Chapter 63

Linda walked to the door of the box, which was secluded when she heard Xu Yanwen and Professor Han talking.

Professor Han said.

“I only have Linda, a niece. She has always been very hardworking, down to earth and willing to work. She hopes to stay in and continue to work for President Xu, I hope President Xu can consider it.”

Xu Yanwen deliberated for a moment and said.

“Professor Han, as you know, to stay in the company it is necessary to go through an assessment and if Linda can pass the examination, our company is certainly willing to keep her.”

He was talking about the normal test, and as long as Linda passed the company would not dismiss people indiscriminately.

But Professor Han continued.

“I hope you can give her some convenience, Xu’s assessment has always been famous in the industry for being difficult. Sometimes one assessment can’t determine a person’s real ability, Linda is really smart and capable if keeps working in Xu she will be a good employee.”

Xu Yanwen did not speak, he has always been very respectful of Professor Han after all when he was still a student, an experiment almost went wrong when Professor Han stopped him and saved his life in time at the critical moment.

But today hearing Professor Han asked him this made him a little disappointed with him.

When Professor Han saw that he did not say anything, he added.

“I know it is difficult for you for me to come and beg you like this, and I hope you will reconsider.”

Xu Yanwen gave a faint “hmm” and said.

“After the assessment I will see and give you an answer.”

This was already the best answer, Professor Han also knows not to ask Xu Yanwen too much lest it backfire so he smiled and said yes before picking up his chopsticks to give Xu Yanwen dishes and warmly said.

“Eat vegetables, eat vegetable, look at the dishes are cold.”

Linda who was eavesdropping at the door after hearing Xu Yanwen’s promise to give an answer after the assessment felt ecstatic and felt that this promise of Xu Yanwen means that she could stay with him and stay by his side.

She was so excited that she almost laughed out loud.

Xue Jiayue had no idea what was on Linda’s mind. After she went back to her box, she had a lively time with her colleagues for a while.

Everyone was very happy, especially Mr. He who had the most fun. After dinner he did not let the people go but invited them to KTV singing.

Xue Jiayue looked at the time on the phone, it was already more than eight o’clock in the evening she just wanted to say she was going home when she heard Mr. He persuade.

“Say yes, no one is allowed to leave whoever leaves is not giving me face. Let’s see who dare!”

“Okay, okay, we won’t go. I’ll go to KTV and sing together.”

Wang Da said with a smile.

Mr. He put a hand on Chen Wei’s shoulder and waved his big hand.

“Go, others follow!”

The others really followed Mr. He out the door!

Wang Dan saw Xue Jiayue did not move, whispered and asked her what was wrong?

Xue Jiayue pursed her lips for a moment and said.

“I think Mr. He always drinks too much, what’s the point of going out to sing at this late hour?”

Who know what came to her but Wang Dan laughed and asker her back.

“Is it late?”

Xue Jiayue nodded.

“It’s already past eight almost nine.”

Remembering the house rules that she must go home at ten o’clock.

Wang Dan suddenly took her hand and said.

“It’s still early, it’s only eight o’clock. The nightlife is just starting, let’s go have together.”


“Let’s go.”

Wang Dan pulled Xue Jiayue up without a word and insisted that she follow along to sing.

Thus, Xue Jiayue couldn’t say if she wanted to and stiffly follow them to the KTV with Mr. He and them.

After arriving at the KTV, Xue Jiayue realized that the drunken Mr. He was a veritable wheat bully. Although singing was not difficult to hear but it was far from good either.

He has been dominating the microphone since he entered the KTV box, singing all the way from “A Thousand Years” to “Love of the Slender Man” and then “Ten Years, “Redness” and “Friendship Forever”, the whole box echoes with the voice of Mr. He that people would never forget.

He sang alone with the microphone, and it’s hard for others to grab it. They could only sit next to him and listen to him, whenever he finishes singing a song he would turn around and ask if the people sitting were listening.

It was impossible for the people below to not give him face, they would all say it was good and when he hears it he would be too happy and even asked everyone to applaud and then everyone would applaud in cooperation.

The clapping applause encourage Mr. He and made him more excited and then sang the next song. Others could only sit in a row, guessing dice and drink while they pass time.

And thus, Mr. He sang alone for almost two hours until his voice was hoarse and couldn’t sing anymore, before sitting down and giving the microphone to others.

Cheng Wei pulled Xue Jiayue on stage to sing.

“Let’s have a duet.”

Originally Xue Jiayue wanted to say that he did not want to sing, but the people at the seats began to persuade her especially Mr. He, pointing at them and saying.

“Sing, sing, be lively.”

Being watched by so many people Xue Jiayue couldn’t say no.

Cheng Wei input the song, “Little Dimple”, handed another microphone to Xue Jiayue and said.

“Let’s do this one together.”

Xue Jiayue looked at the song, which fortunately she could sing so she picked up the microphone and sang along with Cheng Wei.

