Chapter 191

The program that interviewed Fu Zhen before finally aired two weeks later. Some netizens stood in front of the screen and wanted to hear what amazing words Fu Zhen say but were disappointed at the end after hearing that he didn’t value box office hit, which was hard to come by.

Besides that, the netizens also know through the program that they were more than easter eggs apart from what they have found.

But since “White Castle” already ended it would be too unrealistic for them to rewatch it again and find the remaining eggs. Moreover, netizens think they have done their best, and only Jiang Hengshu could find the remaining eggs.

And at the end of the program, netizens learned that Fu Zhen was going to make a horror film next.

Netizens were very puzzled and wondered why on earth Fu Zhen wanted to make a horror film.

First of all, horror films do not have a wide range of audiences. Even if some young people like to find stimulation, there were still not many people willing to enter the cinema for horror films.

Another was that although there were no restrictions on making horror films in recent years, children under the age of 14 were directly prohibited from watching horror films in the cinema. Therefore, when buying tickets for horror films, buyers must show their ID cards and since most of the young people don’t like to trouble themselves, they tend to choose other films.

Therefore, most netizens were not optimistic about this film’s box office.

That aside, they indeed believed Fu Zhen’s guaranteed level. After all, Fu Zhen had already used two films and had the audiences slap their faces to prove himself. Now, if they still say that this horror film would turn out bad, wasn’t that turning themselves into idiotic villains?

But to say that it would make another box office hit would look like the matter was being forced, after all, audiences of horror films were not that many, so box office was not very flexible.

With this fact, the range of this film’s box office as a bad film was not much worse, and the box office as a good film was also not too high.

But since Fu Zhen already said that he does not value the box office, then this horror film was purely fulfilling his dream so they don’t have to worry about eating salty carrots[1].

Netizens don’t need to worry about Fu Zhen getting a box office hit, but Wei Dechi who took two million has to worry.

“How much do you plan to invest in this movie?” Wei Dechi asked Fu Zhen over the phone while writing the script outline.

Fu Zhen thought for a moment and replied.

“Ten million, no more.”

Wei Dechi was probably frightened by this answer. He paused for a long time before he asked Fu Zhen.

“This ten million won’t include my salary, right?”

“Of course, it’s included.”

Fu Zhen said with a smile, “You alone took one-fifth of my investment, so you have to write your script properly.”

Wei Dechi sighed, put down his pen, and said.

“Why do I feel like I’m in a boat of thieves?”

Seeing that Fu Zhen agreed to his request, he thought it would a big production and large investment. But it turned out that the investment for the production was only 8 million, fortunately, that was after removing the actor’s pay.

Wei Dechi took a deep sigh, thinking that he needs to reconsider some of the scenes in his script.

Fu Zhen leaned on Jiang Hengshu’s shoulder and said to Wei Dechi on the phone.

“Although I don’t have any special expectations for the box office, I don’t like losing money.”

“Of course. Mr. Fu, do you still have to support your family?”

Fu Zhen didn’t deny it and even followed along.

“Mrs. Fu is still waiting for me to buy him pearls, so Mr. Wei you do your best.”

Wei Dechi was very confident in Fu Zhen’s idea and the script he wrote. Otherwise, he wouldn’t ask Fu Zhen for 2 million at one go, but he also has a weakness.

“I’ll tell you first, I still can’t write emotional plays.”

Fu Zhen said, “It doesn’t matter. I can ask Luo Pingping to help write the emotional drama.”

After listening to this, Wei Dechi was finally relieved. He said to Fu Zhen.

“Tell me what you can do with your 10 million investment. Now it costs millions to hire a better actor.”

“I have some people that are not so expensive.”

Fu Zhen has his considerations in terms of actors and since many well-known actors feel that making horror films was a little out of line. In addition, he was not prepared to invest a lot, so he does not intend to invite them.

But shooting horror films was also a great test of acting skills, it would not only require the actor to stare and open its mouth to scream, so he needs to carefully consider the casting.

As for who would be the leading male lead for this film, Fu Zhen has long decided to have Zhou Wenliang take the role.

After Zhou Wenliang’s role was killed in “White Castle” he discussed this with Zhou Wenliang, and the latter even recommended veteran actresses that Fu Zhen could contact for the leading lady.

After hanging up the phone, Fu Zhen went to the bathroom when he came back, he saw Jiang Hengshu sitting on the bed with a tablet watching “White Castle”.

Fu Zhen came over, his head on Jiang Hengshu’s shoulder as he asked him.

“Why did you watch it again?”

“Looking for the egg you sent me.”

“Did you find all of them?”

“How many places are there in total?” Jiang Hengshu pressed the pause button on the screen.

Fu Zhen recalled for a moment and said to Jiang Hengshu.

“It should be thirteen places…?”

Jiang Hengshu did not speak, Fu Zhen moved his head away from Jiang Hengshu’s shoulders, sat up straight and asked Jiang Hengshu.

“How many have you found now?”

“… nine places.” Seven of them were found by netizens.

