The Entertainment Circle is Mine Chapter 88

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Chapter 88

At ten o’clock in the morning, the nine members of InDream’s posted a blog together and their Weibo ID and certification officially renamed to “InDream-XX”.

Since the creation of Cen Feng’s account, he has not posted a single Weibo which was why fans could never get any more information about him. However, at this moment, the first Weibo history finally appeared on his homepage:

——@InDream – Cen Feng: Hello, this is InDream’s, Cen Feng. Please take good care of me.

The nine-member group all followed this pattern igniting their soul as one making the fans scream in excitement, and soon all Weibo of the nine members became popular.

Especially Cen Feng’s first Weibo post, the kites cried with joy and formally greeted him in comments like a ceremony:

——Hello, this is your fan Dorali. Please take good care of me.

——Hello, here is your fan Ruoro, please take good care of me.

——Hello, here is your fan who takes dreams as horses. Please take good care of me.

——Hello, this is your fan Fusheng. Please take good care of me.



In a neat format, each post has attracted more than hundreds of thousands of comments and was forwarded, ranking first on the top hot list. The trending searches and topics #InDreams, please take good care of me# also made it to the top three hot searches lists.

It was by no means just talking about being top-notch when debuting.

This gust of wind was raging, overwhelming the entire network, and this was just the beginning.

Meanwhile in the villa, after these nine people cleaned up their rooms, the agent in charge of them arrived. It took a lot of Xu Zhaixing’s brain cells to choose an agent for the group and finally choose Zhao Jinjin’s manager, Wu Zhiyun.

One reason was that she was most familiar with Wu Zhiyun among the agents in the company and she was also confident in his business ability. The second reason was that Zhao Jinjin was now standing at the top of the circle, and her fame and status were all stable, so she doesn’t need an agent to take care of her.

Wu Zhiyun has a different idea, being in charge of a group was much more exhausting than managing a solo artist, also only three members were originally from their company, and to be honest, he doesn’t really want to take the job

If it weren’t for Xu Zhaixing calling him “Uncle Yun, Uncle Yun” requesting him for two days, Wu Zhiyun would not have agreed.

But since he had already agreed to do so, he would naturally go all out.

After meeting and greeting the nine members, he took a special look at the C position that was specifically mentioned by the eldest miss that he needs to take extra care of and only after seeing him with his own eyes did he realize what rare appearance and temperament he was.

The last bit of reluctance in Wu Zhiyun’s heart disappeared thinking he would be able to bring such an artist with the potential to become popular.

He asked kindly, “How do you like it here? If you need anything else, you can tell the assistant directly.”

Everyone said yes in unison.

After giving a few words about their next activity, Wu Zhiyun got to the point: “The company has prepared the first group single for you, take a day off today, start rehearsing officially tomorrow, and try to finish recording within half a month.”

Hearing him say this, the group didn’t expect that they could record a song making them a little surprised.

Wu Zhiyun also gives them their itinerary: “This is your respective schedule, most of which are group schedules. There are several announcements and variety show to attend. The solo schedule is also written out, so everyone should arrange the time reasonably.”

Shi Ran glanced at Cen Feng’s schedule and said, “Brother Feng, why is your schedule so tight?”

Wu Zhiyun smiled: “Tight for those who can do more work. By the way, Cen Feng.” He rummaged in the file bag again for a while and took out a document: “This is the endorsement for you, come, let me tell you about it.”

His members were stunned: “An endorsement so soon?”

Wu Zhiyun smiled, “Don’t underestimate the popularity of the C position.”

Cen Feng followed him to the dining table and sat down. Wu Zhiyun put the endorsement contract in front of him and explained it to him clause by clause.

Actually, he also doesn’t understand this himself.

But all these were explained by Xu Zhaixing so that Wu Zhiyun could explain the content of the endorsement in detail to Cen Feng, and if Cen Feng was not satisfied at all they could decline the contract.

This endorsement was quite satisfactory, it was an endorsement of high-end mineral water in the beverage category and would take a high-end route, this would be sold in all major stores across the country but still not falling from its class.

