The Entertainment Circle is Mine Chapter 9

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Chapter 9

And just like that, Xu Zhixing lost the first gift from her beloved idol. Thinking about that she had been sullen until dinner.

Mother Xu was not slightest guilty but inserted a knife into her heart1 instead.

“You say child, why do you need to buy a milk tea if you won’t drink it instead?  What do you think you are offering it for, can it bless you with improving your grades?”

Mother Xu continued.

“Luckily I found it today, otherwise the rancid stuff would have attracted many cockroaches and insects.”

Xu Zhixing: “…….”

Just as mother Xu was busy reproaching her daughter, Xu father came home..

He’s been in his hometown for the past few days to deal with the matter of Xu family’s eldest son.

Father Xu arrived back in S city in the morning, he directly went to the company, and just arrived home.

When Xu Zhixing saw her father, her mood improved. She believed that Xu Yan must have told her father about borrowing money to start a business in past days her father was in his hometown.

The hook has now thrown out2, it was her turn!

Aunt Liu served the food to Father Xu, while Mother Xu finally let Xu Zhixing off the hook, and started to ask father Xu how the things were handle back in their hometown.

Hearing Father Xu say that Xu Yan voluntarily gave up the inheritance rights of the house and some properties back home, Mother Xu sighed.

“Xu Yan, that child grew up abroad and is not closed to us. But his mother taught her well, he’s sensible and polite. This time he really was wrong ah!”

Father Xu also sighed.

“Who says he wasn’t, no matter how even if he was not close to the Xu family, elder brother’s things should belong to his son. Both fourth younger sister and fifth younger sister are really going too far this time, they wanted to fight on the inheritance.”

“Fortunately Xu Yan doesn’t care about gains and losses. If this has gone to court, I don’t know how many people would have seen such a joke!”

Xu Zhixing who was eating and watching the TV attentively seemed to not care about her parent’s discussion, but in fact was actually listening to her mother and father’s every words.

As soon as she heard Father Xu say this, she knew that Xu Yan’s move to retreat for advance was a very good decision.

Xu Yang was not a soft persimmon3 for people to pinch. If he really wanted to fight the elders of the Xu family, he was not their opponents.

Father Xu who always attached great importance to his family now sees Xu Yan suffer with great injustice must be feeling guiltier.

At this time, Xu Yan put forward the idea of borrowing money to start a business, in possibility father Xu should not refuse.

Cousin was really awesome ah!

Xu Zhixing didn’t feel sorry for her father who had been put on the spot. She was very excited instead to hear him continue.

“Speaking of which, that child Xu Yan wanted to borrow money from me yesterday…”

Mother Xu who was putting food on her mouth paused.

“Borrow money? Why does he need to borrow money for?”

Father Xu said.

“He said he wanted to start his own business and showed me his business plan. This child has a lot of ideas and is stable. His future development should not be bad.”

“That is true, he graduated from some famous foreign university—he just graduated this year right? In my opinion he’s much more educated than the second family.”

Mother Xu continued and asked.

“He should be supported to start his own business, how much money did he want to borrow?”

Father Xu compared the figure.

Xu Zhixing almost spew the soup.

Xu Yan really dared to!

Mother Xu was also shocked to death.

“That much?!”

Father Xu nodded bitterly with a smile.

“This child knows so much, and is not joking at all. He also showed me the budget table and said that early investment in entertainment industry is relatively large..”

Father Xu sighed again.

“It’s not like I can’t fish that out4, after all he is the only child left by my elder brother in this world so how couldn’t I help? But now the company is in recession..”

As he said this, he turned his head and looked at Xu Zhixing who was still watching the TV attentively.

Xu Zhixing’s eyes, nose, mouth and all attention were on the TV, he even saw her listening to the silly music.

Father Xu then lowered his voice, and said to Mother Xu.

“Although he said it was an investment, he and I had accounted shares, but he was responsible for the operation and I will just pay the dividends directly. But this amount is not small ah.”

“Also second elder brother wanted me to venture capital with him a few days ago. I can’t take out the liquidity that much, this…”

Xu Zhixing who has been attentively watching the TV suddenly said as if she was part of the conversation.

“I think it’s much reliable to vote for big brother than to vote for second uncle.”

Mother Xu reproached at her.

“Eat your food! What do a child know about what the adults are talking about!”

Xu Zhixing pursed her lips as if talking back to her mother on purpose and unhappily said.

“I know ah! What about second uncle, what does father know about venture capital that second uncle was talking about? He didn’t go to school to learn about economics and finance.”

She looked at father Xu angrily.

“Then you go and venture with second uncle, even if you don’t know anything just rely on him who also don’t know anything. Didn’t he took advantage of us before? First time doesn’t matter much but this time again? You shouldn’t let it happen ah.”

Father Xu did not expect to hear this from his daughter, and looked at Xu Zhixing blankly.


[⬅️ Toc ➡️]

inserted a knife into her heart1– to make a difficult situation even worse for someone

the hook ha now thrown out2– the bait has been casted

soft persimmon3– easy opponent

fish that out4– provide the money


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