Chapter 32(1)

Gao Huaqiang sat haggardly in the detention room, he had been detained for three days and in those three days no one had come except his parents.

Through his parents, he learned that his wife had filed a divorce complaint in court directly after his accident.

Gao Huaqiang and his wife have always played their own games, and have no feelings for each other.

However, at least the couple was married for decades so even if they were birds in the same forest and fly separately in the face of disaster, they don’t have to fly so fast and so heartless!

Gao Huaqiang was furious. He hasn’t fallen yet!

It has been so long ago, that audio file was not enough to convict him.

He asked his parents to contact the best lawyer to defend him. As long as the lawyer hired was strong enough, he would be detained for a few days at most and would not be convicted, let alone imprisoned.

As the saying goes, money makes the devil go round. When he gets out, he would slowly clean up those little bitches.

He already planned everything so when his parents first came in, apart from his anger Gao Huaqiang did not panic at all, and did not expect the bad news that Father and Mother Gao’s had for him. According to them there was something wrong with his assets.

Gao Huaqiang was previously suspected of tax evasion but someone helped and was able to go, scratched free. But with this accident, naturally that someone couldn’t help him.

Those who have a relationship with him, for fear of being implicated immediately get rid of their relationship with him.

Father and Mother Gao still brought a lawyer, surnamed Wang.

“Mr. Gao, for the sake of our previous friendship, I will help you defend yourself for free this time.”

Lawyer Wang said,

“But this time it’s obvious that someone is pushing behind the scenes.”

Lawyer Wang was close to saying it outright: someone is messing with you.

“It’s Jiang Mian… It must be her.”

Gao Huaqiang murmured, he had never had an accident before so this time when a newcomer showed up, he thought he could handle her, especially since she was without backer.

He just asked for a photo.

A single photo has brought him to this point, and he hasn’t even seen that photo yet! Gao Huaqiang’s face was livid. Lawyer Wang looked at his face and continued.

“I will try my best to defend you. Whether you can successfully commute your sentence can’t be guaranteed.”

“What are you talking about?!”

Gao Huaqiang said incredulously,

“You mean I’m going to jail 100%?”

He fiercely stood up and pointed to Lawyer Wang.

“How much money have you made from me? I have raised you to where you are now but all you can tell me is that I would go to jail. I’m telling you Wang Jiankun, if you don’t let me feel better, I won’t let you feel better either! You have all the leverage in my hands ……”

“Mr. Gao,”

Lawyer Wang rose indignantly and interrupted him directly.

“It seems that you don’t want me to defend you, in that case Mr. Gao, please ask another person, I won’t accompany you.”

Lawyer Wang turned around and pushed the door to leave.

The police officer guarding the door said.

“There are five minutes left, the family hurry up.”

Gao Huaqiang gritted his teeth and looked angrily at Father and Mother Gao across the room.

Mother Gao cried.

“You tell me, what’s wrong with you? Why did you commit a crime? How can you let us two old people live?”

“What’s the use of talking about this now?”

Gao Huaqiang was impatient listening to Mother Gao’s crying and whining, he took a deep breath and forced himself to calm down.

“You guys get a new lawyer. Hurry up and get me out of here.”

“How can hire a new one?”

Father Gao said,

“Now that we need money there’s no money, and when we need people there was no one on our side. Your mother and I are already so old, how can you let us do this?”

Gao Huaqiang: “What about the company? Go find the company!”

Father Gao: “The company has long terminated your employment, you still do not know?”

The fire that Gao Hua had suppressed came back out, and angrily slapped the table.

“Then what use do I have for the two of you old men!”

As soon as Mother Gao heard this, she stopped crying and looked at Gao Huaqiang, she didn’t expect her son to say such words. A moment later, her whole body began to tremble.

Father Gao stood up and was completely speechless: “You…”

Gao Huaqiang was about to say something else when a police officer came in and said to Father and Mother Gao.

“Time’s up.”

Then the two old people were taken out.

Gao Huaqiang took advantage of the door opening and rushed out, but was held in place by the police he frantically struggled and roared.

“Get away! Let me out!”

The police officer shouted coldly.


The departure of Father and Mother Gao made Gao Huaqiang more and more erratic. He began to shout incoherently.

“You have no evidence at all. Why should I be imprisoned? I want to see your boss and complain about you!”

The police officer didn’t bother with him, escorted him back into the detention room, locked the door and left.

Gao Huaqiang walked back and forth in the room as if he were a trapped beast, kicking a foot at the wall every now and then.

He was reconciled to how he had fallen to this level in just a short time, and he could not stand by and let himself go to jail, he had to find a way to contact people.

He has so many connections, he does not believe that no one was willing to pay to get him out.

