Chapter 56

Jiang Liangchan remained silent, and just looked at the contents of the sandalwood box.

Chu Qing saw that Jiang Liangchan seems to be interested in this set of jewelry as her eyes stay extra long. Next to her was Chen Fang were also looking at this set of jewelry and did not speak.

Looking at them Chu Qing was secretly smug, thinking he really did the right thing.

He began to have his voice out loudly, after all this was to show how difficult it was to buy that set of jewelry and this could prove his deep friendship and how much love he has for Jiang Liangchan.

He also made it a point to emphasize heavily that the red beads set on it were his beating and sincere heart.

It completely symbolizes his love for Jiang Liangchan.

Jiang Liangchan looked at his beathing and sincere heart in the box.

The box contained two objects, a white jade inlaid with red bead tassel hairpin and a pair of white jade inlaid with red bead earrings.

In that jewelry store, there were very few complete sets of products sold and others were all basically single items.

If you buy them in sets they were basically combine with their individual pieces.

It was okay if Jiang Liangchan hasn’t seen it, unfortunately she knows too well that the same series of single products also has a white jade gold silk inlay with red beads for a noble consort bracelet.

Among the three singles pieces, it was the most expensive of the noble consort bracelet. One was more expensive than the other two combined.

At that time, she still gritted her teeth before making up her mind after all the noble consort bracelet also matched a set.

And since she needs to help Chen Fang express his feeling for her white moonlight.

As a result, Chu Qing in order not to withdraw from the marriage propose these pieces?

Sure enough this set represent Chu Qing’s beating and sincere heart, it’s not wrong at all.

But his beating heart has a missing pound.

Just like his love for Jiang Liangchan.

He was really a clear-cut scum.

Chen Fang probably also thought of these too as he squinted at her and smiled teasingly, obviously laughing at her.

you are not as expensive as a bracelet in your fiancé’s heart.

Jiang Liangchan: “….”

Was feeling insulted.

She had no face now.

Garbage ex-fiancé is an online disgrace.

Chu Qing had been observing Jiang Liangchan and saw her and Chen Fang staring at each other.

He don’t why although Chen Fang almost ignored all people but every time he saw Chen Fang he felt specially annoyed deep inside.

Especially now seeing Jiang Liangchan and Chen Fang interaction. The fire in his heart was even more fierce eight feet high.

He couldn’t help but dislike Chen Fang.

“This is something I gave to Chan’er, what are you looking at? Don’t you know your own status, do you understand?”

Jiang Yunting who was watching this whole farce could not tolerate it any longer.

After all it was his request to let Chu Qing in.

Because he was not there when Jiang Liangchan withdrew the from the marriage he felt a great loss and wanted to call him in to see with his own eyes the scene where he would begged his sister but was rejected by her so as to fill in the blank page inside him.

As a result, Chu Qing dares to dislike his Brother Chen Fang?

Who was Chen Fang?

He was no other than the famous brother Pao of the Jianghu but was now living in his house and he was now his big brother.

Even if he was a little poor.

He was still his poor big brother.

So how could he let this little white guy mock him?

Jiang Yunting slapped the table on the spot and was about to burst out.

“Who do you think you are, you can’t even be considered as our family’s husband-in-law and you dare to speak loudly in our territory?”

He was anxious, but the poor big brother was not anxious at all.

Chen Fang’s eyes turned to Chu Qing with his eyebrows raised and glanced at the sandalwood box out of the corner of his eye and asked.

“Is this something you gave her to make amends?”

Chu Qing’s expression was awful.

“I can send something like this to Chan’er to represent my love, what can you give her?”

Jiang Liangchan found that in addition to his twisted character, Chu Qing’s brain was also bad.

He used this attitude towards his love rival to target Chen Fang, what kind of brain-damaged problem was that?

Was he blind?

Chen Fang also frowned.

But since Brother Pao has already seen the world, and Brother Pao was stable—

He stretched out his slender fingers and picked up the red bead and white jade hairpin from the sandalwood box, and scrutinize it.

Chu Qing got anxious.

“What are you doing! Who are you to dare touch what I gave to Chan’er!”

Chen Fang stopped him with one hand and casually squeezed the hairpin with the other carelessly swept a glance at it and said.

“You used this thing to send gift to a girl? It doesn’t look like much.”

Chu Qing has never met a person with so much strength, he could not move his hand that was pressed.

He was very angry and was afraid of being seen to be less powerful than the other, and was secretly annoyed when he heard Chen Fang words. He immediately found a reason to crush him.

Chu Qing despised to the extreme.

“What do you know! This white jade is made delicately and exquisitely, and beautifully carved so how can a mundane like you know good from bad!”

In fact Jiang Yuntiling also looked at that hairpin and thought it was indeed a good thing.

But since his big brother comes from a poor background and have not seen a hade he do not know good or bad so it was natural that he didn’t appreciate the value.

At times like this, he has must protect his big brother.

Jiang Yunting was ready to step up.

Chen Fang held the hairpin with two fingers, rotated it at angle and waved it in front of Chu Qing.

“The jade is good, the carving is good but unfortunately it’s a scrap.”

The hairpin as a whole was smooth and delicate but from an angle there was a small round dot raised in an inconspicuous space.

Chu Qing’s eyes widened.

“What is this? You did this? What did you just do?”

Chen Fang lightly said,

“Polishing defects, it’s just missing a polishing here so it’s a defective product.”

Not only was it a defective product but it’s also a discounted product.



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