Unspeakable 19


Chapter 19

Gu Yansheng changed several rounds of ice bags and towels for Shen Kanyu, he finally sweated in the middle of the night and his fever subsided. His breathing became swallow and stable, he no longer seemed to be out of breath like before but he was still afraid of the cold and was curled up in the quilt like a cooked shrimp.

Gu Yansheng wanted to give him a change of clothes, but there was no way to break the person away and he don’t know where he got the strength, he was obviously seemed like he was paralyzed and at the mercy of others and even after the fever has gone down, he was still not obedient.

He did not dare force him so he watched him until it was dawn. Seeing that that he didn’t burn up again, and since he was also too tire he went back to his bedroom and fell asleep.

When Gu Yansheng woke up, it was already 10 o’clock in the morning and he almost jumped up from the bed once he looked at the time on his phone.

He pushed open the door and saw his mother, Song Li feeding Gu Yutian in the living room. He turned and walked to Shen Kanyu’s bedroom and found that it was empty.

Why does this man run every time he wakes up? Where does he get the strength to run around?

Gu Yansheng immediately asked his mother, Song Li.

“Mom, did Shen Kanyu ask you to come? Where is he?”

Song Li froze.

“You scared me…he called me to come, the psycho said he was going out to buy fruit. It’s still early in the morning but he really wants to buy fruit and not taking care of his child, he must out in a wild now.”

“……he is not a psychopath.”

Gu Yansheng who had already reached the door to change his shoes, stopped the movement of his hands and said softly.

“He really wanted to go out to buy fruit.”

“According to the x-ray you have a contusion fracture on your ring finger of your left hand but its particularly serious, he rest of the fingers only has soft contusion. We’ll give you two weeks of immobilization treatment and stop using your left hand during that time, then come back for a follow up check up to see how it’s doing.”

The orthopedic surgeon said while frowning.

“Can you hear me? Why are you coughing like this?”

Shen Kanyu was wearing a mask and coughing all the time, he opened his mouth to respond to the doctor but his throat itched and began to cough again. He could only nod to show that he listened to it all.

The doctor sighed.

“You’re coughing so badly, why won’t you visit the clinic for a check up?”

Shen Kanyu shook his head and just smiled at the doctor through the mask then hurriedly left the consultation room. In a remote and quiet corner he took off the mask and plugged his lips with tissue and cough for a while.

The pain in the lung was terrible, there were blood stain on the tissue he was using. Shen Kanyu squatted down and pressed his chest, he was so uncomfortable that he couldn’t breathe.

He wanted to go for nebulization or some oxygen which should make him more comfortable but it was too expensive, the immobilization would cost him a lot of money and he was also running out of time and had a lot of things to do.

He finally went to the pharmacy and bought a bottle of cough syrup, unscrewed the lid and poured half of it down, feeling slightly better he then rushed to the supermarket to buy fruit.

The fruits at this time were the freshest, just been removed from the sealed box in a fridge. They were all cold and had hanging water droplets, Sheng Kanyu was so excited that his eyes were shining as he looked at these fruits. He wants to empty the whole fruit area.

The fruits that A’sheng and Tian Tian like were all picked. Shen Kanyu pushed the cart out of the crowd and looked at the people coming and going, either loving couples, parent with children and little girlfriends holding each other’s arms. Seeing this, he couldn’t help admiring.

It would be nice to go to the amusement park with A’sheng and Tian Tian once, and whatever they want he would buy them all. Maybe by then if they were happier they won’t hate so much.

If they don’t like him tagging along, it’s fine he could wait for them over at the cashier for them to choose something and he’ll just come over to pay.

He could do anything as long as they don’t hate him so much, but it seems to be impossible.

Shen Kanyu looked at the mangosteen in the cart, and couldn’t help but reach and gently poked them. He said with a hoarse smile.

“You guys have to be more competitive and be sweets, but not too mushy otherwise A’sheng and Tian Tian  won’t like it.”

A father and daughter passed by him at this time, the little girl blinked her big black grape eyes at Shen Kanyu and said curiously.

“Dad, what’s that uncle doing? Who is he talking to?”

The father picked up his daughter up and whispered.

“Don’t look at him, he must be crazy.”

Shen Kanyu withdrew his finger in embarrassment and silently pushed his shopping cart to the checkout.

Jiang Mo does not understand why Shen Kanyu choose to make an appointment in a large square with ventilation on all sides, at the very least they should choose a coffee shop.

Because it was a large space, he searched for a long time before he manage to find him. Wearing a mask and wide hoodie, he sat on a bench and waved to him with his eyes bent.

