Chapter 12

Fu Zhen returned to his small room, the computer and tablet he bought were from the same city so they were shipped quickly, and was delivered to the mail box downstairs this afternoon.

He took out the box, carefully carried it back to the rental room and unpacked the package. He hadn’t been so happy for a long time, looking at the meituan* icon on the phone he wanted to eat maocai* but remembering his deducted wage during the day he suddenly lost his appetite.

(TL: *meituan is a company like amazon, *maocai- stew like dish with variety vegetable as well as meat)

After Fu Zhen connected the graphic tablet to the computer, he tried the functions and felt that everything is working fine, then once again tried flash* but looking at the result, it was not enough, as long as the number of frames increases the computer will not be able to carry it.

After thinking for a while Fu Zhen planned to make some draft first before officially updating “Shazou Chronicle” and save another sum of money for a better computer.

If he wants to receive an offer he needs to be enthusiastic, generally speaking, new artist draw some popular novel games or fan pictures of film and television dramas online to attract fans.

After gathering a wave of fans, someone will naturally come to him to ask for a draft though it will take some time to gather those fans. In other cases when the painter is particularly good, once the picture comes out it can make all the fans buy the picture or request something, and with payment.

Fu Zhen hasn’t touch a pen for a long time, if these was two years ago, he still has the confidence that he can make a blockbuster and become a big player in the circle but now–looking at his pinkish palm that was scraped this morning he shakes his head and gave a wry smile.

But no matter what, now that he has made up his mind, he must do well. The two years that passed, his level has not dropped too much, looking at the draft he just drew, Fu Zhen nodded his head with satisfaction. If he is more diligent he should be able to return the state he was two years ago in a month.

Putting down the pen Fu Zhen stood up and rubbed his shoulders, then browsed the sketches on Weibo and compare them with the line drafts he drew just now. His current level should be able to draft more.

Just do it, encouraging himself, Fu Zhen immediately reapplied for a weibo account. When ask for a nickname he hesitated for a while and somehow Jiang Hengshu’s name suddenly appeared his mind.

When the world sees my constant tune, they all sneer when they hear the words.

He didn’t know where Jiang Hengshu’s name came from but he remembered this poem from Li Bai’s “Shang Yong”. One of the most famous sentence is that the Dapeng* rises with the same wind in one day, soaring for ninety thousand miles.

(TL: *legendary big bird)

Fu Zhen entered the input box back and forth several times and finally determined the name Jian Wen.

He took one word before and after the two words Hengshu in the poem and changed it into a homophonic character. Making sure that it will not be too obvious.

In fact Fu Zhen had two weibo accounts two years ago, one was his own and the other one was the official account of “Shazou Chronicle”, however his own account was blocked after being driven out from the Fu’s, and if the official account of the “Shazou Chronicle” posted a crude draft advertisement he would be laugh at. He still can’t use it for the time being.

After applying for a new weibo account, Fu Zhen also took picture of the sketches drawn in his free time in the past two years, uploaded them to the weibo album and finally posted the weibo.

“Transparent Artist Rehabilitation- cabbage price, also welcomes draft”*

(TL: * was the title of the page Fu Zhen created)

He intends to release the advertisement first, it is best if he can receive an offer but if he fails to receive it he will wait two days before he draw a new picture and uploads it to his new weibo account so that he at least attract one or two fans.

However at his current speed it take three to four days to paint a full color with a single-person vertical painting. It is easier to draw a portrait and is much simpler in terms of color, light and shadow, even more he needs to draw a human body and drawing ahead of time is a waste of time.

Fu Zhen retired from weibo, and he continued watching “Shazou Chronicle” while drawing picture, his hands kept on working until late at night.

After Fu Zhen retreated, he casually open his weibo account and take another look and saw that there was no one who viewed or posted anything in response.

Looking at the example picture he uploaded in the album most of them were sketches and not very detailed. At first glance they don’t seem very attractive, if only the speed of his computer could be faster and it should be done the day after tomorrow.

The original artist is now drawing a fan art of his own work, now that he thinks about it, it’s a bit miserable.

When he was about to put away his mobile phone and go to bed, he suddenly notice a small red dot on his message, he clicked on it and didn’t expect someone to ask him for a draft today.

[Are all the picture in the album drawn by jie*? Can jie* draw on board?]

(TL: *older sister)

Fu Zhen quickly responded.

[Yes, sure]

[Then can you tell me the price?]

[What do you want? Portrait? Vertical painting or color insert?]

[Maybe all of it? Can jie do it?]

[What doujin]

[Shazou Chronicle]

Fu Zhen never thought that there is such a coincidence, his first business would be a fellow of “Shazou Chronicle”, a fan of the original work…How can he say that he is the original artist of “Shazou Chronicle”, even if had neglected practicing he still wants to draw—Fu Zhen once again appreciated the semi-finished works on his computer and responded happily.

[Accepted, whose]

[Jiejie, look at my nickname]

Custard bun?

Fu Zhen blinked and made sure he was not mistaken, although he had not been in contact with the fandom of “Shazou Chronicle” for a long time, he could barely remember that the custard cp* refers to Zhu Naiyou and Huang Lie, in the original work. The two people in the story are rivals in love, though he thought that he might also want to draw a cp picture but never thought that the cp in his first work would be two men.

(TL: internet slang for couple)






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