Chapter 18

Yang Bo was an honest and hard-working person. People around him joke that it took Old Yang eight generations of fortune to marry such a good wife as He Bilian. She gave birth to a beautiful and clever daughter, a son with a strong and honest personality, and even manage a small company living a rich life.

He Bilian wasn’t an alluring nor a beautiful woman but she was very good at getting along with people making them feel relaxed and happy, which was probably the reason why she was able to have a long-lasting friendship with the Tang family.

Others may say this but in fact, they were jealous of Old Yang. His appearance was ordinary, his family background was ordinary, and his talents were nothing but ordinary. But because he married a good wife, his life began to go smoothly, and he surpassed many people at once.

After hearing a lot of other people’s remarks, Old Yang didn’t quite understand why He Bilian would marry him. He was introduced to her by someone on a blind day, and he felt that He Bilian made him feel very comfortable and relaxed, and the two soon talked about marriage.

Old Yang himself has a hidden illness, physiological, no, he dares not tell others but in the face of such a kind He Bilian, he was reluctant to her hurt her and finally told her the truth a few days before the wedding.

He had prepared to meet He Bilian’s humiliation and break off the marriage, but unexpectedly, He Bilian did not do what he expected her to. She was a little shocked at first but quickly accepted him. Old Yang still remembers that it was raining lightly that day, and He Bilian’s voice was very gentle, accompanied by the sound of the raindrops “drip drop” which was very pleasant to hear.

He Bilian took Old Yang’s hand and comforted him.

“This problem doesn’t matter. We can treat it slowly, there will be a cure. I love you because I love you and you are good to me. At most we do test tube babies, so we can still have children.”

At that time, Old Yang felt lucky for the first time and couldn’t believe what he had heard.

But everything in fact was exactly like what He Bilian said. Old Yang went to the hospital to take semen artificially, combined it with He Bilian’s eggs, and implanted it into He Bilian’s uterus. More than nine months later, Old Yang experienced the ecstasy of his first marriage.

He never expected to have children of his own, but now it has all come true, and this was brought to him by He Bilian.

He cherishes this small family very much. If this was a dream, he hopes never to wake up.

Old Yang, who had finished his ordinary day’s work, drove home and opened the door. He Bilian had already cooked a bright and delicious dinner and placed it on the dining table. She called him out with a smile on her face.

“You’re back? Come here and eat. Sirui, go and call your sister to come for dinner!”

The whole family sat around the table happily. He Bilian answered a phone call halfway.

When He Bilian sat back down at the table, Yang Siyu casually asked, “Mom, who is it?”

He Bilian’s eyes reflected the light of the dining hall: “My friend called me to go for a SPA.”

Old Yang’s chopsticks stopped.

Yang Siyu wondered, “What kind of SPA are you doing in the evening?”

“You don’t understand. After SPA at night, you can sleep directly, that way your skin can be maintained better.”

“Then I’ll go too.”

He Bilian smiled: “Where do young people need such tender skin? Only old women like us need to do it.”

Yang Siyu filled another bowl of soup and said, “I’ll just say it casually. Every time I’m with my mother’s friends, they urge me to find a boyfriend. I’m getting annoyed.”

He Bilian: “Those aunties said it for your own good. By the way, did you see anyone at Xinyu’s engagement banquet that day? I’ll go tell Sirui’s godmother and let her introduce you.”

Yang Siyu pouted as she inserted the chopstick into the rice bowl.

“Mom, you saw the situation that day. When such a big thing happened, who has the heart to look for someone?”

He Bilian slowed down the speed of ladling soup and stopped for a moment: “It’s okay, there will be opportunities in the future, and then look carefully.”

After dinner, Old Yang was responsible for washing the dishes. He stood by the kitchen window and watched He Bilian’s car downstairs leave the community, he stared for a long time before pulling up the curtains.

Early the next morning, Yang Siyu stretched out and came to the kitchen, greeted briskly.

“Good morning, Mom! What time did you come back last night?”

He Bilian brought hot milk to the table, “It was a little late since we chatted for a while, and you were all asleep when I returned.”

Yang Siyu: “You guys really had a good talk, what kind of topic would you talk about every time?”

He Bilian laughed, “It’s all small talk! By the way, where do you want to go for your graduation internship?”

Yang Siyu gripped a slice of toast and said warmly, “I haven’t thought about it yet. I’ll check first which has less work and a big salary.”

“Hey, you’re as wishful thinking is a good one.”

He Bilian nodded to her daughter, “Want to go to Mo’s?”

Yang Siyu’s eyes lit up when she heard “Mo’s” and she immediately cheered up and said.

“Mom, do you have a way? Of course, it’s good to be able to go to Mo’s. Many of my classmates want to go, but their resumes have been brushed off.”

He Bilian: “Isn’t there a rumor that Xin Xin is in love with Mo Shao? I’ll ask your Aunt Lin Tong another day to see if I can help you.”

Yang Siyu also saw seen the gossip and asked mysteriously.

“Mom, is the rumor true? I saw Mo Shao at the engagement dinner that day. He is so handsome it’s a pity that he is disabled.”

He Bilian tore off a piece of toast and said.

“When a woman gets married, she just wants to marry someone who can settle down and protect herself from the wind and rain. Happiness is earned by yourself. If you sit at home and wait for the happiness to roll over by, then it’s faster to dream.”

Yang Siyu rolled her eyes and said, “Is it just like my mother? Was it my mother who won my father?”