Jiang Mo walked towards him, arriving Shen Kanyu handed him a mangosteen and said in a hoarse voice.

“Here, this is for you to eat.”

Jiang Mo took the mangosteen, Shen Kanyu also handed him a lunch box.

“That is mushroom and beef rice I bought at the shuixiangkou, your favorite, eat it while it’s hot.”

Jiang Mo took the lunch box again before he sat down beside him.

“Do you have a cold?”

“Ah, yes, it’s almost healed but I’m still coughing. Sorry.”

Shen Kanyu moved aside, wearing a mask his cough were muffled. He continued,

“You have not eaten, right? Quickly eat some first. Do you know how to peel the mangosteen? If not I can help you.”

Jiang Mo was speechless but his fluent self-questioning and answering, he was silent for a moment and said.

“It’s all right, I’ll tell you about Li Kui directly. He really has nothing worth digging, he’s complete gangster and in addition to fighting and causing trouble there he is mixed with no one.”

Shen Kanyu leaned against the back of the chair, his body unconsciously slid down and struggled to support himself to sit up straight. After talking for a long time, Jiang Mo said it hoarse voice.

“Shouldn’t be ah?”

Jiang Mo gave him a look and continued,

“But he has an uncle named Xu Hai, who is the newly promoted investment director of Orange Sky Entertainment, you know him.”

Shen Kanyu barely sat up straight and coughed again.

“I know, Orange Sky is one of your company’s big moneymakers and I’ve even met with Xu Hai.”

“En, but very few people know that they are related. Because Xu hai does not treat this nephew very well, after all, he opened his mouth and asked him for a managerial position in Orange Sky.”

“Oh….that means,”

Shen Kanyu felt his brain blank out and tried to clear out his mind, and then continued his words after a long pause.

“Li Jui thought Xu Hai was his backer, but in reality is a fox exploiting a tiger’s might?”

“Hmm. At the moment, it seems that Xu Hai is simply too lazy to care about him but I will continue to investigate.”

Jiang Mo felt that he had explain the matter, he picked up the mangosteen that was place aside and crushed the shell with his bare hands.

Shen Kanyu has been coughing constantly making his voice more hoarse, but he continued to say.

“Orange Sky has always been the leader of investment in the game industry. If, cough, if possible orange sky wants to….inject capital into Canghaixiao, Li Kuai will make trouble in the middle of it…no one can guarantee that Xu Hai will be completely unaffected by him. I have to…”

Jiang Mo said somewhat speechlessly.

“You think too much and too far ahead, your brain hole is still as big as ever.”

Shen Kanyu lowered his head and was quiet for a moment, murmuring.

“I’m afraid he’ll bully A’sheng…”

His words were interrupted by the ringing sound of his phone. When he saw that the caller ID was his mother, he remembered an important thing he had forgotten today and hurriedly took the phone and walked to the side to answer it.

He was so dizzy and palpitating that he couldn’t stand up so he could only hold the tree and squat down to answer the phone but before he could call out to his mother, Li Qing spoke unhappily.

“Shen Kanyu, why aren’t you here yet? It’s already late.”

Shen Kanyu opened his mouth but the dry air choked into his throat. He moved his phone away, covered his mouth and began to cough again.

He could vaguely hear his mother’s voice getting impatient on the other side of the line, so he hurriedly took out the cough syrup from his pocket and drank it quickly to press the dry and painful astringency in his throat, and because his left hand could not be use properly he was afraid that the slipper syrup bottle would fall from his hand as his finger and were already very painful and stiff. But he could only grit his teeth and clench them like a baby, because he real;ly couldn’t say a word without the medicine.

When he put the phone back to his ear, he hear Li Qing say in a tone more than one could bear.

“Shen Kanyu, you can say it if you regret it, don’t play dumb.”


Shen Kanyu gasped with great difficulty.

“There are no regrets. Mom listen to me, I, I accidentally caught a cold yesterday. I’m afraid, im afraid if I do it at this time, the result will be inaccurate….”

Li Qing was so angry that she was silent for a few seconds before huffing.

“You know you’re getting a match today, why don’t you pay attention?!”

Her voice suddenly became sharp, Shen Kanyu’s heart couldn’t stand it. He was uncomfortable that he bit his lips in an instant, and close his eyes and swallowed the fishy sweetness.

“I’m sorry, mom, I didn’t mean to, but it was too cold yesterday…But I’m almost fine, I just went to the hospital for an injection and medicine and I’ll be fine soon. I’ll be there right away.”

