ECM 48


Chapter 48

The last winter vacation of Xu Zhaixing’s high school career lasted only for ten days, so she devoted herself to study in preparation for the college entrance examination. The students around her were all in the state of readiness and anxiety, only Xu Zhaixing was as stable as an old dog.

So much that she remembered a light flash of the topic for the composition on the entrance exam that year.

However she did not do anything superfluous, this event that could affect the fate of tens and thousands of people couldn’t be meddled in casually. Everything should go with nature.

After Xu Yan returned to B city he met with Feng Yi, the author of “Building a Mountain River”. Although Feng Yi was only in his twenties he has been more stable and mature in dealing with people. After talking to Xu Yan and thought about it he agreed to his proposal to package and sell all his works.

Xu Yan also referred to Xu Zhaixing’s suggestion, after he confirmed that it was feasible to hoard IP after some investigation. After several meetings with senior executives of the company Xu Yan established the IP operation department and began to officially put into operation.

The author and another famous screenwriter in the industry jointly adapted the copyright of “Building a Mountain River”, with the original author’s understanding of the original and the professional screenwriter’s assistance from the side. The script came out quickly, just in time for summer Xu Zhaixing heard that Xu Yan took the script to Su Ye.

With a week of talking, Su Ye agreed to take a look at the script after seeing the sincerity of the General Manager of Chenxing who visited him every day.

And as soon as he saw it, he could not run away.

Xu Zhaixing was right no good actor would refused a good script.

Su Ye soon came to Chenxing to sign the contract, in order to give back his sincerity he drove by himself. Before that the people in the company didn’t know that Ye Su had been chosen as the first male lead and would be working with Zhao Jinjin.

She was wearing a sunglasses and held a coffee with her hand, she shouted.

“Wait a minute, wait a minute.”

When she ran into the elevator, Su Ye was standing inside with a mask and a polite smile.

Zhao Jinjin said, “thank you”. At first she did not recognized him, it was only when she took two sips of coffee and took a breather that she felt something was wrong. She jerked her head around and looked at the man behind her and said hesitantly.

“You look like my idol.”

Su Ye said.

“Who is your idol?”

Zhao Jinjin: “Su….Su Ye…”

Su Ye smiled and took off the mask.

“That’s too much of a coincidence, that’s me.”

Zhao Jinjin was so excited that she almost screamed.

She has not met Su Ye personally yet, even though Su Ye and her have attended in the same large events but she could go as far as glancing at him and it was even more impossible to talk to him. As long as she dared to go, there would be news about Su Ye and her after all he was like touching a porcelain.

After entering the circle for so long and being a national first love for so long, this was the first time she get too close to Su Ye and talk to him for the first time.

Zhao Jinjin was so excited that he almost spilled her coffee and shook for a while before she remembered to introduce herself.

“You, you, you….hello I’m Zhao Jinjin!”

Su Ye shook hands with her.

“I know.”

Wah wah wah….(T/N: crying sound.)

She has now finally shook hands with her idol.

My heavens!

Although she was just her idol while she was at school, her admiration for the artist has actually faded but after Su Ye she never liked other stars again. And now when she saw him, her heart surged with surging feeling when she was once infatuated with him and for a moment it was difficult to control herself and didn’t know what to say.

Assistant: …..I have no eyes, I saw nothing!

The elevator door opened, Xu Yan was standing outside and froze for a moment when he saw Zhao Jinjin looking like a fan girl. Su Ye already stepped out of the elevator and smiled as he reached out.

“Mr. Xu we meet again.”

Xu Yan smiled and shook his hand.

“Looking forward in seeing you more.”

The two of them walked in the direction of Xu Yan’s office, Zhao Jinjin also followed behind them. Xu Yan turned his head and asked in a light voice.

“What are you doing here?”

Zhao Jinjin hurriedly said.

“Mr. Xu can you let me know when you’re done talking about your business? I want to ask Su Ye for a group photo.”

Xu Yan: “….”

He waved his hand as his temple pulsed.

Not much later, Zhao Jinjin heard the news that Su Ye was going to star as the male lead in “Building a Mountain River”, she was so happy that she almost fainted.

It was a dream come true!

She could die now, she would die with no regrets in this his life.

Not long afterwards Xu Zhaixing took advantage of the break between classes to call and as soon as he got through she said,

“Have you seen the surprise I sent you?”

Zhao Jinjin cried for a while.

“Miss you’re too good to me! I’ll repay you by being a cow and a horse!”

“Oh, that’s not necessary.”

Xu Zhaixing said.

“In the future when I chase after a star you can help me cover a little.”

Zhao Jinjin was curious.

“Who are you chasing? Don’t you follow stars? There are still people you like in this circle?”

Xu Zhaixing: “No, that’s because you don’t understand me.”

Zhao Jinjin: “…..”

When Su Ye’s contract was signed the production team of “Building a Mountain River” was basically set up. It was Xu Yan who came out in person and talked about it one by one from the director to the recording.

Xu Yan took up the role of a producer, and “Building a Mountain River” was exclusively shot by Chenxing. In fact in the view of peers and company executives it was very risky move, such large investment was basically Chenxing’s biggest project in the past two years. In case of loss it was not impossible to cause the company to go bankrupt.

But Chenxing considered Xu Yan’s words as their law, what he decided to do no one could stop him. Not to mention that this was still the result of his and Xu Zhaixing’s joint expedition.

At the beginning of summer, the official announcement of the main actors of “Building a Mountain River” was made and the official opening was held.