He Bilian’s fingertips trembled and looked at her beautiful daughter.

“Yes, our good life now is what your mother fought for herself back then.”

Yang Siyu was greatly encouraged: “Good, I’m going to the Mo’s. Apart from a disabled person, there are so many descendants with the surname Mo, then maybe we can see eye to eye.”

He Bilian smiled and responded, “Okay, I’ll ask your Aunt Lin Tong later.”

The top floor of Mo Group Building.

Mo Yifan pushed open the office that he had not stepped into for a long time, and walked to the desk with just a touch on his wheelchair, scanned his fingerprints, and the drawer in response.

Tang Xinyu was curious about what kind of pen would make Mo Yifan stubbornly ask to sign a contract. She stretched her neck and looked at it for a while before Mo Yifan took out an ordinary black pen from the drawer with a simple pattern embossed on the golden tip.

Mo Yifan saw that she wanted to see it so he handed it to her: “Take it to have a look.”

Tang Xinyu joked, “Will I damage its power if I touch it?”

Mo Yifan: “It’s just a pen.”

Tang Xinyu: “… I don’t know who insisted on signing with this pen yesterday.”

Mo Yifan paused: “The sense of ritual is important.”

Tang Xinyu returned the pen: “Oh, then hurry up and sign it with this ritualistic and important pen.”

Mo Yifan picked up his pen and put it down again: “I’d better go over the agreement again. Do you want to confirm it again?”

“I wrote the agreement myself. I have read it several times and can recite it.”

Tang Xinyu questioned, “You don’t want to go back now, do you?”

Mo Yifan stared at the agreement spread out in front of him with a somewhat strained expression.

Tang Xinyu couldn’t help being impatient. Yesterday, she boasted in front of her grandfather and uncles about keeping a promise and said to them that she would have Mo Yifan marry into their family but now that they were about to seal the deal, he was withdrawing, wouldn’t she embarrass herself if that happened?

“Hey, we had a good talk yesterday. You mustn’t back down now.” Tang Xinyu directly ripped open Mo Yifan’s palm, grabbed the pen, and put it in his hand.

“And it’s not like it’s a slavery contract, I’m a girl but I’m not as weak-hearted as you. What are you so aggrieved with looking like you are being forced to be a prostitute.”

Mo Yifan: “But, I want ……”

Tang Xinyu firmly covered Mo Yifan’s mouth with his hand: “No, you don’t want to!”

Mo Yifan whose mouth was covered quickly signs his name on the last page of the agreement. Just as his pen stopped, Tang Xinyu snatched it away, and then swishly signed her name.

Mo Yifan, who was sitting with his back facing Tang Xinyu, his eyes fell on the two names side-by-side, the corners of his lips slightly hooked, his eyes showing the light of bloodthirsty excitement like a vicious wolf.

“Don’t move, Mo Yifan!”

Tang Xingyu suddenly shouted.

Mo Yifan went back to his usual expression, leaving only the frail appearance of a man who was sitting in a wheelchair for a long time.

Tang Xinyu stepped up to Mo Yifan, took away an agreement on the table, walked further before folding it carefully, and put it in her bag.

Mo Yifan pinched the bridge of his nose: “You’re still afraid I’ll tear up the agreement.”

Tang Xinyu nodded unabashedly: “Just being cautious. Each person holds one copy and keeps it separately.” Tang Xinyu decided to put it in her personal safe.

Mo Yifan looks at the way she was protecting the contract like she was protecting her calf, and like a little squirrel hiding pine nuts for the winter, looking so clever and cute.

Tang Xinyu suddenly thought of something and said.

“My mother got a call from He Bilian this morning to arrange for Yang Siyu to work in Mo’s. You’d better stay away from her.”

Mo Yifan habitually rubbed his thumb, and his eyes seemed to have a playful smile: “As soon as the agreement was signed, you began to perform your wife’s rights immediately?”

Tang Xinyu’s cheeks heated up, pretending not to hear Mo Yifan’s words, and emphasized again, “A straw beauty who wants to catch a golden turtle son-in-law, you just tell someone to keep an eye on her. I’m leaving.”

Mo Yifan watched Tang Xinyu his treasured darling keeps the bag safely that contained the agreement and take the elevator to leave.

Lin Vincent came in, “Mo Shao.”

Mo Yifan neatly put his agreement into the document bag and handed it to Lin Vincent: “Give it to lawyer Wu, the document density is the highest.”

“Instruct him to keep it well and not to lose it.” Mo Yifan uneasily added another sentence.

Lin Vincent’s mouth twitched: Mo Shao since you instructed them to put it on the highest level of security, of course, they will provide all kinds of surveillance and password locks.

Looking around Lin Vincent asked, “Mo Shao, do you need to call someone to clean the office?”

Mo Yifan raised his palm and gently brushed the bookcase, a thin layer of fine dust stained on the palm of his hand.

A few taps shook off the fine dust.

Mo Yifan touched the wheelchair and came to the floor-to-ceiling window. The towering Mo Group building casts its shadow on the office building across the street as if a behemoth monster attempting to swallow up its surrounding competitors. Countless ant-like pedestrians and vehicles flowed beneath their feet, no wonder so many in the Mo family couldn’t help but make secret moves.

Mo Yifan heard the long-lost blood sound of blood rushing in the blood vessels, which made his heart beat against the eardrums.

After a long time, Lin Vincent only heard Mo Yifan speak.

“It’s time to loosen up.”




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