Fu Zhen patted Jiang Hengshu’s shoulder and encouraged him by saying.

“Keep up the good work.”

Jiang Hengshu gave a light laugh, grabbed Fu Zhen as he pulled him into his arms, and said to him.

“I can now recite almost all the lines in the movie from beginning to end, but I can’t find it.”

Fu Zhen raised his eyes to stare at him for a moment and asked him.

“Want to know?”

Jiang Hengshu nodded, as he rubbed and pressed Fu Zhen’s shoulders two times which Fu Zhen enjoyable very much and relaxed his shoulders.

However, when Jiang Hengshu’s movements stopped, Fu Zhen’s left hand slapped the bed twice, heavily as he said seriously to Jiang Hengshu.

“Do you know what this behavior of yours now is called?”

“What?” Jiang Hengshu asked.

Fu Zhen rightfully answered.

“Bribed the examiner.”

Jiang Hengshu grabbed the examiner’s somewhat cold little hand and pressed it against his chest.

“Then can the examiner give the answer?”

“That depends on how else you want to bribe.”

Jiang Hengshu was silent for a while, seemingly thinking about what to do next, and after a long time, he raised his eyes and asked Fu Zhen.

“Is seduction okay?”

Fu Zhen gently cleared his throat.

“You need to seduce first before we know if it’s effective.”


After that, Jiang Hengshu sat on the bed and was massaged by Fu Zhen. He asked Fu Zhen.

“Teacher, are you satisfied with the service?”

Fu Zhen pondered for a while and gave Jiang Hengshu a single evaluation.


“Teacher I have other ideas for solving the problem, why don’t we try again?”

Fu Zhen: “….”

Looking at Fu Zhen without words, Jiang Hengshu smiled as he reached out and gave Fu Zhen a light tap on the head.

Fu Zhen grinned, pulled the small blanket on his body, and asked Jiang Hengshu.

“Where did you find the other two easter eggs?”

Jiang Hengshu answered that the two places he found the easter eggs were castles and music boxes, which were exactly where Fu Zhen put them. These two places were difficult to find as netizens had no idea or link these two, but not Jiang Hengshu.

This was actually like an already bonus answer given to Jiang Hengshu.

He yawned and looked tenderly at Jiang Hengshu and gives the remaining location.

“The remaining four, respectively, at about twenty minutes into the movie, Wu Zhen went to the gallery ……”

Fu Zhen ordered out the remaining easter eggs one by one with Jiang Hengshu. Jiang Hengshu watched the film that had just been half played again, and all 13 eastern eggs were collected.


Zeng Xingke’s agent finally got an audition invitation from Fu Zhen and sent it to Zeng Xingke. However, Zeng Xingke was very dissatisfied with his agent’s self-assertive behavior and complained.

“How can you pick up this kind of thing for me?”

Who was he, he was Zeng Xingke who has millions of fans, and young popular meat that by just sending a selfie he could get himself into hot search. So, how could he get a supporting role?

His agent patiently advised, “I took this movie for your own good.”

Zeng Xingke’s previous performances were mostly youth campus dramas and domineering president dramas. In short, his acting skills were not good.

He was on a par with Gao Tian in the past. Passers-by disliked the greasy characters he played, only face fans blew their brother’s face with his old pictures all day.

However, Zeng Xingke didn’t understand the agent’s good intentions at all.

“How can it be good for me, by filming horror films and getting a supporting role? No, I won’t do it.”

“Why are you so stupid? What’s the matter with the horror film? What’s the matter with the supporting role? It will be directed by Fu Zhen,” the agent was also angry. “Look at how many movies invitations Gao Tian has accepted now. Look at yourself. What do netizens say about you? I tell you, you have to accept this movie!”

Zeng Xingke frowned and closed his mouth tightly. He was still a little unhappy after all, he didn’t like to make matches for people.

The agent heavily slapped the table.

“If you don’t want to act, the director doesn’t necessarily want to use you!”

“Why does he not want to use me?”

Zeng Xingke asked with a strained neck, he now brings his own traffic. Just his fans alone buying all the tickets for Fu Zhen’s horror film could make him some money and bring back his capital.

“Then you go and try, huh?” The agent directly used this method on Zeng Xingke.

Zeng Xingke was still too young and fell for the scheme.

“I’ll just try it!”

There were only three roles left to audition for “Escape of Life” and for the female lead, Fu Zhen directly chose Jiang Ying, a veteran actress over 40 years old who was recommended to him by Zhou Wenliang, with outstanding acting skills and a low salary.

Knowing that Fu Zhen was going to make a new film, Chen Meng also called him and said she wanted to play a role. Many directors sent her invitations during this period, but she didn’t accept any of them.

“I don’t have a suitable role for you here, and…”

Fu Zhen paused and said to Chen Meng.

“You will have the college entrance examination in a few months. During this period, you still focus on learning.”

Chen Meng was a little disappointed but listened to Fu Zhen and concentrated on preparing for the college entrance exam.


eating salty carrot[1].- a nosy person who often does not understand the truth but was there to harm


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