The Entertainment Circle is Mine Chapter 8

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Chapter 8

He loved to smile and is warmest brother ah!

Xu Zhaixing had thought many reasons, why her beloved brother has this kind of expression.

Could it be that he had been always unhappy before?

And all that smiles and warmth is all an illusion, from the day I saw him?

Realizing this, Xu Zhixing sobbed uncontrollably in an instant.

The sobbing sound finally caught Cen Feng’s attention.

Frowning he pressed the string of the guitar with his palm and raised his head. The road lantern covered his cold and indifferent eyes, instead it added a warm feeling but plated with layer of alienation.

Xu Zhixing doesn’t want to cry anymore but she couldn’t help herself.

Passer-by were already looking at her, talking curiosly as to why she was crying in the middle of the street.

Xu Zhixing covered her face and sobbed until she hiccupped.

“It’s really…. too embarrassing….. sorry …..oooo sorry.. brother, I’m sorry…..”

She didn’t know what she was sorry for, but could only say it.

She had many things she wanted to say, but her emotions got ahead of her and it turned out into a sorry.

Xu Zhixing cried so hard that Chen Feng’s was interrupted. Is she won’t stop crying, any moment a police would come and start questioning her.

Chen Feng leaned over and put his earnings in his pocket. He then put the guitar in the bag and put it on his back.

He lowered his eyes slightly, creating a shadow with his eyelashes and with his faint voice he said.

“Don’t cry.”

Xu Zhixing held her breath for a moment, trying not to let the tears fall down.

He then added.

“Wait for me here.”

Xu Zhixing hasn’t reacted yet and Cen Feng was already gone away. She stared at his back blankly as her brain trying to process everything.

A moment later Cen Feng came back with a cup of hot milk tea in his hand.

He handed it to her and said indifferently.

“Go home.”

Xu Zhaixing stared at the cup of milk tea as her tears once again fell down.

Cen Feng : “……”

Xu Zhixing: “……”

Wuwuwu this is really shameful.. really shameful ah!

Xu Zhixing took the milk tea with her hand, and raised her other hand to wipe her tears casually, and said.

“Thank you.”

Cen Feng nodded his head slightly, then turned around and left.

Xu Zhixing rushed over to catch up.


He looked back but there was no impatience in his face. His head was slightly tilted and the sharp lines of his jaw were hidden in the night which made him more cold and indifferent.

Xu Zhixing held her milk tea tightly, her throat seemed to be stuck with something, she opened and close her mouth several time not sure what to say.

“Brother, I have not given you money.”

She trotted two steps forward, took all the money out of her pocket and stuffed it into his hand. After that she took a stepped back and muttered and stammering said.

“The… that’s the money for the milk tea… also.. thank you for buying this.. and thank you for singing for me.”

Cen Feng looked at the several hundred yuan bills in his hand, and bewilderedly looked at the girl opposite to him, finally a smile could be seen on his face.

The smile was very shallow and so fleeting but Xu Zhixing saw the familiar warmth in it, making her momentarily stunned.

Cen Feng folded the money, and came closer to Xu Zhixing. He put back the money into Xu Zhixing hands, who was still in dazed.

“No need, go back.”

He turned around and took a step forward, Xu Zhixing bit her tongue and reminded herself not to lose herself again. She dragged her schoolbag to follow him.

“My family lives near here, very close! How about brother do you live near here? Will you come here again to sing?”

Cen Feng looked ahead, into the night of darkness.


Cen Feng’s legs were long and his steps were big, so Xu Zhixing has to jog to keep up with him.

“Brother, are you a wandering singer? Or you only here to sing? Will you go to other place to sing?”

Cen Feng footsteps suddenly stop. Xu Zhixing almost hitting his back, she stepped back and looked at him carefully.

He was still not impatient but his expression was still cold, reflected in his eyes were hidden dark secrets of the night that shouldn’t belong someone at his age.

He said again.

“Go back.”

After saying that he turned back and crossed the road, this time Xu Zhixing did not follow him.

She watched his thin and cold back disappear into the night, holding the hot milk tea that gradually lost it temperature in her hand, and slowly squatted down.

It was only at this moment that her brain was finally able to function normally.

Only then she could think why Cen Feng now was different from the person she once knew before.

It was because, Cen Feng who later debuted, took the warm and bright personality given by the company to cover up all the pain and scars and only allowed to see the good side.

Seeing that he was always smiling, I thought he loved to laugh.

But seeing that he treats people gently, he must still think the worlds treated him gently too.

In fact, even before there were already many loopholes on Cen Feng’s persona.

The darkness that was revealed was just the tip of the iceberg, and no one could related to what he went through.

Xu Zhixing squatted on the ground for a long time, and finally looked up in the direction he left.

There was nothing wrong with that.

This kind of Cen Feng is also very good.

There was nothing she could do about what has happened, but the future, surely would definitely be in her hands.

Xu Zhixing stood up with her numb legs and went back to the hotel with the milk tea still in her hands.

The next day, she got up early in the morning and went to wait outside the dormitory. She wanted to see him again secretly, but didn’t even Cen Feng’s shadow until noon.


She had to take a taxi to the airport.

Before leaving she found an express store and packed the cup of milk tea that Chen Feng bought for, to bring it back home.

After the airport check, Xu Zhixing called Cheng You, and asked about her family. When Cheng You hear that she was on the plane back to S city, she was immediately relieved.

“I didn’t let the cat out of the bag yet. Last night after I arrived home, I told my mom you already went home, luckily your mother did not call to ask for you. Everything is all according to plan.”

 After saying narrating everything excitedly, Cheng You asked.

“Star Chaser, how about you? Did you see Chen Feng? How was is, did you guys went out and play?”

Xu Zhixing smiled.

“I met him, and he played the guitar for me.”

Cheng You fussed and squealed.

“Wow! I’m happy for you! He can even play a guitar, he must be really handsome!”

After chatting for a few more minutes before boarding the plane, Xu Zhixing hung up the phone.

She then started catching up on her homework after getting on the plane and finally finished her weekend homework when she arrived in S city.

The next day, the cup of milk tea that she expressed from B city also arrived.

Xu Zhixing happily put the milk tea and straw on her cupboard beside her bed and would looked at it every day.

Every morning when she got up and every night before going to bed, she would never forget to touched it.

Just by thinking that it was the milk tea that her idol bought for her, her heart simply melt.

However, within two days after returning home from school, the milk tea had disappeared.

Xu Zhixing hurriedly went to her mother, and asked.

“Mom, where’s the milk tea in my room?”

Mother Xu who was curled up on the sofa downstairs watching TV, when heard the question gave her an unhappy look.

“I haven’t ask you yet! Why do you have a stale milk tea on the bedside table? I’ve had diarrhea all day!”


My life is too hard ah.


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