Chapter 10

Cha Cha was also the luckiest person in the book but that was before the female and the male lead.

In the plot, it could be said she was third luckiest person in the world. Just like now, someone coincidentally saw her post and she already suck countless fans that appreciated and forwarded her photos with big V and went peak to internet popularity.

And now, just after being repost by big V’s she was actually being slandered?

Cha Cha asked the system in her head,

“System, why do you think about this?”

The system quickly responded.

“You are in a cooling off period of the plot.”

The system didn’t make it clear but Cha Cha understood its meaning after a little thought.

Because she was not in the plot right now, the luck aura was offline.

Through this guess, although it would be annoying but it would be hard to stay strong until the end, after all the world has given that dog man and woman the luck of this world, she deduced that maybe her luck could work as long as she was around the female lead.

Having figured this out, she was not depressed and made her decision.

When the school bell rang, Cha Cha immediately message Yao Yiyi: Stop Ning An.

Yao Yiyi replied: What’s the matter? Want to trouble her? Don’t worry it’s on me.

Cha Cha: No, what are you thinking, we are classmates why bully people? You stop her first, I need her for help.

Cha Cha would never say in the text message that she wanted to bully someone, if one day she and the plastic sisters fell apart they could use this black history against her.

Yao Yiyi: “….”

Yao Yiyi was particulary speechless, recently Cha Cha’s tone suddenly makes people particularly disgusted but she was still the same stupid girl as before and that’s enough.

She put the phone into her arms and took a big step to pull Ning An who was about to go out and said in a high and wild tone.

“Ning An, wait Chen Cha has something for you.”

The surrounding students instantly looked at them.

Yao Yiyi feels quite glorious, as she smiled smugly.

The students thought to themselves, this Chen Cha has become a little better person but then she returned back to her old business?

One by one the students who had planned to leave returned to the classroom.

Although class 1 was a key class, although they study hard, although they think fighting and bullying people was a silly thing to do and it rather spend more time in studying so that they could do better in the college entrance exam.

But they were also like all ordinary people, who like gossip such as xx celebrity cheating and so on.

And at school, occasionally gossiping about others was also one way of unwinding things.

For other people they may not want to stay just because they hunger for gossip but because the topic of gossip was Chen Cha which was a different story all together.

Chen Cha was a school flower, and scandal of famous people stimulates ordinary people more.

Jiao Yushi left early and therefore was unaware of this farce in the class.

When Cha Cha arrived at the Class one, she was a little surprised to see many people sitting inside.

After a little thought, she wondered if Yao Yiyi, the little fool was too high profile attracting the attention of her classmates and making them stay for gossip.

Ning An was dragged by Yao Yiyi’s hand and couldn’t break free, when she saw Chen Cha she was angry and asked.

“What the hell do you want with me! I don’t have money to lend you!”

The students were shocked, and someone even whistled.

This Chen Cha was much richer than Ning An, however unexpectedly she still borrows money from Ning An. How could it be called borrowing, it was obviously blackmailing!


Cha Cha was amused by her, and suddenly smiled that silence the boys around them.

Although she has a bad personality but she really was a good looking person.

This were what all the boys thought who were present.

Even the female students were amazed by her smile for a moment.

Cha Cha walked towards her and slapped Yao Yiyi’s hand as she said.

“I asked you to help call her, why are you grabbing her hand it’s all red now.”

Yao Yiyi: “…”

How could she make it sound like she did something wrong? If she hadn’t hold Ning An she might ran away, okay?

Yao Yiyi inwardly rolled her eyes, thinking that Cha Che would not talk back to her she said unhappily with dissatisfaction written all over her face

“Didn’t you tell me to stop Ning An?”


Cha Cha nodded and said.

“But you don’t have to be so rough.”

After saying that she no longer pain attention to Yao Yiyi who was gnashing her teeth, and looked at Ning An with a sincere gaze.

“It’s like this, I have a matter that I want to ask for your help. As for whether you help me or not, you can decided after listening to me, can you?”

Ning An felt strange when she saw Chen Cha suddenly talking to her so gently but without being deceived by her beauty she shook her head decisively.

“No, I’m busy.”