Thinking of this, Gao Huaqiang slammed the door again.

“I want to apply for my phone back, without evidence you are not qualified to imprison me!”

The door suddenly opened and Gao Huaqiang’s shouting voice stalled, looking at the two men who appeared in front of him.

“Yo, pretty spirited.”

Yuan Jinfei looked at him with coldness in his eyes.

As a police officer, there was nothing he hate more than a criminal.

He slightly staggered and let out the Lian Feng behind him. Yuan Jinfei looked at the latter’s look—it looked very calm, not like the murderous look after listening to him in the hospital.

Yuan Jinfei was very gloomy, he didn’t expect Lian Feng to leave the hospital and go back to the bureau without saying a word after he learned about it, worst he couldn’t stop him.

He understands Feng Lian, once Lian Feng made up his mind to do something even if there were ten cows to stopped him, it could not pull him back.

Especially this matter related to his baby daughter.

Since he couldn’t stop it then he couldn’t help it, might as well they come back together.

However, if he had known that this was the outcome, he wouldn’t have been in a hurry to tell him.

The reason why Yuan Jinfei told Lian Feng about such a thing was not to let him leave the hospital now.

There were more than ten injuries on Lian Feng’s body which belong to seriously injured patients. Though after such a toss—well in Lian Feng’s place, this kind of injury couldn’t kill him.

Gao Huaqiang occupies a high position in the company and has a certain vision. These two people have extraordinary bearing and were the leader at first sight.

He immediately sneered.

“Just in time, since you are a policeman, you can’t break the law. I’m a citizen protected by the law. What you do to me now is illegal detention, which infringes on my interests I have the right to complain to you!”

Yuan Jinfei cast a sympathetic glance at Gao Huaqiang.

“You’re Gao Huaqiang?”

Lian Feng took a step forward, his gaze falling on Gao Huaqiang’s hand hanging at his side.

Gao Huaqiang heard the insult from the other party’s tone, the anger that had been piled up in his heart and the fear that he tried to ignore but could not ignore reached its peak in an instant.

Evil tends to produced misled courage—he fiercely stretched out his hand to push Lian Feng.

“What are you…”

Just when his hand touched his clothes, Lian Feng’s eyes which had been low and restrained, were raised. His eyes were sharp and cold, like a sharp blade penetrating across his face.

The overwhelming sense of oppression let Gao Huaqiang in a moment to feel a flash of electricity like a shiver his scalp went numb and his exported words was spontaneously silenced.

Lian Feng does not even need to say anything, his gaze was enough to make Gao Huaqiang afraid.

His hands were stiff in the air and didn’t dare to touch Lian Feng at all, he didn’t even know it as he stepped back half a small step.

“You go out first.”

Lian Feng opened his mouth and his voice was very weak. This was said to Yuan Jinfei.

Yuan Jinfei hesitated and whispered.

“You’re a policeman.”

Although he also hated Gao Huaqiang.

“Also, you have an injury.” Yuan Jinfei added, “At least take it easy, don’t take your body for granted.”

Lian Feng gave a “hmmm”, “I have a sense of proportion.”

Yuan Jinfei left and closed the door thoughtfully.

Lian Feng walked forward, Gao Huaqiang could not stop backing up obviously scared.

“You, what are you going to do?!”

Lian Feng looked around, then raised his eyes and looked at the camera in the corner.

“The monitoring is off.”

The police officer in the monitoring room, Xiao Li shrunk his neck and swallowed his saliva when he looked at Lian Feng from the screen.

This, this is against the rules.

Xiao Li doesn’t know whether he should turn off the monitoring. Wasn’t Lian Feng injured and was still recovering in the hospital, not to mention he was seriously injured and couldn’t get out of bed, so why did he suddenly return to the bureau?

In the midst of confusion, Yuan Jinfei pushed the door in and knew what was going on as soon as he saw Xiao Li’s tangled expression.

“Turn it off.”

Xiao Li scratched his head: “Squadron leader, in case something happens ……”

“I’ll take care of anything.”

Yuan Jinfei said,

“What are you doing dawdling, hurry up.”

Watching the camera’s little red dot go off, Lian Feng withdrew his gaze and fell back to Gao Huaqiang.

He took two black leather gloves out of his pocket and slowly and methodically put them on his hands, speaking as he said.

“Do you know how many people I’ve killed in the last two months?”

Gao Huaqiang: “…”

He was appalled by the first words that Lien Feng said.

As people who work in the entertainment industry, the most shady thing he seen was to pay someone privately to beat someone up or drug them and take a video or something like that.

Killing people, that’s something anyone couldn’t even think about.

After putting on the gloves.

As if sensing something, Gao Huaqiang screamed and ran for the door.



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