Books fans were relatively small, and many people don’t know the original work. The main heat was still from the actors themselves, especially Su Ye’s fans. He was worthy of being the front line of its own heat flow. The tag “Building a Mountain River” has been floating in major post base for so many days now and it could be everywhere on weibo’s home page.

The discussion was still more about Zhao Jinjin’s resources were just too damn enviable!

This was Su Ye ah! The number of female stars in the circle want to work with him but did not have the opportunity to do so. He was like a god sent luck, the actors who have cooperated with him in recent times were high level while Zhao Jinjin was national first love born idol so how could she be so lucky?

Was there really no golden master behind her?

With such good resources it naturally makes people jealous, for a while many post speculations about who the golden owner behind Zhao Jinjin was. The post were subtle as if they saw Zhao Jinjin enter into someone else’s house and go to someone else’s bed with their very own eyes.

The marketing number raised by Chenxing comes into play at this time.

Xu Zhaixing just finished a phone call with Xu Yan and asked him to send a lawyer’s letter directly to sue those who spreads the rumors and set an example to others. After hanging up the line she opened the weibo and saw that the wind direction had changed, they were now in favor of Zhao Jinjin and scolded those who spit false accusations.

Xu Zhaixing flipped around and knew that the situation was under control, and even saw Zhao Jinjin’s wave of fans.

She knew she had a sword in her hand.

But as long as this sword was in her hand it would never be pointed at any innocent person in the future.

Taking a sword was never for killing people, in this circle it’s just for self-protection.

Zhao Jinjin was in full swing in the crew, and Xu Zhaixing also reached the final spring stage so Mother Xu confiscated her phone and computer and asked her to go all out for the college entrance examination.

Soon it would be the height of summer.

During the two days exam, the weather cooled down a lot after half a month. Xu Zhaixing has been quite calm until she walked into the examination room and sat down, heard the announcement before the examination and the teacher began to issue paper her memory then was pulled back to the summer of many years ago.

At that time Mother Xu was already seriously ill and Father Xu took her abroad for treatment while Xu Zhaixing stayed at home alone to take the college entrance exam.

The night before the exam, Father Xu called her and said with a smile that the doctor had examined her mother and determined that the operation would be successful so she need not worry and take the exam well.

She didn’t actually believe it but still answered in a relax tone.

After that she has always been calm. She was not nervous, no anxiety, no crying and just calmly finished the exams. When she handed in her papers she sat back in her seat, holding her pen and finally burst into tears.

The next day the sad news came that her mother had failed the surgery and had passed away.

The summer after her entrance exams was the darkest time of her life.

The invigilator’s voice pulled back her thoughts,

“Don’t move your pen when you get the paper, check the paper for printing errors and answer the questions only when you hear the bell.”

It’s all in the past.

No need to look back.

Xu Zhaixing took a deep breath as she squeezed her pen and seriously lowered her head.

Two days later the exam came to a perfect end, and the she had played very steadily. Once she left the school Father Xu and Mother Xu were waiting outside and when they saw her come out with a smile on her face, they rushed to meet her.

“Aiya my baby, it’s finally over. How is it? Not bad right?”

Xu Zhaixing proudly waved her hand,

“Tsinghua and Peking University are nothing!”

The reporter guarding the door next to them happened to hear this and rushed over with a microphone and camera.

“This student, can we have a chat?!”

Scared, Xu Zhaixing pulled her parents and fled. She fearfully patted her chest.

“Never brag in the public again….”

As soon as she got into the car, she reached out to Mother Xu.

“Mom, where’s my phone?”

Mother Xu gave her a blank look.

“Why can’t you wait until later? Phone, phone, I see that you can never live without your phone now!”

She that but still took out the latest smartphone from her bag and handed it over.

“Here, your father bought it for you.”

Smart phone were becoming more and more popular! And it won’t be long before everyone would usher in the era of big black screen, the beautiful era of chasing drama, brushing weibo and playing mobile games would soon come!

Xu Zhaixing was excited.

The phone card has been inserted, she couldn’t wait to turn on the phone. Touching the brand new body and familiar LCD screen made her heart full of joy.

After turning on the phone a number of advertising spam messages popped up.

She immediately saw the message titled “My Cub.”

Xu Zhaixing’s heart trembled hurriedly open the text message content that only has four words: Jiayou on college entrance exam.

It was sent two days ago.

So he still remembered that I will take college entrance exam and send me an encouraging message..wwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwu nobody can stop me from loving my idol for life.

Xu Zhaixing wanted to cry but could only do it inwardly, she was in front of her parents right now and she don’t dare to be reckless. With a façade of indifferent written all over her face she pressed her fingers quickly to reply to his message.

[Brother my phone was confiscated before the exam. QAQ… now the exam is over. Thank you!]

It was almost time to get off the car when she received his reply.

[En, congratulations on graduation.]

Xu Zhaixing excitement exploded, for a moment blood surged and as if injected with chicken blood she sent: [Brother do you have a graduation gift? QAQ]

After a while: [What do you want?]

Xu Zhaixing: [I want to see you dance!]

Her idol didn’t return the message.

Xu Zhaixing: [QAQ]

It wasn’t until her parents took her to a restaurant for dinner and returned home after celebrating that her phone dinged and she received a message from him.

[On weibo.]

Xu Zhaixing froze for a moment before reacting to what he said, her heart beating wildly and could not wait to open the weibo.

The home page which has no posts since her idol created the account finally has its first status.

It was a video.

In the practice room all alone.

Xu Zhaixing: If I don’t save this I’m insane.



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