the figure was Zhang Zhenmeng, but he had not heard of Zhang Zhenmeng’s marriage. Moreover, Zhang Zhenmeng seemed to have a boyfriend. Last month, she participated in an outdoor reality show with her boyfriend and showed love to the audience. And he hasn’t heard any news recently about Zhang Zhenmeng’s breakup.

The great guru quickly revealed this scoop and, in an instant, the popularity of the Weibo post was detonated. Zhang Zhenmeng was famous, she became famous many years earlier than Tang Wanwan. While Tang Wanwan was still a rookie, she had already won the films of several well-known domestic film festivals. Now, as soon as the topic of cheating and marriage came out, Weibo was directly paralyzed, and even program directors who were already home were called back by their bosses.

These program directors could only pat their bald foreheads, what else could they do? They should hurriedly get this scoop!

At first, netizens expressed disbelief one after another. Zhang Zhenmeng’s fans were particularly sad, but some diehard fans had to protect Zhang Zhenmeng even at this time.

Netizens argued with these fans for a long time. Finally, they found that as normal netizens they were really not the fans’ opponents so, they give up arguing with them and said that unless Zhang Zhenmeng came out and said that the person next to her was her father, they would never believe her.

But this was impossible. Everyone knows that Zhang Zhenmeng’s father died the year before she was born.

In fact, Zhang Zhenmeng has been secretly photographed by the paparazzi many times during this period, but she has spent a lot of money to give it to public relations. Being found out by the fans right now because of her figure in the secretly photographed photos of Jiang Hengshu and Fu Zhen made Zhang Zhenmeng very angry.

At present, a tycoon attended the banquet with her tonight. Although she and Jin Hao have been boyfriend and girlfriend for a long time, it’s not certain whether they could get married.

Zhang Zhenmeng has always believed that the audience was always too harsh on middle-aged actresses, and she had to go on a reality show with her ex-boyfriend some time ago because of the contract. Now the words spoken on the Internet must be very ugly, but this was it, she had no other way but to spend money to suppress the hot search.

This incident for her was simply a calamity, it was obviously Jiang Hengshu and Fu Zhen that were secretly photographed, just the two of them but she had to be dragged down instead.

However, she couldn’t do anything about it and could only hold it in her stomach, Jiang Hengshu was too much of a big shot to go against.

Zhang Zhenmeng finally had no choice, they were all in this circle and there was no need to make it too ugly, so she discussed it with her ex-boyfriend and both of them sent out an announcement at the same time, saying that they had broken up peacefully with each other shortly after they had been on the reality show and that Zhang Zhenmeng and Jin Hao were in a normal relationship.

When the news was finally pressed down a little, the degree of the discussion gradually decreased, and her injury had been reduced to the lowest, but Zhang Zhenmeng still couldn’t swallow it. She couldn’t go against Jiang Hengshu, but she could have Fu Zhen pay it back in her own way.

Fu Zhen had not returned to the Fu family until now, and today as she observed at the banquet, Fu Jianchen and Fu Ting were also at the banquet, but they did not seem to be acting very close to Fu Zhen, which made Zhang Zhenmeng more courageous.

Moreover, she never saw Mrs. Jiang at Chen Lao’s party from beginning to end, so Jiang Hengshu only brought Fu Zhen to such party. They were always so close. If she was Mrs. Jiang, she would be jealous.

From the video last year, it could be seen that Jiang Hengshu cherishes her wife very much. Even if Mrs. Jiang could stand their two affectionate feelings now, she would explode one day, then Fu Zhen and Jiang Hengshu would eventually part ways.

She doesn’t intend to make Fu Zhen particularly dirty, what she wanted was just to add fire and oil to his relationship with Jiang Hengshu and see if she could find a chance to get in touch with Mrs. Jiang. After all, she was now Jin Hao’s girlfriend.

The paparazzi had planned to give up secretly photographing Jiang Hengshu and Fu Zhen. These netizens were just a piece of wood. Their brain was dead and even if they tell them directly, they would still ignore this and provide another reason.

But they received a call this time. The person on the other line said they were willing to pay them a lot of money to continue secretly photographing Fu Zhen.

The box office success of “White Castle” surpassed that of “Last Night’s West Wind Withered Green Trees”, leaving the “last night” behind. According to the contract between Fu Zhen and Luo Pingping, he didn’t need to pay the copyright fee. But Fu Zhen still paid $5 million to Luo Pingping’s account and called it the screenwriter’s bonus.

From the day of the party, Fu Zhen began to prepare the script for his next film. He shut himself in the study for several days and came out pessimistic. He had brainstormed several versions of how opening but rejected them all in the end.

Jiang Hengshu pulled out a stack of paper in Fu Zhen’s hand, looked at the title above and gently read out.

“Escape… Life?”

Fu Zhen nodded, Jiang Hengshu smiled, then flipped a few pages, but found that the back was all blank, not a single word.

“Not written anything yet?”

Fu Zhen said, “I have ideas, but whenever I wrote them down it doesn’t feel like horror films.” H

He sighed. “I’ve seen a lot of horror films, domestic and foreign, good and bad. Now my mind is getting more and more confused.”

“Maybe you can find a teacher, or someone who is better at this, to do it.”

Fu Zhen lifted his head and smiled faintly at Jiang Hengshu.

“That’s exactly what I want.”

He watched so many horror movies in the past two days but finally found a very good screenwriter for an urban emotional drama.

That night Fu Zhen contacted an unknown screenwriter named Wei Dechi. As he was inviting him to participate in the production of the film, the other party listened to Fu Zhen silently for some time before he said to him.

“Your story idea is very good, but when you talk about the plot design it doesn’t look promising at all.”

“You know what?” A hint of smile could be heard in Wei Dechi’s tone on the phone.

“The most frightening place is not the mortuary morgue but the safest place for you.”

“The most frightening thing is not the female ghost with long hair and no face, nor the bloody corpse, but the person closest to you.”

Wei Dechi continued.

“After all, there are some audiences who are immune to this kind of fear so, you as the director need to put more effort in filming and post-dubbing, and this aspect has nothing to do with me.”

Fu Zhen hummed and asked, “Then would you like to help me write a script?”

“You know I’ve written a lot of scripts.”

Wei Dechi sighed, looking like a kind-hearted uncle who doesn’t want to deceive children.

“But if the Douban score doesn’t exceed five, do you want to find me?”

“Your script is very well written,” Fu Zhen paused before he continued.

“But the emotional scenes are a bit redundant.”

Wei Dechi has only written one horror film because the director, actors, and special effects were not that impressive the box office was also very unsatisfactory. Since then, he switched to urban emotional drama.

The emotional drama was a bit redundant so, it wasn’t that strange if the drama doesn’t get that much recognition at all.

Wei Dechi laughed, not feeling embarrassed, and said.

“I like an honest kid like you.”

“Then are you willing to take it?”

“I can write the script, but the pay ……”

Wei Dechi pursed his lips and said to Fu Zhen.

“I want a lot.”

“You mention it.”

“Two million.” Wei Dechi said.

Generally speaking, for a small screenwriter like Wei Dechi, two or three hundred thousand was enough, and two million belongs to the lion’s big mouth[1].

“You got a deal, happy working together.”


the lion’s big mouth[1]- a metaphor for asking high conditions and it also describes people being greedy

Erwin Schrodinger[1]- Austrian physicist (1887-1981)


TL: sorry the chapters are very late😫 😅


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