It was the first endorsement that Xu Zhaixing selected after sweeping through all comparisons making sure it was most suitable for her idol.

After the contract passed her level, it was actually unimaginable to have any more problems, but this does not stop her from worrying whether her idol would be satisfied or not, so Wu Zhiyun must ask him for his opinion.

Wu Zhiyuan turned to the last page and asked, “What do you think? Let’s take it if you like it. It doesn’t matter if you don’t like it, just change it.”

Cen Feng: “?”

How much more to choose from?

Sensing his doubts, Wu Zhiyun smiled, “The company has shown 200% sincerity to you, so don’t worry.”

Cen Feng was silent for a moment before he took the pen on the table and signed his name.

Wu Zhiyun clapped his hands and put the documents away, “Okay, take a break today, start rehearsing songs tomorrow, and I’ll pick you up at the weekend to shoot the endorsement commercials.”

Everyone then said goodbye to him: “Goodbye Brother Wu.”

Once Wu Zhiyun was infected by their collagen-filled youthfulness, he felt a few years younger himself, and very coolly waved back at them, “Jiayou, I’ll try to get endorsements for all of you.”

Everyone cheered in unison.

After Wu Zhiyun left, several other assistants also left with him, leaving only You Tao, the chief assistant, and another male assistant. Although everyone had just formed a group, they had already been together in the training camp for more than three months so they were familiar with each other.

Needless to say, room 302 and Ying Xuze, Jing Xiangbai, and Cen Feng have gotten closer after recording “The Guest” together. The other two members were Chenxing’s K-nights together with Ying Xuze who was the former captain so of course, they would follow Ying Xuze’s lead.

Fu Xing, although arrogant but was amiable while Bian Qi acts with propriety, these two don’t act willfully nor make trouble so they don’t have any conflict with the rest of the group and got along just fine.

Shi Ran immediately proposed excitedly, “Let’s cook hot pot for the first meal in our new home!”

Ying Xuze and Jing Xiangbai very tacitly agreed, “Permission granted.”

Shi Ran: “?”

Everyone has no objection to eating hot pot, but they were all artists now, and have just debuted which means they were in the limelight, surely they would be surrounded by crowds if they went outside. So of course, You Tao certainly couldn’t let them casually show up, instead, she had them write down what they want to eat with their mobile phones, and she would go out with male assistants to buy them.

The members were then assigned tasks, some went to cook while others were assigned to fry and others were to pick vegetables, that afternoon the nine members cook their hot pot.

They eat and drink enough before resting for the night and start working officially the next day.

While the ID group was rehearsing the first single, the customize dress-up game “Idol Feng Around the World “, promised by Chenxing to the C-position was finally launched in the major APP store.

The kites almost died laughing at the name, they were all discussing which ghost choose the name and why it had such a mother powder vibe.

After having a good laugh, the game interface was now loading. It was just after an hour after they released the game but it has now exceeded a hundred thousand downloads.

This simple customized dress-up game memory doesn’t need a large memory space but this doesn’t affect nor lessen the quality of the game, in fact, the scenes and characters were made delicately. Once the interface loads up a handsome and cute anime boy came out of the dark screen wearing a simple black sweater and sweatpants.

Fans immediately recognized that this outfit was what Cen Feng wore when he first appeared on the Teen Idol stage.

The company was paying attention!!!

A beam of pale white light hit the young man’s indifferent expression while walking, there was no bgm and only the sound of the lonely footsteps could be heard.

A few seconds later, the darkness lit up with a few oranges’ glows.

The young man’s steps slowed down.

From afar, cheers that could not be heard clearly began to appear in the bgm, and the orange light replaced the darkness inch by inch.

The young man in the picture stops.

The sound of footsteps disappeared and was replaced by the sound of cheers one after another. He looked around and heard them shouting, “Cen Feng, we love you!”

