IHFDATN – Chapter 15.1

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Chapter 15 (1)

Guan Xin blurted out.

“What do you mean?”

“Director Zhang.”

Jiang Mian ignored her and called the director instead.

“Since you called me over to re audition for a scene as well, I’m sure it’s for the word fairness. In that case why don’t we draw lots to decide who is going to try first, instead of having another person designate it.”

After saying that, he turned his gaze to Shen Shiqing and unsurprisingly met the latter’s sinking gaze.

“Although President Shen is an investor, but you also said you don’t know how to direct so for this audition it is better for President Shen to wait and see. Otherwise it is easy to make people suspect whether there is any unclear relationship between President Shen and Miss Guan, if not why so biased to help Miss Guan?”

“Jiang Mian!”

Guan Xin was furious, Jiang Mian’s words were simply a hat on top of her and Shen Shiqing’s head, almost directly stating that she was relying on Shen Shiqing to get this opportunity so how could she not be furious.

“Your deceiving people too much!”

Her eyes were red but she stubbornly did not let the tears flow out, this gesture was extremely easy to arouse the protective desire of men.

Jiang Mian was astonished.

“Miss Guan, why are saying that? When did I bully you? There are so many people watching here. Aren’t you slandering my personality while splitting blood?”

“I just said it casually, if you and President Shen are innocent and clean there is no need to be afraid, what are you so angry about, right?”

Guan Xin couldn’t refute and say any word at Jian Mian.

“Miss Jiang although you are young, but you’re already considered an adult.”

Shen Shiqing opened his mouth, he smiled and the gloomy atmosphere surrounding him disappeared. He looked like a gentleman who could cheat many people.

“There are some words should be said, and there are some that should not. You should be very clear about it, and be careful of what comes out on your mouth.”

“I’m sorry, I’ve always been used to being straight forward. But since President Shen and Miss Guan have nothing to do with each other—”

Jiang Mian said to the director.

“What does director Zhang think of my proposal just now?”

Director Zhang: “…….”

He seems that he need to reaffirm if she knew Jiang Mian who was in front of him, he looked at her up and down as if sizing Jiang Mian up. This girl, she knows that Shen Shiqing was the investor but still dared to fight him head-on. Even if she took the lead role, was she not afraid of Shen Shiqing tripping her up?

Unless she was not afraid of him at all.

Her courage and undaunted confidence should be from herself or someone behind her. With this thinking he couldn’t help but think of Qin Jingrun.

Qin Jingrun has the highest traffic in the circle, people who were familiar with him all know that although the movie emperor was gentle and kind, he was actually bad tempered. Most people just don’t get on his nerves.

And this young girl in front of him, in a degree of it’s rigidity looks like Qin Jingrun.

Director Zhang thoughts turn sharp but did not show it on his face, after a moment of contemplation, he said.

“You are right, then let’s draw lots.”

Guan Xin looked at Director Zhang incredulously.

Shen Shiqing looked gloomy and uncertain, his gaze turned around Jiang Mian and finally landed on Guan Xin, giving her a reassuring look.

Guan Xin took a deep breath and reminded herself not to mess up. Jiang Mian did this on purpose to make her mind disturbed so that she would mess on the audition scene.

The result of the draw came out, Jiang Mian took the piece of paper with one written on it. She said then said to Guan Xin who was unable to disguise the expression on her face.

“Oh, Miss Guan sorry, I’ll start first oh.”

Guan Xin pinched her hand. The last time she performed she had received a lot of praise, her teacher and several directors on the stage say that she has talent and was a natural actor. She has a bright future.

And what about Jiang Mian?

Even her acting skills have improved, how could she compare with her. Except for pretending to be pathetic.

Thinking of Jiang Mian’s car accident scene at the party last time, Guan Xin calmed down and smiled gently at Jiang Mian. A smile with a hint of hidden disdain.


Jiang Mian naturally knew that Guan Xin was waiting for her to make a fool out of herself and then hit her back in the face.

The second audition was a scene in which the man and the woman meet each other after 20 years. But because the man missed their appointment the woman slapped him, there were only three lines and the focus was the emotions after the slap that was needed to be shown.

Jiang Mian looked around and finally landed her eyes on Shen Shiqing, smiling sweetly.

“President Shen, I wonder it have this honor to invite you to act with me?”

Shen Shiqing: “……”

This woman was really bold, knowing that he was already angry, but sill dared to invite him to act a scene.

But she smiled sweetly, standing there with that smile on her lips. And actually let him have no way to refuse.

Shen Shiqing agreed, he walked towards Jiang Mian. He was looking at her as if he was looking at some kind of prey.


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