The two of them sang a song soon after each other.

The colleagues at the bottom cheered and applauded happily shouting that their singing was good.

Mr. He came up with the wine, gave Cheng Wei and Xue Jiayue a cup and smilingly said.

“You two sing really well, come, come have a drink.”

Xue Jiayue had to take the glass, clinked it with both Cheng Wei and Me. He and tilted her head and drank wine.

A group of people in the KTV was lively for a long time, and they didn’t leave until almost 12 o’clock.

When Xue Jiayue returned home, as soon as she opened the door and saw Xu Yanwen sitting on the sofa in the living room looking at her expressionlessly as he asked.

“Where have you been so late?”

Xue Jiayue changed her shoes at the door while answering.

“Went to sing with my colleagues.”

Xu Yanwen then asked again.

“How come you didn’t answer the phone?”

Xue Jiayue then said.

“I put my phone in my bag, KTV is very loud inside so I did not hear.”

Xu Yanwen calmly said.

“Our family rules state that we must go home at 10 o’clock at night.”

Xue Jiayue smiled in her heart, thinking.

Come on you and your lover went on a HAPPY date and ate a big meal but did I say anything? He still have the courage to care where I went at night? Did you yourself get home on time?

She turned around and looked up at Xu Yanwen and said.

“I’m a grown up, stop using the rules of a child to control me okay? I went out with my colleagues for a dinner and sing, not to fool around like some people do!”

“Xue Jiayue!”

Xu Yanwen was also angry and his voice suddenly became steeply stern.

Xue Jiayue was too lazy to argue with him and waved her hand as she said.

“I don’t want to argue, I’m tired it’s already late. I’m going to bed….”

Xu Yanwen stepped forward and clasped her hand.

“What for?”

Xue Jiayue turned back to glare at him.

Xu Yanwen turned his back against the light and seemed to be shrouded in shadow not to mention his face looks gloomy.

“Make it clear!”

Xue Jiayue laughed, he went to date his little lover that was what clear as crystal but he wanted to make it more clear, for what?

“Let go!”

Xue Jiayue struggled with her wrist that was held by Xu Yanwen.

Her voice was not harsh but it made Xu Yanwen hear disgust as she alo look at him with disgusted gaze in her eyes. He suddenly softened his hand for a moment, and for a moment unable to hold her hand any longer.

Xue Jiayue took the opportunity to draw her hand back and ran like hell back to her room, shutting the door quickly.

Xu Yanwen stood frozen in place watching Xue Jiayue’s back as she fled back to her room not moving a muscle.

After a long time, Xu Yanwen smiled to himself and turned around to walk back to his room.

Xue Jiayue fled to her room and did not dare to go out, she could not understand what Xu Yanwen was mad about. His sullen look was so scary, she had never seen him this way.

Worried that Xu Yanwen might enter her room, Xue Jiayue locked the room behind her and also moved the stool in front of the dresser to the door making her feel a little more secure.

Lying in bed, Xue Jiayue were afraid for a long time and could not sleep. Her eyes has been open staring at the door afraid that Xu Yanwen would break into the door halfway and then really could not hold up.

Later she couldn’t hold it and was drowsy.

But that night, Xue Jiayue didn’t sleep very well. She woke up after a short sleep then took out her phone and looked at the time.

At 5:30 in the morning, she didn’t dare to sleep again afraid of oversleeping again. She quickly got up from bed, put on her makeup and walked out of the door quietly.

It was still early outside, when Xue Jiayue went out there were no pedestrian on the road. If she go to the office right now, it was still very early and most likely the office was still close so she simply decided to find breakfast first.

There was a well-decorated and clean beef noodle restaurant on the roadside. It’s still early and there weren’t many people eating noodles so Xue Jiayue simply walked in.

“Miss, what would you like to eat?”

“A bowl of beef noodles.”

Xue Jiayue looked at the menu and ordered a bowl of beef noodles.

“Okay, feel free to sit down.”

After greeting Xue Jiayue, the boss turned around and opened the lid of the pot. The hot stream rose up as she grabbed the noodles quickly and threw them into them into the pot and covered the lid then took the bowl of seasoning, these actions was done very quickly.

Not long after, the beef noodles were cooked and the boss brought them up. Smelling the beef noodles fragrance she swallowed a mouthful, she took a mouthful of noodles with chopsticks and immediately felt much warmer and more comfortable, her heart was also warmed.

In the apartment, by the time Xu Yanwen got up Xue Jiayue had long since left. Seeing the unoccupied room he wanted to call her and ask her where she had gone so early in the morning but hesitated when he remembered what happened last night.

At this time his phone rang, he picked the phone and heard urgent voice across the line. He realized that the matter was serious and turned and ran out of the apartment.


TL: really really really…..translating this made me feel very frustrated, our ML and MC is really frustrating can’t they just be straightforward with each other aksjdgaskfg!!!!


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