“Ning An.”

Cha Cha’s two willow brows dropped looking a little pitiful and her tone softened a lot as she say.

“I really need your help badly, can you listen to what I need to say first before you make your decision afterwards?”

Ning An’s heart softened with Chen Cha’s particularly beautiful look and soft tone she could not harden her heart again and hesitated for a moment before she said.


Cha Cha immediately smiled and said.

“Then let’s go eat first and talk while we eat.”

After saying that, Cha Cha intimately took her hand and pulled her away without giving her a chance to refuse.

As soon as they left the students in class one immediately began to discuss.

“Wait, just say it here, don’t pull me…”

Ning An’s voice drowned out in the noisy staircase.

Downstairs Cha Cha saw Lu Ruoruo standing under a tree not far away while playing with her phone, from time to time she would look up. Seeing them Lu Ruoruo immediately waved and came towards them.

When the two parties met, Lu Ruoruo looked at Chen Cha and then at Ning An strangely as she asked.

“When did you guys get so close?”

“Aren’t we always close?”

Cha Cha asked rhetorically.

Lu Ruoruo thought she was jesting and laughed hard as she said.

“Hey, that’s a must. We have a good relationship with student Ning An.”

Ning An originally thought Chen Cha was really looking for her for something but now she felt something was wrong but she simply could not resist.

Chen Cha was stronger than her, dragging her away she simply has no room to resist.

Along the way she chattered and asked Chen Cha to let her go but Chen Cha just talked with Yao Yiyi and Lu Ruoruo, completely drowning out her voice.

Yao Yiyi was already used to Chen Cha’s attitude.

Chen Cha does not care about other people’s mood and would only mind what her mood was.

Cha Cha pulled Ning An all the way to her rented apartment, taking the plastic sister flower duo up with her.

Once in the suite, the plastic sister duo couldn’t help but look around.

Although their families were not poor but they were also not rich and was living in the school dormitory. The rent money from their parents were saved to buy clothes and cosmetics.

But Chen Cha not only could buy expensive goods but also live in such luxurious suites.

They simply could help but be jealous….although they have been quite jealous before, now they were even more jealous.

As soon as Cha Cha entered the room, she coldly lowered her face and pushed Ning An inside as she said.

“Ning An be good, and I won’t beat you up.”


Ning An took two steps back feeling that she had just been too stupid, why did she agree?

Cha Cha picked up the camera and threw it to Ning An.

Ning An took a look at the camera, she didn’t know what brand it was and the configuration but just know that this thing was at least a few thousand so she subconsciously reached out to catch it.

She had an intuition that if she didn’t catch it she would be blackmailed.

“Take it first.”

Cha Cha looked at the plastic sister and said.

“One of you look at Ning An while the other one go to the kitchen to find some drinks over and order a take-away. Decide what you want to eat, I want to eat pizza.”



The two felt that Chen Cha might want to play a new methods to bully someone, and knowing this made them become interested and the smiled on their faces became more and more bright.

Ning An was terrified.

Closed room, camera, plus the people who always bully her… she could not think of anything wonderful, at all.

She feels very unpleasant.

Cha Cha changed her clothes and went back to the living room. Ning An was about to cry as her eyes were already red and could not help but froze before she went over and asked.

“What are you thinking? Can you use the camera?”

What am thinking? Of course how you plan to bully me….wait, the camera?

Ning An shook her head in confusion.


Yao Yiyi who was hanging up the phone after ordering heard this, came over and said,

“I can use it, what’s wrong?”

Cha Cha looked at her and said.

“Ok, you teach Ning An how to use the camera.”


Yao Yiyi was speechless, what was she thinking?

Lu Ruoruo said.

“She told you to teach then you teach.”

Since she knew that Yao Yiyi also like Luo Junming, she usually spoke to Yao Yiyi in a subtle tone, though before she used to stand on the same side with her using Chen Cha but now she often speaks from the perspective of Chen Cha.

In the end what love could possibly break this plastic sisters?


TL: yay!! We are on chapter 10 but first of all i just want to say sorry for the very inconsistent release. but since we are done with chapter 10 we are now entering scheduled release which is Mon-Tue. See you❤︎


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