Then there was a loud bang and the orange light burst and entered the main interface of the game. The young man in sweatpants smiled and stood in the center of the stage, saying to them, “Welcome to my world.”


We just want to play a little dress-up game!

Chenxing staff???

Why does this have to abuse us?

Do tears cost nothing?

The kites all cried their eyes out because of this opening animation, not to mention Cen Feng’s image in the game was more anime style, it was cute and handsome. They haven’t started playing the game yet but it had already attracted many fans, especially a group of mother fans.

The main interface of the game has the login method, the main creative team, the record number, and other information. After logging in, they could finally start the journey of dressing up their idol.

The clothing pool was very rich, with everything from clothing to accessories to shoes. Besides that, kites could also unlock the mysterious clothing box after entering their Weibo ID, which contains all of Cen Feng’s performance stage costumes during “Teen Idol”.

The kites were worried about the costumes at first, that most of the fans were just thinking of downloading the APP to support their idol and wouldn’t play it all.

But as it turned out, looking at it now, it was simply moving a three-dimensional image into a two-dimensional one. Some of the fans even compared the costumes in the game with the high-definition pictures on the website and found out that they were exactly the same, even little details like the diamond were also there!

The kites were awestruck.

They all declare that for this sincerity, they would play this game!!!

Everyone happily dressed up the smiling young man standing on the stage in the interface.

Near the end of the night, a big fan in the super talk suddenly sent out a post.

–@MayChase: Crap! Look what I found in the main game interface of the main creative team?! Costume designer: Xu Zhaixing. Damn, do you know who this is? The designer of China’s top luxury clothing brand “Chanjuan” ah! Damn my brother is really popular! The country’s top designers personally design the game! No wonder the game clothing is so exquisite, I really knelt down, Chenxing is awesome, my brother is awesome!

The accompanying picture was a screenshot of the main interface of the game, the original small font was enlarged, and [costume designer: Xu Zhaixing] was in the column of the main creative team.

The name Xu Zhaixing was not well-known in the entertainment industry, after all, there was still a gap between the fashion and entertainment industries, not to mention she was low-key, so even they were many people who know Chanjuan only a few knew about “Xu Zhaixing”.

After all, it was normal to have heard of a brand, yet few people pay attention to who the designer behind the brand was.

The kites have basically never heard of the name ‘Xu Zhaixing, but Chanjuan was a different matter!

The Chinese-style dress brand that every major actress must wear on the red carpet was often seen in the entertainment gossip marketing account all saying that whoever was wearing Chanjuan’s Constellation series on a red carpet would overwhelm the whole surrounding.

Kites who don’t know much about the fashion world have gone to do their homework and returned from their homework with the following collective complete surprise.

[I’m convinced that Xu Zhaixing is the youngest designer ever to win the Paris Fashion Design Competition, people, she’s fifteen years old / kneeling]

[Crap, Chanjuan is not only the top luxury brand in China but also backed by Fei Lao. A newcomer to the international fashion world]

[The designer of such a high-luxury brand should be very proud, right? How in the end did Chenxing convince her to condescend to design a small game?]

[After checking, zjj broke into the fashion industry in one fell swoop by relying on Chanjuan. It is also because of Chanjuan’s fashion shows that she became popular, and it seems that the two have a good relationship]

[My son is Chenxing’s son, it’s not wrong to ask such a boss to design a game costume for my son.]

[Silently give my brother a mouthful of beauty…]

[Crap, it’s Chanjuan show. Does Nimeng know how many models are competing for the number Chanjuan’s show every time?]

[Chanjuan is too daring to think about it… although the baby is really popular now, but we are at the level that should not be too ambitious]

[Don’t think about Chanjuan’s show. Don’t you forget that Chanjuan only produces women’s clothes? Do you want my brother to wear a dress!]

Xu Zhaixing who had been playing the game she had designed herself all day turned on Weibo and was about to save her game when notice the homepage and couldn’t help but cursed.

Crap? Why is my name on here???

She felt a shiver as she walked back and forth in her room.

Chanjuan produces men’s clothing?

She can.


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