Chapter 13

[Interaction of full body picture]

Before Fu Zhen could reply, the little sister who requested the draft sent another message,

[It’s better to be a bit violent, thank you jie (ω)]



Fu Zhen pressed his forehead, no matter what, work already delivered itself on his doorstep, and there is no way to decline it but as the original painter of “Shazou Chronicle” the vest on must be tightly worn and can’t be taken off.

[For the style, it’s the original right?]

[Preferably original]

Fu Zhen nodded, his current level is actually higher than that of many artist on the internet but this is his first order after all, so he dare not ask too much.

[Can you accept 200r?]

This is really the price of a cabbage, way back then his colored works were sold for four digits.

But Custard bun is not polite at all.

[Can it be cheaper]

Fu Zhen sighed, this custard bun is his first customer, if it ask for a cheaper price then cheaper it is.

[150, it can’t be cheaper]


Custard bun was very happy with the deal, after the two people decided on some details, custard immediately transfer 50 yuan to Fu Zhen through alipay as a deposit. Hearing the sound of the gold coin Fu Zhen swallowed,

I really want to eat maocai—forget it, dreaming is happier

Ending the deal with a happy thought, Fu Zhen slept well and woke up at four o’clock in the morning, he picked up the phone next to his pillow, without thinking anything he dazedly opened his weibo and log in directly to “Shazou Chronicle” official account, after typing the correct password the phone went blank all of a sudden. Taken aback Fu Zhen was now fully awake.

Thinking that the phone maybe broken, he was about to shut it down and restart it when the screen returned to normal.

Probably because he received too many news in the past two years, and his phone has not been change and his weibo has need been updated for a long time, so there has been a lag time.

After a while, the phone was used to it, many people greeted him, Fu Zhen clicked on the message and found that there were tens of thousands of private messages, more than 700,00 comments and some likes, @, and mentions. This has stuck him for two minutes.

Opening his weibo homepage and looked at every weibo that he had posted before, he didn’t notice the smile plastered on his face, every words on it evoke a pleasant memory.

Finally he clicked on the last weibo posted on his official account, there were lot of comments under this post, he did not even remember how much number below showed when he logged in last time but now the comments below showed that—683,000.

The first of the following popular comments are: If Shazou Chronicle can be updated again, The Sand Sculpture Reappers, Xinnan is willing to donate a number of girlfriends, and Be Single for Life.

Fu Zhen couldn’t help but laugh and then slid down to read other comments but in the process of sliding the screen his hand slid thumbs up for the comment, but Fu Zhen didn’t care too much, anyway, two years ago as an official account he often slipped his hands.

After reading a few comments he felt sleepy again, Fu Zhen threw the phone aside and fell asleep again.

Thinking that this like thumbs up is not a not a big deal but fan of Shazou Chronicle this is like a long drought finally visited by the rain.

Since the update of Shazou Chronicle has been stopped and there has been no news fans once cried day and night for an explanation on the official weibo, as a result, the Sand Sculpture seemed to be dead and they were stingy with the explanation, fans thought that the studio has close down.

Even if the bastard boss ran away with his sister-in-law you should sing rap* to let us know that you were still alive.

(TL: asking for explanation)






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