Chapter 11

Cha Cha stood in front of the mirror and tidied up her clothes, looking at her reflection she felt that she was still missing something. She found a thin silk scarf and tied it around her neck, then she went to get a small fragrant grass hat and put it on her head.

Silk scarf and fragrant grass hat, with the skirt it doesn’t look bad.

Chen Cha seems to like the skirt very much as 90% of the clothes in the closet were skirts.

After wearing for some time Cha Cha feels it was okay and very cool in summer.

Lu Ruoruo did not watch how Yao Yiyi taught Ning An to use the camera but looked around and asked every now and then,

“This is very expensive right?”

Cha Cha always answers.


Lu Ruoruo was very frustrated, she also likes all kinds of decorations and often reads fashion magazines.

Lu Ruoruo’s items were so-so in general, she could only afford it by saving money and eating steamed buns for some time while Chen Cha actually has no self-awareness and loved to show off how rich she was.

If Chen Cha hadn’t been stupid and spent money like running water she could have been a green teas around them.

How could Cha Cha not see through her thoughts, every time she see her subtle stifling mood she would feel quite refreshed.

Thinking like this she thought she really was a bad person.

After about ten minutes, Yao Yiyi finally taught Ning An the basic operation in the midst of angry curses.

“Chen Cha, it’s okay.”

Yao Yiyi shouted and asked.

“What’s next?”

“You guys sit down first and have some drinks.”

Cha Cha beckoned and said to Ning An.

“Come here, take my picture, remember make my silhouette in the center of the photo also be careful not to take my legs short or I will beat you up.”


Ning An thought she would stripped naked and take all kinds of unholy photos but it turned out that she was actually helping Chen Cha take a full-body photo?


Come on, you have two little followers so why don’t you ask them to shoot ah?

Ning An really couldn’t figure out what Chen Cha was thinking.

Chen Cha stood in front of the blank and well lit wall. She raised her hand and pressed it on the brim of her hat, he covered her face and told her.

“Remember don’t shoot my face or I’ll beat you.”

Ning An t_t: “Oh.”

The plastic sister duo watching from the side were also confused but their thinking was different from Ning An’s.

After thinking they felt that Chen Cha was probably bored. It could be that she called Ning An because she wants to use her as a servant girl which could also be a way of bullying her.

So after understanding her intentions they smiled and guided Ning An in the sidelines.

After ten seconds, Cha Cha put on her hat and showed her face as she said.

“Be quiet, it’s so noisy.”

Plastic sister duo: ….aren’t we companions?

Ning An: ….aren’t you companions?

Cha Cha added.

“If you make any more noise, get out of here and stay away.”

Plastic Sister Duo: “……”

Ning An: “……..”

The doorbell broke the stiff atmosphere as Cha Cha skimmed the two of them and went over to open the door, seeing that it was the delivery boy her face and tone instantly improved as she said gently.

“Please wait, I’ll go get the money.”

“Ah, okay, okay.”

The delivery boy was stunned, he could wait a little for her not to mention five minutes it doesn’t matter at all.

Cha Cha went to get a few hundred dollars in cash and paid the money to the delivery boy.

The delivery boy’s tone was very lively.

“Come, here’s you’re changed. Ah, by the way there are leaflets of our store in the bag, there have been a lot of activities recently you can use it ah.”


Cha Cha was facetious and agreed.

“That’s pretty good, I know, thank you. Bye.”

“Well, bye,”

The delivery boy turned and reluctantly leave.

Cha Cha closed the door, and her smile immediately disappeared and her tone was also cold.

“Come over to eat first and then shoot later.”

Three people: …how can she change her face so fast?

Midway through the meal, Ning An’s family called and dared not tell the truth under three pair of threatening eyes only said that she was painting at a friend’s house.

After eating, Cha Cha asked Ning An to continue taking pictures of her.

The plastic sister duo felt bored after watching for a while, so they opened their phone while Cha Cha didn’t care.

At 9:00 in the evening Ning An’s family called again and asked her to go home.

