Chapter 62

Mr. He was a fool, he was going to reveal everything with his blabber mouth.

But Mr. He really did not understand the meaning behind Xu Yanwen’s eyes, he only saw Xu Yanwen pulling the corner of his mouth and blinking and simply thought he was not comfortable so he asked with great concern.

“President Xu are your eyes uncomfortable ah? Is it the sand?”

Mr. He’s voice was not small so the people around heard him, standing next to him was Xue Jiayue she was ready to go in when he heard him say this and couldn’t help but look to Xu Yanwen’s side.

Meanwhile when Xu Yanwen heard him say this, his whole face turned black. When he comes to the company he should tell Assistant Feng to fire him! He must fire him right away!

Mr. He on the other hand does not know Xu Yanwen cursing him, he only saw his whole face sunken and couldn’t help but think what was happening to him?

After thinking for a while, Mr. He finally came up with an explanation that was, the X.W Studio was owned by Xu Yanwen that was the fact. He was the big boss behind the scene although Assistant Feng told him not to spread this and it should only he must know about this fact.

But Xu Yanwen was his boss, their boss! And now that he took the employees out to eat which by chance they meet the big boss as a good employee he need to say hello ah, this kind of thing should not taken lightly, employee who saw their bosses and not greeting them was a very rude thing to do.

Therefore, Mr. He who made up his mind did something that made Xu Yanwen furious.

Mr. He turned his head to Xue Jiayue and the others behind him.

“Come, come let me introduced you. This is President Xu, just call him President Xu.”

Wang Dan and Cheng Wei were unaware of Xu Yanwen’s identity or his relationship with Xue Jiayue and now that Mr. He told them to call someone they of course followed and enthusiastically called out.

“President Xu.”

Xue Jiayue thought that the situation in front of her was funny, Xu Yanwen came on a date with another woman and regretfully ran into his wife who was then asked to call him President Xu just like others, it was really funny.

Xue Jiayue who thought it was fun couldn’t make it too special, she really followed others to call Xu Yanwen “President Xu” with a smile.

When Xu Yanwen heard Xue Jiayue call him President Xu and with a smiling face, his face became even darker.

Xue Jiayue who successfully saw Xu Yanwen’s blackened face was even happier, she couldn’t help laughing secretly. Any man who accompanied other women out on a date couldn’t be happy to be found by his wife.

Haha, serve’s him right!

However Mr. He still doesn’t know Xu Yanwen’s inner thought and wanted to accompany him for a few words.

But Xu Yanwen no longer wants to see him, with a sullen face he said to Mr. He.

“Do you want to have dinner after work? Go quickly I have other things.”

This statement was straightforward and clear, Xu Yanwen didn’t blink his eyes and pull the corners of his mouth. Mr. He understood it, he quickly nodded and said.

“Yes, yes, there are new people in our studio so we decided to have dinner together today to celebrate. President Xu we won’t disturb you if you have something. Bye.”

Hearing Mr. He’s goodbye, Xu Yanwen inwardly was greatly relieved. He really couldn’t wait for Mr. He to take Xue Jiayue and them to hurry away from him.

Standing next, Xue Jiayue witnessed the whole process she also keenly noticed Xu Yanwen was obviously relieved when he saw she was going to leave.

Xue Jiayue couldn’t help but laugh inwardly again, hearing that she was leaving he looked like he couldn’t wait for her to leave quickly and really couldn’t wait to go on a date with a beautiful woman!

But it’s okay, she has cute colleagues too she’s going to the party too she’s not going to be alone!

La la la la la!

Mr. He summoned everyone to go inside the hotel, Cheng Wei walked next to Xue Jiayue and lowered his head to talk to her,

“Jiayue do you play mobile games?”

Xue Jiayue smiled and said.

“Play ah, I’m just not good.”

Cheng Wei smiled.

“I play really well oh, I am a master. Do you want me to take you ah?”

Xue Jiaiyue then said.

“Yes, yes, I have a task but I died at the last level after playing for several days. If you are so powerful take me.”

Cheng Wei immediately agreed,

“No, problem. Let’s cut a deal later.”

Xue Jiayue nodded hear head repeatedly.


Not far behind, Xu Yanwen calmly looked at Xue Jiayue and Cheng Wei talking and laughing as they walked into the hotel. They talked too attentively and didn’t notice anything else.

Linda followed his line of sight and only saw Xue Jiayue’s back as she turned into the corner. Although she didn’t want to admit it, Xue Jiayue’s back was really beautiful with a moderately length of black hair spread over her shoulder, a slim figure and straight legs which made Linda envy.

“President Xu.”

Linda softly called out to Xu Yanwen, pulling Xu Yanwen’s attention back and smiling sweetly.

“The box Uncle ordered is the first one on the left. Let’s go over there.” (T/N: the box here means private room)

Xu Yanwen hesitated for a moment and gave a slight nod.


With joy in her heart, Linda hurriedly followed Xu Yanwen’s footsteps and walked towards the front of the box.

