GTKWF 42.2


Chapter 42.2

This was Sheng Qiao’s first time recording commercial lines, unlike acting they have their own skills. Meng Xingshen hasn’t tougher her lines yet so she’s relying on herself to master them all.

Although the assistant was only an assistant he was demanding and professional with high expectations. And since Sheng Qiao was inexperience in reading advertising lines he had to tell her one by one what kind of tone to use.

She recorder ten advertising words for two hours and she said each sentence a hundred time, this made her feel that the assistant has a lot of patience and was perfectionist.

During lunch time the advertiser set someone to buy takeout food, Sheng Qiao didn’t want to leave a smell in the studio so several people went to the lounge to eat their food.

At this time since there were many employees eating, Sheng Qiao went out further and found a remote location where no one noticed her. The media industry has a lot of work to do and the probability of getting things done earlier was comparable to that of a programmer completing codes so they need to eat their meals quickly.

There were four girls sitting on the table behind her, supposedly interns. Each complaining about not being able to adapt to the fast pace society and that it was better to be on campus, as they were chatting a middle aged man with a big belly came over and said to one of them.

“Liang Xiaotang come to my office, I have some work to hand over to you.”

All four girls were silenced, and the man said again with raised voiced.

“Do you hear me?”

After a long time the girl that was called out whispered.

“Heard, I will come immediately.”

After the middle aged man left, Liang Xiaotang who was named was about to cry.

“What to do, what to do, I don’t dare go!”

Her colleague reassured.

“Maybe there really is a job he will handover, you’d better hurry.”

Liang Xiaotang reluctantly stood up and added.

“If I’m not out in half an hour you must come knock on the door and find me! Please.”

“Yes, will definitely come.”

The girl then went out slowly.

Sheng Qiao bite her chopsticks thinking that graduates don’t have it easy, if she was afraid just because of the works being hand over then the boss could be quite fierce.

After eating, Fang Bai also went to the cafeteria and brought her some fruit. She was peeling oranges when the girl at the table behind her said.

“It’s half an hour, Xiaotang hasn’t come out yet. We….”

Another person said with lowered voice.

“Forget it, hurry up and go to work. I have a video to cut this afternoon.

Sheng Qiao put down the orange on the table and got up, and walked up to the girls and with cold eyes she said.

“Where’s the supervisor’s office?”

Several girls were stunned by her sudden appearance.

After being stunned for a few seconds they said in unison.

“Sheng Qiao?!”

She frowned,

“I’m asking you where the supervisor’s office is.”

“At…..on the 12th floor 1206.”

Sheng Qiao turned around and walked away, she only took two steps before walking back and looked at the girls as she said lightly.

“Know the cycle of karma? When standing by on the plight of other when you encounter danger yourself in the future no one will come to you aid.”

After the words fell she speed up her pace and rushed to the twelfth floor.

Fang Bai on the other hand held the orange peel and cried as he chased after her.

On the elevator to the twelfth floor, she immediately found the room 1206 with the sign written “operation director”, Sheng Qiao knocked on the door but there was no response so she simply knocked again continuously and bang it harder but with rhythm.

It took a full minute of knocking before an angry voice came from inside.

“Who is it!?”

“There’s a fire outside, is there anyone inside?”

Immediately afterwards came the sound of footsteps, the door of the room was hastily pulled opened and a panicked middle-aged man shouted.

“Fire? Where? Where?”

Sheng Qiao did not even look at him as she walked straight in.

Inside the office, Liang Xiaotang sat on the sofa her wrist and face were full of red marks and her hair was also disarray. Her eyes were red, and when she saw someone walked in the tears she had been holding back fell out at once.

And when she saw the person’s face her pupils opened wide and even forgot to react.

Sheng Qiao approached her and stretched out her hands to pull her up, seeing her frozen she said to her softly.

“Let’s go.”

Liang Xiaotag subconsciously stood up.

The supervisor also finally reacted after being conned, and angrily turned back to scold Sheng Qiao.

“Who are you to barge into the office and lie about the fire, do you believe that I will call the security to drag you out!”

Sheng Qiao pulled Liang Xiaotang behind her and stared at him coldly.

“Do you believe I’ll call the police to arrest you?”

The supervisor looked stiff and saw that the face in front of him looked familiar but since he was angry and nervous he could not remember for a while and only retorted in anger.

“Shut up, you called the police ah? Are threatening me? What am I doing here? Am I breaking the law?”

“Do you have no idea whether you’ve broken the law or not? I see that you are not young, you should also have children? Do you have a daughter? Aren’t you worried that what you did will on day come back to haunt your daughter?”

She looked at him up and down a few times and sneered.

“But looking at you like this, it seems that you can’t have children? Kidney deficiency, impotence and early ejaculation not to mention baldness and greasy body.”

Supervisor: “You…you…you…”

Sheng Qiao also specially dropped her gaze on his crotch as she hooked up her lips in a meaningful smile.

She took Liang Xiaotang’s wrist and turned her head as she said softly.

“Let’s go.”

The supervisor tore his heart out in the back.

“You stop for me, you fucking—you’re full of fucking…”

Sheg Qiao faintly ordered Fang Bai.

“Stop him and call the police.”

Her wrist tightened, as Liang Xiaotang trembled and said.

“Don’t….don’t ….”

Sheng Qiao’s footsteps stopped and looked at her, she tilted her head to looked at her and after a long time she said softly.

“Okay, we won’t report. Don’t be afraid.”

She turned her head and stared viciously at the supervisor who wanted to come up and hit her, she said word for word.

“If you dare to harass her again, I’ll kill you.”



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