The same for the plastic duo sisters, at this late at night their parents were starting to feel worried.

“Chen Cha, I have to go home.”

Ning An said softly.


Cha Cha nodded, then glanced at the wind clock designed by the famous designer and said.

“It’s quite late, but wait a minute I still have something to tell you.”

“Chen Cha, let’s go for a late night snack.”

Yao Yiyi proposed,

“It happens to be that tomorrow is holiday, it’s okay to play late.”


Lu Ruoruo raised her hands.

“You guys go ahead.”

Cha Cha smiled.

The plastic sisters looked at each other and Lu Ruoruo suddenly said,

“Actually I’ve always found it inconvenient to live at school, I just looked at your place and there are still vacancies, can you let me stay for a while? I’ll go look for another house in the meantime.”

In fact, she couldn’t afford to find a house at all.

But after living here, she doesn’t think that Chen Cha would be good enough to kick her out then she could just continue on live here openly.

And the usual, late night snacks, snacks, drinks and clothes, she should not worry any of these either.

Hearing this, Yao Yiyi immediately said.

“Wow, you guys want to live together? Then I want too, so the three of us can play together.”

Cha Cha was shocked by their shamelessness for a moment.

Ning An did not think it was a problem, if she had a close friends and she lived alone and had a spare room then her friend said she wanted to come and stay she would have been happy.

“I’m sorry.”

Cha Cha smiled and said.

“I just moved out because I like living alone. People are all a bit eccentric, you guys are my friends you must be able to understand me right?”

“This indeed.”

Lu Ruoruo nodded and added.

“But this habit, if you get married later can you still not live with your family? There is still a chance to correct it now, we can help you with that.”

Yao Yiyi nodded.

“Yes, yes, yes, we’re all doing it for your own good.”

The house, they truly love it and don’t want to leave.

Cha Cha directly cold down her face and asked in reproachful and uncomprehending tone, questioned.

“Aren’t we friends? Don’t friend have to understand each other? Why do you guys have to make me feel difficult? Do you guys not consider me as a friend?”

The plastic sister duo instantly blank out, they were dumbfounded and hurriedly shook their heads.

“No ah, of course we’re friends.”

“Yeah, yeah.”

“Since you don’t want to, forget it.”

“Well, if you’re reluctant to live with your friends together.”

“We can sympathize with you too, although it was a bit disappointing.”

“Right, although it was a little disappointing.”

Cha Cha does not care about their emotional card, as soon as she heard this she immediately smiled and said.

“I knew you guys were the best.”

Plastic duo sisters.: “….”

Made retard1.

They doubted whether Chen Cha was pretending to be stupid on purpose but looking at her smile and sincerity they thought of her usual stupid way of doing things and thought that she was really too stupid, so they didn’t find fault on her reasons.

Wah speechless..

“Okay you guys go home now, or your aunt and uncle will worry.”

Cha Cha practically pushed them out of the door.

After sending the plastic sisters away, Cha Cha took out a few yuan beside the table and handed it to Ning An said.

“Your salary.”


Ning An looked at the money, and estimated that it was five to six hundred for just a few hours and included food?

“Take it, don’t forget salary.”

Cha Cha was not some devil and would let some underage girl work for nothing.

“Wait a minute.”

The pleasure came too suddenly that Ning An was a bit overwhelmed, she froze for a few seconds before she drew one piece of the bill and said.

“A hundred yuan is fine.”


Cha Cha nodded and said.

“You take time to come tomorrow and the day after tomorrow for a daily rate of three hundred, okay?”

“It’s too much!”

Ning An hurriedly shook her head and said.

“A hundred is fine.”

“Suit yourself.”

Cha Cha shrugged her shoulder and said.

“Go home.”


Ning An felt very strange as she walked out the door still holding a hundred yuan in her hand and still did not understand how Chen Cah was suddenly so kind.


Made retard1– The meaning of this word is to describe the other party’s behavior that you cannot understand, intolerable, it is extremely stupid, no brains and so on!


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