Xue Jiayue followed Mr. He to the box and sat down, Cheng Wei sat next to Xue Jiayue. He fished out his phone from his pocket and opened the game, and let Xue Jiayue follow along into the fame and two added friends with each other.

“The world’s first sword, your name is a bit overwhelming!”

Xue Jiayue chuckled.

Cheng Wei proudly raised an eyebrow.

“Of course, let brother take you the waves!”

Next to him, Mr. He slapped him on the head.

“Wave, what wave. Don’t bring down our new colleague!”

“Mr. He.”

Cheng Wei smiled cheekily,

“I’m just saying it casually.”

“Casual talk is not allowed, must be punished with wine!”

Mr. He put the bottle of wine on the table towards Cheng Wei.

“Don’t play the game when you come out on a get together, you can play games again when you go back. Let’s eat first now.”

“Then I’ll eat seriously.”

Cheng Wei said.

Mr. He slapped him again.

“Drink! It’s rare to have a meal together, if you drink everyone will be lively!”

Then the excitement came, Xue Jiayue said she don’t drink but she was finally persuaded to drink a few cups.

Although it was said that girls come with three points of wine it was still a little uncomfortable after a few drinks. Xue Jiayue found an excuse to go to the bathroom and sneaked out of the box.

Xue Jiayue stood in front of the bathroom sink washing her hands, trying to stall for time not to go back to the box so soon.

At that moment, the door of the next cubicle opened and Linda came out of the cubicle.

Just like that, two women met unexpectedly!

Linda froze slightly when she looked at Xue Jiayue, not expecting to run into her and hesitated for a moment before walking up.

She stood in the position beside Xue Jiayue and reached out to turn on the tap.

Water clattered out of the faucet, and she took advantage of the time to wash her hands to sneak a peek at Xue Jiayue beside her.

Women were very picky about women, even if Linda looks at Xue Jiayue with very picky eyes she still couldn’t find any flaws. She has to admit that Xue Jiayue was really good looking.

He skin was so white and as tender as tofu, she couldn’t even see pores on her face let alone spots. Her eyes were big and bright, glowing as if she they could speak, her eyelashes were long and thick, flickering like a small fan with straight nose and red lips as beautiful as cherry blossoms.

She was really a top beauty.

Linda’s gaze was so obvious that Xue Jiayue couldn’t pretend she didn’t notice her. She looked at her naked measuring her up that she wondered what she was thinking?

As Linda sized her up once more, Xue Jiayue raised her eyes to look at her and her red lips lightly parted.

“What are you looking at me for?”

Linda was caught red-handed and there was no way to weasel out of it, so she could only smile stiffly and say.

“I think you look familiar, haven’t we me somewhere before?”

“No impression.”

Xue Jiayue said coldly.

Linda however suddenly remembered that she had indeed seen her before and had been stunned by her at first sight.

“Did you buy a blue and white dress at Conlin Square?”

Linda asked.

Xue Jiayue also remembered, that day when the bought a dress she seems to have met two women. One of them seems to be her.

“You’re a fashion designer? No wonder you’re so good at choosing clothes!”

Linda said.

“Can we get to know each other? When I want to design clothes in the future, I’ll let you help me refer to them as well.”

Xue Jiayue couldn’t helped but scoff inwardly, how much does this woman’s face? Let her the wife design the clothes for her? What exactly does Xu Yanwen like about her? Was her brain grows on her ass? The woman was not afraid of her, did she want the wife turning her face on the spot?

Was it because she doesn’t know she was Xu Yanwen’s wife at all? Or was she deliberately pretending to be confused in front her?

But no matter which was the case, Xue Jiayue doesn’t want to be accompanied!

“Sorry, I’m not available.”

Xue Jiayue drew a hand towel to wipe clean the water on her hands and casually plucked the K family bracelet on her wrist as she lightly reject Linda and turned around to stepped on her high heels and left the restroom.

Linda’s face instantly reddened, she recognized the bracelet Xue Jiayue was wearing on her hand. The bracelet was the main model of the K family last season, the price without diamonds was from 5000 and like the bracelet with broken diamonds Xue Jiayue was wearing on her hand was at least hundreds of thousands of dollars.

She, her action just now was completely mocking her, mocking her for overestimating her worth mocking her for being unworthy mocking her being a poor man. How could she be qualified to ask her to help choose clothes!

Linda’s heart was sour and angry, sour was because Xue Jiayue was rich and beautiful she really couldn’t compare. Angry was because of Xue Jiayue’s mockery and looking down on her.

“It’s great to have money!”

Linda thought bitterly. One day if she wants these people who despise her to beg her, she could step on their faces and rub them under her feet. Wasn’t she unwilling to choose clothes and design clothes for her?

She’s going to ask her to design ten for her, oh no, dressing a hundred, a thousand clothes!

After venting her emotions with hatred, Linda looked in the mirror to collect the grimace on her face and returned to a calm and light-hearted look, turning around and walking out of the bathroom.



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