Chapter 182

Qin Zhao on the other hand, said at this time to appease Tang Wanwan.

“No one has invited you now either, you haven’t had any announcements recently.”

Qin Zhao’s words were really heartbreaking but he soon said to Tang Wanwan.

“When the child is born, and the current public opinion passes you can start filming again. The studio I built for you has started  preparing.”

Tang Wanwan’s tone eased a little as she asked Qin Zhao.

“If I don’t show up for a long time, will the fans forget about me?”

Qin Zhao hugged Tang Wanwan in his arms and whispered to her.

“No, I’ll give you hot search package for this year in Weibo.”

In order to prove this to Tang Wanwan and to allow her to nurture the baby, the topic about Tang Wanwan was soon released.

#TangWanwanPregnancy hit the top of Weibo’s hot search list that day.

However the attitude of the netizens this time could be said to be very cold, after some time of reflection they now see the news about Tang Wanwan meandering.

They were completely like: Ah, oh, I know, I understand, I have read and I know, i should go now attitude.

Which makes the water army very embarrassed.

And because no matter what they say in this world of indifference., it were very easy to identify them.

Tang Wanwan vaguely felt that some things were different from the past, she had had felt for a long time now.

Probably after she got married last year, the system suddenly disappeared and the people who had been crazy about her climbed a new wall.

She wanted to know why the system took her achievement value but didn’t give her everything she wanted but every time she asked the about it, it always looked the other way.

And at some point before this made Tang Wanwan hate Qin Zhao. If she hadn’t married him she should still be the Tang Wanwan whit the same fame and standing.

However her love for Qin Zhao was suddenly bigger than that, it’s hard for her to blame Qin Zhao now.

Especially after hearing that Qin Zhao said it was for her own good, she has now full attachment to Qin Zhao.

The news of Tang Wanwan’s pregnancy spread in the Qin family, Father and Mother Qin were not very happy.

In their opinion, what kind of woman Qin Zhao wants to find for their family and bear their grandchildren with should be from a different woman.

But with this news, he was bound to Tang Wanwan for a lifetime and even the birth of their grandson couldn’t make them smile.

The system has not been around for a long time, and the last time it appeared its voice sounded a little different than before, as if he was being chased by something.

On January 23rd, the first anniversary of Tang Wanwan and Qin Zhao’s marriage, was originally a day worth celebrating.

Tang Wanwan specially cooked a table of good meals and dishes for Qin Zhao, waiting to celebrate with Qin Zhao after work.

When Qin Zhao returned from the company, he had a cold expression. He said to Tang Wanwan.

“Tang Wanwan I found your biological parents.”

The news surprise Tang Wanwan that she did not notice how Qin Zhao called her, instead of calling her with the usual Wanwan.

It took a while for Tang Wanwan to realize that Qin Zhao’s words were not necessarily good news for her and that her parents could be a drag for her instead.

But at this moment Tang Wanwan had to show an expression of surprise and asked Qin Zhao.

“Really? Where are they?”

When Qin Zhao heard these words from Tang Wanwan, his face became gloomy, he accused Tang Wanwan and said.

“Tang Wanwan you vicious woman!”

Tang Wanwan was confused and had no idea what Qin Zhao was talking about, frowning she asked.

“Qin Zhao, what are you talking about?”

Qin Zhao slammed the over coat in his hand on the ground fiercely, gritted his teeth and said to Tang Wanwan.

“You are not the person who saved me when I was a child, it’s time to tell the truth, you had enough of lying to me for so long!”

When Qin Zhao knew that Tang Wanwan was the girl who saved his life as a child, he fell in love with her at first sight and has been courting her ever since, but today he finally knows that his heart was sent to the wrong person.

Although she had told many lies in the past, Tang Wanwan was sure that she did not deceive Qin Zhao in this matter. It was indeed she who saved Qin Zhao back home, she tilted her neck and asked Qin Zhao.

“Who else would it be if not me?”

“It’s your sister, Tang Wanwan you still want to lie to me at this time.”

Her sister?

Tang Wanwan searched her memory really hard and found a vague figure and at the same time the image of her parents was gradually outlined in her mind.

Qin Zhao said coldly to Tang Wanwan.

“Let’s get divorce.”

Tang Wanwn was frightened by Qin Zhao’s words and grabbed his sleeve as she pleaded.

“No, no way. I will never agree to divorce you.”

“You vicious woman, this liar, I must divorce you!”

“No, I saved you, she’s lying to you….”

Qin Zhao pushed Tang Wanwan away from his side making Tang Wanwan stumbled and fell to the ground. She looked Qin Zhao’s unforgiving back and sobbed gently.

People who were favored by the halo, if they could not keep their heart to resist the power of the halo then one day they would also be dragged down by that halo.

On the other hand, with the help of Jiang Hengshu, White Castle was quickly reviewed and approved. And the film was finally scheduled for February 14th, Valentines Day, just as Fu Zhen had hoped.



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  2. oh, so QZ love is that shallow. or maybe, if TWW not making fuss at their early days of marriage, QZ would love him more… or not ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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