Shen Kanyu’s voice was particularly mute and trembled intermittently sounding like he was crying, and Li Qing suddenly couldn’t bear to lose her temper with him again—mainly because she confirmed that he was regretting and only then did she ease her tone with reassurance.

“I know. I made you extra porridge today, do you want to come over to the hospital to drink?”

When Shen Kanyu heard his mother with such gently tone, made his eyes turned re. He raised his hand and rubbed his eyes carelessly, he opened his mouth to say something but no words could get out, so he just nodded and shook his head with the phone like a fool and did not know that he wanted to express.

“Shen Kanyu?”

Li Qing called him.

“En….thank you mom,”

Shen Kanyu said with a slight choking.

“I, I want to drink porridge…but I haven’t recovered from my cold, I’m afraid it will….infect. can you put it in a place and I’ll go…. there by myself.”

Li Qing said impatiently.

“What the trouble, drink it when you come.”

“Oh…en, mom sorry ah, did I waste the porridge…”

Shen Kanyu was afraid it would anger his mother, and added.

“You don’t have to cook it for me on purpose I can eat what you guys can’t finish.”


Li Qing responded stiffly.

Shen Kanyu suddenly felt particularly happy and couldn’t help but laugh twice, his voice was still hoarse and faint, but his tone was unconcealed joyful leap.

“Mom do you want to eat egg yolk pastry? I’ll buy you two big boxes of egg yolk pastry when I go over there, okay? The fresh and hot kind, especially delicious! Or if you want to eat something else, I’ll bring it to you!”

“….well, hang up first. Let’s wait until you come.”

Li Qing said and hung up the phone directly.

Shen Kanyu still said obediently to busy tone.

“Okay, bye mom.”

He hung up the phone, giggled while looking at the phone for a moment. He walked back to Jiang Mo and said,

“Jiang Mo….um—”

Jiang Mo stuffed a piece of mangosteen into his mouth.

“Talk to your mother on the phone?”


Shen Kanyu nodded with a smile and chewed the flesh of the mangosteen.

“This is so sweet, it’s delicious.”

“Very sweet?”

Jiang Mo ate a piece and thought he might have some misunderstanding about sweetness, this mangosteen was clearly lightly sour and not sweet at all.

“Have you never eaten anything sweet?”

“No, it’s very sweet you’re just too picky.”

Shen Kanyu giggled and said with eager eyes.

“Can you give me another piece?”

Jiang Mo broke another piece and fed it to him, helplessly saying.

“This was originally give me by you, eat as much as you want.”

“It’s really sweet and especially delicious.”

Shen Kanyu licked his lips and ate with satisfaction, like a cat that had stolen sweet milk.

“A’sheng and Tian Tian will love it.”

Jiang Mo ate another one, but he still couldn’t taste any sweetness. He frowned and said.

“Did you have bad taste or just happy that your mother called you?”

Shen Kanyu nodded as his eyes shining brightly, the corner of his dropping eyes were wet looking harmless and meek.

“You’re so good at guessing! Let me tell you, my mother knows I have a cold and specially made me particularly delicious porridge.”

Jiang Mo looked at his excited look and couldn’t help but smile a little,

“Really? What kind of porridge is so good?”

“Well….it’s preserved egg and leaned meat porridge. My mother is best at it. There are corn kernels, dice carrots, shrimp and scallops. It’s sprinkled with garlic oil and scallions. The porridge is thick, fragrant and glutinous especially….delicious.”

Shen Kanyu tried hard to recall what kind of porridge Li Qing used to boil for his father and brother, and told Jiang Mo one by one.

He likes porridge very much, Li Qing uses a lot of ingredients and takes a lot of time to cook porridge. Basically, he doesn’t have his share so every time he cooks porridge he politely scrambles to wash the dishes and then hides in the kitchen to secretly drink the rest.

Shen Kanyu remembered the taste, swallowed his saliva and said.

“Really delicious, and you know what? sometimes the porridge is cooked in casserole and has a thin layer of rice dumplings at the bottom of the pot, it’s also delicious!”

Jiang Mo quietly listen to him, from time to time he would respond with a sound or two and when he finished he fed him with mangosteen.

“I remember your parents were not very good to you before? Are they so good now?”

Shen Kanyu shook his head.

“No, it’s always been fine but recently it’s been getting better and better.”

“Hmm. Is Gu Yansheng good to you too?”

“…is also very good.”

Shen Kanyu looked down and thought silently. In fact all the people he met in his life were very good.

It’s just that he’s too bad to deserve how good they were.

He used to wonder why the people he loved didn’t want to be with him.

Now finally, there was an answer.



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