The Entertainment Circle is Mine Chapter 93

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Chapter 93

Originally, the ID girls were the only ones shouting the nine members as their names floated on the big screen making the venue chaotic, except for Cen Feng’s name which could barely be heard clearly, the rest were all clamorous.

Later, a group of fans started shouting InDream. Hearing this, everyone had the same thought since their idol’s couldn’t hear their name even if they shout really loud, they could just call their group name for them to be heard, forget it, shouting the group’s name was also important.

So one by one, they joined the chant and become one voice, shouting, “InDream” which resounded throughout the audience neatly and uniformly especially after the performance started, the fans sang “Towards the Sun” along, and the scene was more than spectacular.

Chenxing resources were readily provided, and there was no ambiguity in supervision and training. The ID team rehearsed day and night, making the scene no different from that in the MV, and this also made their stage presence very stable, detonating the entire scene.

This was ID group’s first stage since their debut, it was also the first time for other artists and fans on the scene to see this.

It was also at this time that they realized why this group became so popular.

Indeed, strength speaks for everything.

Especially the C-position, this young man who dominated the popular list overnight, when he stepped on stage, they could no longer take their eyes off him.

Xu Zhaixing held up the light sign and yelled until her throat croaked, unfortunately, their performance lasted only for a while, and it felt like her idol had left the stage in a blink of an eye.

Meanwhile, the row of kites in the back was all wailing, “Ahhhhh, was it really already five minutes? Why does it feel like only thirty seconds?! Isn’t it too little? I haven’t seen enough of it! I didn’t even remember what my baby was wearing today!!”

Xu Zhaixing: Yes! Too little! Individual singing must be arranged!

Fortunately, ID did not leave immediately after their performance they were taken to the guest seat by the organizer. A row of nine people sat quietly and politely greeted the surrounding artists and seniors.

The ID girl’s gaze has never been seen on the stage again, as they were all busy looking at their idols, and although most of them could only see the back of their heads, they were already very happy.

Xu Zhaixing was also looking at Cen Feng’s back, he was sitting in the middle in an elegant and graceful posture, with an indifferent temperament. He was completely different from his teammates who were moving around and whispering to each other.

While the idols sat below, fans watched them from their seats.

And this continued until the end of the awards ceremony, soon the guests as well as the audience gradually left. Xu Zhaixing turned off the light sing and was about to walk out when she received a call from one of her little sisters, “Ruo Ruo. We are waiting for you at the ticket gate, do you want to go eat late-night snacks?”

Xu Zhaixing regretfully refused, “I still have something to do, I will go with you next time.”

After hanging up the phone she left through the security passage and turned to the staff entrance, and just as she reached the entrance, she was stopped by the security guard, “Fans are not allowed here.”

The light signboard was too big to fit in any bag so she could only hold it, not to mention the ribbon on her head and the badge on her chest were all telling she was a fan.

Xu Zhaixing didn’t make things difficult for the security guard she stood outside and smiled, “I’m not going in, I’ll just wait for someone here.”

She called You Tao ahead of time and asked her to pick her up. Seeing her standing at the entrance, the security guard didn’t say anything else and stood back again.

Not a minute later, a staff member came from nowhere and yelled at her from a distance, “Fans are not allowed to come here, hurry up and go!”

When he got near, Xu Zhaixing patiently explained to him again, “I won’t go in, I’m waiting for someone here.”

The staff member looked at her with contempt and disgust, “What’s the difference between you, fans and flies? Taking advantage of every chance you get to get closer to a celebrity! Is this a place where the likes of you can come? Hurry up and go! Security, what are you doing! Letting this brainless fan pester here?”

The polite smile on Xu Zhaixing’s face instantly disappeared and was replaced with a frosty cold look, “Who are you calling a fly? Who are you calling brainless fan?”

The staff arrogantly replied, “You! Who else? Whose fan are you anyways? You are so unruly and dare to interfere with our work.” He then saw the light signboard in her hand, “Cen Feng? Hehe, it’s only these small stars who have such brainless dead fans like you…”

Before he could finish his sentence, Xu Zhaixing kicked his calf.

The other party screamed and knelt down directly.

Several security guards around the area were shocked and all rushed over to surround Xu Zhaixing, while the man screamed and yelled. “This brainless idiot is beating people up! Arrest her! I want to call the police!”

Xu Zaixing’s face was expressionless as she shouted coldly at the security guards surrounding her, “Get out of my way!”

She usually has a gentle temper and doesn’t get angry easily like a harmless little sweet girl, after so many years in a high position her temperament has been cultivated but at this moment the air around her suddenly changes causing several security guards to subconsciously retreat.

With such a big commotion, the person in charge of the field control notices and quickly ran over, “What’s going on? What’s all this noise?”

The staff member who was still sitting on the ground with his calf in his arms put away his previous arrogance and cried bitterly, “Team leader, this fan wants to fish in troubled waters to find her idol. I stopped her from entering, but she instead hit me and kicked my leg off.”

