ECM 39


Chapter 39

When she arrived at Z City, Zhao Jinjin’s assistant Xiao Xiao came to pick her up at the high speed railway station.

Zhao Jinjin would participate in the charity dinner tonight with a semi-party nature as the city’s ambassador. She would also perform on stage like singing a song and was now urgently rehearsing.

Xiao Xiao first took Xu Zhaixing back to the hotel to put her luggage and then led her to the rehearsal site.

Zhao Jinjin has been pinching her throat while singing, Xu Zhaixing on the other hand had been crouching down and has been listening for a while. She could not help but worry that she would lose the endorsement as the city ambassador after the show.

At the end of the rehearsal, Zhao Jinjin ran down excitedly and gave her a bear hug before asking.

“How was my singing?”

Xu Zhaixing said with a clear conscience.

“It’s okay.”

After thinking about it, she asked.

“Is your mic turned off during official performance?”

Zhao Jinjin nodded.

“Yes, though I would like to do it live but the director won’t let me.”

Xu Zhaixing was relived.

Fortunately the director did not allow it.

The city themed charity was organized by the government and basically invited domestic celebrity from this city. So after Zhao Jinjin’s rehearsal ended it was soon followed by the rehearsal of other celebrities.

There were singers and actors that were basically popular so when Xu Zhaixing and Zhao Jinjin sit under the stage with a box of yogurt, Zhao Jinjin asked her while watching them rehearsed.

“Which one do you like? I’ll take you to take a group photo.”

Xu Zhaixing shook her head.


Zhao Jinjin wondered.

“Isn’t it the time for young girls of your age to pursue stars? When I was your age I like Su Yule, later I took Chinese opera exam because of him.”

Su Yule was idol actor who was born in historical martial arts drama, now he has mixed into the status of first-tier star. His national popularity was vary and in a few years he would move to the big screen and later he won the film emperor.

Xu Zhaixing said.

“Then your vision is quite good.”

Zhao Jinjin pointed to an idol singer who was negotiating with the director.

“You don’t like that one either? I have attended several events with him, he has many fans and I heard that he is a teenager girl killer, well he look quite handsome.”

Xu Zhaixing cast a glance dryly.

“Just okay.”

Zhao Jinjin looked speechless,

“Then what are we still doing here? Let’s go, stars are there to be followed but if you don’t want to pursue star you might just as well look at me.”

Xu Zhaixing: “…”

She didn’t explain herself and just sipped the yogurt and went to the backstage with Zhao Jinjin. During this period, many staff came to Zhao Jinjin for autograph and group photo in which Zhao Jinjin happily oblige and did not refused anyone as she thinks that this was a duty of being popular.

By the end of the night, Xu Zhaixing got an invitation card for a VIP seat and since Zhao Jinjin had to prepare to perform on stage she took the invitation card herself and walked around the venue finding her seat.

This circle was basically filled with company executives, investors and some big men who were related in industries as well as relatives and friend such Xu Zhaixing.

Next to her sat two well-dressed girls, listening to their conversation they should be relatives of the top management of a company. As Xu Zhaixing sat next to them, she was able to listen to the gossip of the circle for half an hour for free.

The melon was so big that Xu Zhaixing couldn’t eat it.

She was listening with interest when a slightly fat middle aged man passed by and didn’t pay attention stepping into one of the girl’s feet, the girl screamed. The middle aged man immediately apologize politely.

“Sorry, sorry, it didn’t hurt you right?”

The girl had an angry face and looked like she wanted to scold the middle age man but when she saw the man’s smiling face for some reason she suppressed her anger and said in a light voice.

“It’s okay.”

The man smiled, and walked straight to the front row and sat down.

Xu Zhaixing looked at the curiously, she was secretly guessing about what the man’s great origins were when she heard the girl whisper.

“I’d rather bully a gentleman than mess with a villain.”

Her friend asked what Xu Zhaixing most curious about.

“Who is it?”

The girl said.

“Ma Fengkai, have you heard of him?”

Her friend instantly looked surprised.

“That’s him!”

The girl pouted.

“Let’s go back to the topic– tsk I don’t want these shoes anymore. He touched, it’s already dirty.”

Her friend nodded approvingly and then continued to talk about the gossip of a certain 18-line starlet who was caught pretending to be pregnant in order to get ahead by the original spouse.

Xu Zhaixing: “….”

You guys should finish what you just said about that man! It’s very appetizing okay!

Xu Zhaixing secretly slandered for while and couldn’t help browsing the name “Ma Fengkai”, attempting to eat melon from baidu.

Baidu results were few, only a few news report mentioned that Ma Fengkai used to be a model agent. Later he changed jobs and went to Zhongtian, he was an artist director for the trainee branch.

Crap, Zhongtian’s trainee branch?

How could she casually eat the melon of her own idol?

Xu Zhaixing really couldn’t help herself right now, since the weibo was still underdeveloped she couldn’t go deeper and looked for more information. Taking advantage of the gap between the two girls’ gossip about the female star pretending to be pregnant, while drinking their water she slowly stretched out her head over and whispered.

“Sister can I ask you something?”

Those who could sit in this area were either wealthy or respectable people. The two girls looked at the little girl next to them at the same time, seeing her expensive looking dress and lovely appearance made them had a good impression on her. They smiled and nod their head and asked.

“What’s the matter?”

Xu Zhaixing looked at the front row and said.

“The man that stepped on your foot just now, I heard that you don’t like him? Why?”

Her eyes were sparkling and clearly saying.

“Hurry up! Share a bite with me!”

Both the girls were amused by her eagerness making them laugh. After laughing the girl turned her head and said in a low voice.

“He used to be in the modeling circle, just like that male model he will get what he want whether others want it or not. My best friend’s boyfriend was drugged by him and almost killed him at the end.”

The girl’s eyes were filled with contempt and anger.

“My best friend and her boyfriend were getting married at that time, in such case her boyfriend quit the circle directly and modeling all together, until now he was still seeing a psychologist. Such scum should be banned, where it can never harm others. I heard that he recently saw a little boy in their company but the other party’s attitude was very resistant. One time he said at a dinner party that he would make ways to sleep with him. Listening to this human talk is so disgusting!”

Xu Zhaixing at first also looked interested in eating melon but when she heard the latter part her whole body began to chill.

She thought that Yin Chang was the bigger timed bomb, but she did not expect that there was still a hidden time bomb??

Was Zhongtain crazy to get such a person to the company as an executive?

Xu Zhaixing remembered those explosions she heard in her previous life, he was betrayed by his teammates because he offended someone from the top resulting Cen Feng to be suppressed. But why would he offend someone from the senior management? How did he offend them that it completely exploded?

Cen Feng’s resources have been very small since he debuted, his position on stage was at the very edge, the camera doesn’t give him so much shots and his MV single was very shabby. All of these shows that he has offended someone before his debut, which mean this happened while he was a trainee.

So could it be this guy?

After saying these, the girl looked at Xu Zhaixing’s pale face. She thought she was embarrassed hearing something like this for the first time so she said.

“Little sister, it’s just a gossip so don’t think so much anyway this kind of thing can’t happen to us.”

Xu Zhaixing forced a smile and sat back after saying thanks.



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