Chapter 31(2)

“Where are the clothes I was wearing when I came back?”

Yuan Jinfei: “…”

“If it’s thorn like that, of course it’s thrown away.”

Lian Feng’s gaze sank, and the temperature in the ward dropped a few celsius.

“…” Yuan Jinfei.

“Don’t look at me like this, it’s scary.”

“Xiao Zhang saw too much blood on it and took it to wash.”

Yuan Jinfei snorted.

“You have to thank me. If I hadn’t helped you block those who want to see you, would you have the peace now?”


Knowing that he was telling the truth, Lian Feng said.

“Give Xiao Zhang a call and ask him to send the things in my clothes over for me.”

Yuan Jinfei: “What is so precious in those?”

Lian Feng did not hide: “A gift for Mian Mian.”

Yuan Jinfei: “…”

He was skeptical but after a moment, he gave a thumbs up to Lian Feng.

“You went to complete an undercover mission that is so dangerous but you actually thought of bringing a gift to Mian Mian, you really have a fucking talent.”

Lian Feng does not deny it.

Because he bought a gift, he wanted to bring the gift back to his daughter. With such a belief, he would naturally find a way to survive.

Yuan Jinfei looked at Lian Feng.

“Why don’t you call Mian Mian and tell her you’re in the hospital and let her come over?”

But with that girl’s nature, she would most likely just ask.

“Is something wrong? If not, I won’t come over, I’ll get two caregivers to come and help.”

Yuan Jinfei was not familiar with Jiang Mian. He last met her a few years ago.

Lian Feng was very protective of this girl, in the entire Bureau he was the only one who knows that he has a daughter, only him.

He understands this. In their business, they often suffer all kinds of resentment and danger some criminals’ relatives were a little extreme and could do anything.

The less people know about the presence of the family, the safer the family will be.

In the past, a colleague in the Bureau cracked a murder case for many years, but the killer escaped. Finally, he absconded back after cosmetic surgery and brutally killed the colleague’s wife and daughter.

In the past, a colleague in the Bureau cracked a murder case after many years of investigation, but the killer escaped. Finally, he absconded back after altering his face with surgery and brutally killed the colleague’s wife and daughter.

Eventually this murderer was caught by Lian Feng.

In Yuan Jinfei’s impression, Lian Feng’s daughter was just a small pepper wherever she goes. She had a very spicy temper.

In short, the little girl was very grumpy.

Most importantly, he found that this girl was not too fond of Lian Feng, the father.

But thinking about it, Lian Feng was silent even after this kind of treatment. After all he believes in the code of never forcing the hand, and was straightforward in everything he does.

Yuan Jinfei knowing this was impressed with Lian Feng specially after a time when he was shot in a case he was working on a few years ago. The situation was not very good so he informed the little girl with Lian Feng’s phone.

After that a man who looked rich brought her along and the little girl was impatiently walking outside the operating room.

After learning that Lian Feng’s surgery was successful and he was fine, she went to the ward and looked twice, called two caregivers over and then left with the man.

During Lian Feng’s recuperation, he didn’t see her once. Lian Feng’s reaction to this was very normal, as if it wasn’t normal if the girl came.

He was confused with this father and daughter.

“No need.”

Lian Feng said,

“Don’t let her know about my injury.”

He walked over to the window.

“Got a cigarette?”

“It’s not good to smoke during a serious injury.”

That being said, Yuan Jinfei still handed over a stick from his pocket.

Lian Feng gripped it with his fingertips and Yuan Jinfei lit it for him. He took a sip. The smell of nicotine stimulated his nerves and made his brain more active.

Looking out the window at the bustling crowd on the street, Lian Feng slowly spoke.

“The one who died was not Zhong Wuli, but his twin brother Zhong Wuxiang.”

Lian Feng’s undercover mission this time was to find where the drug lord Zhong Wuli was hiding, collect evidence, then secretly inform the police to arrest Zhong Wuli, and by then remove this drug chain completely.

With Lian Feng’s undercover he was closing the net, however sensing that something was wrong Zhong Wuli ran away, and had no choice but to shoot him down.

“This case is already closed, and now you say that it wasn’t Zhong Wuli who died, do you know what that means.”

Yuan Jinfei’s expression changed, not bothering to think about this guy and his daughter.

“Why didn’t you say that when you woke up?!”


Lian Feng said indifferently.

“Useless, the people above wanted to close the case. The Bureau cannot deal with the pressure.”

He didn’t want to say anything more, only said.

“Zhong Wuli will not let this end like, he will only be quiet in a short period of time. You he will definietely come back, secretly check his whereabouts.”

Yuan Jin Fei suddenly had a sense of urgency.

Not long after, Xiao Zhang sent Lian Feng’s previous jacket.

“Comrade, things put in the clothes were not damaged.”


Lian Feng took it.

“You’re too kind, Captain.”

Xiao Zhang scratched his head.

“Then I’ll go and get busy, you can just call if you need anything.”

But Yuan Jinfei didn’t leave and stays.

“Let me see what kind of gift you brought back for your daughter.”

Lian Feng’s eyes moved over, with a blade like oppression—the unspoken meaning was: get lost.

But Yuan Jinfei has been his partner for many years and was already immune to this kind of look.

“Let me help you appreciate it and see if Mian Mian will like the gift you brought back.”

Lian Feng hesitated, then took out a cloth bag from his pocket which was stained with blood. He opened the bag and took out a boxed necklace from it.

Yuan Jifei: “….”

Lian Feng frowned: “What’s your expression, is it bad?”

Yuan Jinfei looked at him up and down.

“My Captain Lian, how old is your daughter?”

Lian Feng: “Eighteen.”

Yuan Jinfei thought he was straight enough but unexpectedly, Lian Feng who had a daughter was even more straight than him.

“Your daughter has grown from a little girl to a big girl. Do you think she will like this gift for children?”

Lian Feng: “….”

Yuan Jinfei admired his partner’s slightly changed face, and it was only when it was about his daughter that he could make this guy feel extra emotions.

As if forgetting something, he suddenly slapped his thigh.

“Old Lian, there is a matter about your baby daughter that I need to say to you.”

Yuan Jinfei didn’t know about Jiang Mian in Gao Huaqiang’s case. He only knew that this man was in the entertainment industry and wanted to make hidden rules. Then he was exposed and finally dug out the facts of his crime.

The matter was transferred to another group in the Bureau, but he heard a female colleague chatting today, and the word “Jiang mian” jumped into his ear.

He came and went to see what was going on—he came to Lian Feng for this matter, because this was related to Jiang Mian. He felt it was necessary to tell Lian Feng about it.

Also, he was afraid that he doesn’t know about his daughter going to be an actress yet.

When he finished briefing the situation, Lian Feng took the necklace back into the bag, put out the burning cigarette on the windowsill, and said two words

“Very well.”



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