The field control team leader frowned and looked at the girl opposite, but before she could speak, she heard her sneer and said, “Your character is not good. Your ability to tell lies with your eyes open is excellent. You are employed by the organizer of the music awards and earn money from artists and fans, but it seems that you only know how to talk big and look down on those artists that are paying you. Why, just because you are not pursuing a star, you think you’re noble? Who gave you the right to be arrogant and point your finger at? Are you worthy?!”

The staff trembled with anger from what Xu Zhaixing had said, “Team leader, look… look, she’s too arrogant, fans now are so brainless and are too arrogant!”

The team leader was someone who has seen the world before and noticed the unusual temperament of the girl opposite. Hearing her speak clearly, she didn’t dare to draw conclusions directly. Frowning, she asked the security guard next to her. “What happened?”

The security guard looked left and right, not knowing what to say when You Tao trotted over from the inside and saw Xu Zhaixing being surrounded by people. She hurried over to her side and asked her. “Young Miss, what’s the matter?”

You Tao was wearing a staff ID, seeing this the security guard then realized that Xu Zhaixing did tell him that she was waiting for someone, so he instantly understood, and since he was an upright person, he dares not speak nonsense and just recount what happened just now.

The team leader frowned as she listened and glances at the staff sitting on the ground with dodgy eyes, she then turned and apologized to Xu Zhaixing, “I’m sorry, our staff made a little mistake, but you hitting people is not right…”

You Tao immediately sneered. “I’m sorry to interrupt, but your staff wantonly insulted our General Manager Xu and maliciously distorted the facts to slander our young miss. On behalf of Chenxing, I retain the right to sue your organizer.”

The team leader was immediately confused, “What General Manager Xu?” She looked at Xu Zhaixing hesitantly and inwardly had a bad feeling. “This is…”

You Tao said coldly, “This is General Manager Xu of Chenxing.”

The team leader broke out in a cold sweat.

Xu Zhaixing glanced at the rogue who was still sitting on the ground but was already frightened, she told You Tao in a low voice, “The security guard can testify, I’ll leave it to you.’”

You Tao nodded and whispered, “The lounge is in 1102, and they are still being interviewed in the media area.”

Xu Zhaixing made an ok gesture before she went in holding the signboard.

Wu Zhiyun arranged a media interview for the ID group. Xu Zhaixing went straight to the lounge, sat down on the sofa, put the light sign aside, and started to watch tonight’s (food) video as if nothing happened.

Many websites have started to publish pictures and Xu Zhaixing saved the original pictures while squealing silently.

The entry #InDream awards ceremony# was also on the hot search, all nine members of her family were on the page, direct shots were all beautifully taken, and were all praised by the passers-by.

The little sisters in the fan group were each sharing beautiful pictures they’d taken, and Xu Zhaixing also sent in a few pictures she had taken with her phone.

——Ruo Ruo: My picture is too blurred; I feel like I need to take further study in photography

——A Feng’s mother: Cannons are too difficult to carry. I think we just need to send someone around. Let’s leave the shooting to the websites!

——Xiao Qi: Ruo Ruo do you still have those banner? I came late and didn’t get it!

——Ruo Ruo: No, I’ll save it for you in advance next time

——Xiao Qi: Cry, Ruo Ruo is really good, hug and kiss. I haven’t seen you today but I heard A’Hua say you’re super beautiful!

——Ruo Ruo:/shy

——A’Hua: I can say that Ruo Ruo has raised the overall beauty level of the feng circle.

——Ruo Ruo: Sister is so serious… but it’s not like that

——Qingqing: I don’t know why. I always feel that you look a bit familiar, but I can’t remember where I’ve met you before.

——Xiao Qi: I guess pretty people are almost the same

Xu Zhaixing usually keeps a low profile and never posts selfies on Weibo, nor did fans specifically watch the broadcast of her winning an award that year, and only saw a few photos of the competition when checking her profile.

Also at that time, she was only fifteen years old, small, and well-behaved with baby fat on her face which was quite different now.

So, she was just someone they think were familiar with, but they never think that she was her, though Xu Zhaixing was not really worried if the cat gets out of the bag. After all the laughing and giggling in the group chat, the ID group came back after the interview.

She hurriedly exited the group chat, and when eight people came in and saw her there, they all greeted her cheerfully: “Teacher Xiao Xu is here.”

She had already taken off all the accessories she has in advance so everyone didn’t know that she was there to support her idol. Only Cen Feng looked at the signboard down on the sofa, showing a complicated expression.

Taking advantage of the break to chat, Xu Zhaixing sneaked up to her idol’s side and asked with suppressed excitement, “Brother, did you see the support we gave you?”

Cen Feng: “… I saw it.” He paused, but couldn’t help but ask, “That signboard…”

Xu Zhaixing was excited with a face seeking praise. “Very bright, right? Officially customized! Aren’t we super awesome?”

Cen Feng: “…en, it’s great.”


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