ECM 38


Chapter 38

Xu Zhaixing was in B city for more than a month, and coming back to her city her skin tone were a shade darker than before.

Mother Xu scolded her,

“You’re getting wilder and wilder now!”

After a lengthy sermon, Mother Xu also scolded her husband,

“Next time, if you dare to agree to her terms without my consent, I’ll fix you up!”

In order to re-establish his company Father Xu was very busy every day. The old employees who handed in their resignation letter were invited back one by one by him, he also held meetings every day, he also worked overtime to test the new video platform and strive to re-launch it at the end of the year.

So even if he was scolded by mother Xu, he did not retort and just smiled back at her.

Before school started, Mother Xu had another follow up checkup Xu Zhaixing accompanied her to the hospital for examination. She found that the previous esophagitis problem had been reduced, under Xu Zhaixing’s supervision Mother Xu’s eating habits have changed a lot and she was taking her medication and resting on time.

Xu Zhaixing was happily preparing to return to campus life, unexpectedly Xu Zhiwen came to their doorstep with his little sister and Xu Zhaixing’s aunt.

Since the bankruptcy of the project Zhenlin and after it was published in the financial magazine, Father Xu had prejudice against his second brother. He no longer responded to his request as before and contact him much less than before.

The capital share was interlocked and collapses one after another. Since Xu Zhiwen stumbled in Zhenlin he has been tearing down east walls to make up the west walls for attempt to recover the losses but the outcome was much more than what he expected. Up to now he has been handed and was completely bankrupt.

And since he couldn’t asked Father’s Xu money like before, he instead went to find his little sister, Xu Xiaojuan. And the result Xu Xiaojuan’s husband’s house was demolished and lost more than one million yuan, he was also cheated by Xu Zhiwen and now everything was gone.

Now getting in Father Xu’s doorstep, both started crying as soon as they walked in.

Xu Zhiwen only sobbed silently, taking into account his face. Xu Xiaojuan on the other end directly cried and brawled herself, she even knelt down in front of the sofa and cried harder. If someone saw her they would think they have done many things to sorry for her.

Xu Zhaixing’s little aunt was also annoying, her husband worked hard to make money outside while she also played mahjong outside everyday. She gambles a lot and losses thousands of money too, and whenever that happened she would take out her frustration on her daughter.

Her daughter was only in elementary school, but was already abused by her own mother. She would be beaten for not doing well in school, for falling and getting her clothes dirty, for losing something and for not being able to do her homework.

She only cooks a meal for her children every day, while the family clothes were washed by her husband who comes back from work. In all in all she doesn’t care about anything big or small that happened at home, she only knows how to gamble.

In her last life, father Xu went to borrow money from this little sister in order to give mother Xu medical treatment and surgery. And her original words were.

Third brother how can I have money? You still don’t know, how much do you think my husband salary is? I’ve already lost it all.”

Probably due to karma, when Xu Zhaixing graduated from university she head from someone that her little aunt gambled with suspicious people and lost all her family property overnight.

Xu Zhaixing was annoyed to see these people and couldn’t wait to take a broom and sweep the two piles of garbage out.

Mother Xu probably sensed her thoughts, after all there was a saying a daughter was like a mother. Her mother dragged her behind and whispered two warnings, forbidding her to fool around.

Father Xu sat on the sofa with a heavy expression, listening to the two who were crying for a while now. After all was said and done, it was nothing more than a bankruptcy and loss. He still hoped that his brother would pull through this.

Xu Xiaojuan cried bitterly.

“Third brother, the children at home can’t even eat. There is no rice to cook and Guo Gang even said he want to divorce me. Third brother, please help me, I am your own sister!”

Xu Zhiwen wiped his tears and with a choking expression he said.

“It’s all my fault, I shouldn’t have thought of making money for us. Not only did I implicate myself but I also implicate my sister, third brother when the old man left us he held the hands of us five siblings and said that we should work together and help each other in the future. If we could find a way, we won’t come to you.”

Father Xu looked at his brother and sister crying like this, and felt bad. No matter how he complained about his second brother’s deed he let it go at present, and with a deep voice he said.

“Xiaojuan don’t cry, the money can still be earn. You and Guo Gang are still young and could still work things out. As for this difficult time in front of you, third brother will help you through.”

He turned around and asked Mother Xu.

“Get 200,000 for Xiaojuan. Okay?”

Although he asked his wife, but his eyes were firm and Mother Xu even if deep inside was not happy she still nodded.

However Xu Xiaojuan has a different reaction, she was shocked and said.

“Only 200,000? Third brother how can 200,000 be enough?”

This time it was Father’s Xu’s time to be shocked.

“Two hundred thousand is not enough? You live in the province and the expenses is usually less, it doesn’t cost much for Xiaoyu to go to primary school. 200,000 is enough to support your family for the next year or two.”

Xu Xiaojuan looked at Xu Zhiwen, her face suddenly became very ugly. She then turned her head back to stare at Father Xu as she said quietly.

“Third brother even if you don’t like us, you don’t have to humiliate me with that money! You have a big family and good career, you were even willing to give Zhaixing hundreds of thousands to casually make a dress and play with it but when it comes to me, you only give me 200,000?”

Xu Zhaixing was simply stunned by the shameless temperament of this little aunt of hers.

So she knows about her dress making too?

The amount she spent in making Feitian’s accessories like diamonds indeed cost a lot of money but not to the point of hundreds of thousands, though when she established Chan Juan the set price for Feitian was 730,000.

How could a woman who only gambles in her hometown pay any attention to fashion circle? It must be Xu Zhiwen who told this story to her little aunt.

As soon as Father Xu heard this, he immediately get angry and said that he didn’t care how much her daughter spend. After all his daughter was a priceless treasure in his heart, which somebody allows to looked down on his precious daughter? He immediately slammed the table angrily.

“What do you mean Zhaixing was casually making a dress? It was an international competition and she won the championship!”

Xu Xiaojuan was too eager to advance didn’t notice that she stepped on the landmine. Seeing her third brother fuming she suddenly could not speak.

Xu Zhiwen hurriedly rounded up.

“Third brother, let’s have good talk. Little sister did not mean that.”

Father Xu was an honest and affectionate person, so how could he not understand what Xu Xiaojuan’s means? He laughed coldly and said.

“What does she mean then? Is it because the money is too small? To tell you the truth, I don’t have any money on hand now, I’ve invested it all in the company. 200,000 is not a penny anymore!”

As soon as these words were said, even Xu Zhiwen’s expression changed.

When they came to their third brother’s doorstep today, they knocked hard and play pitiful to take at least a million yuan from him but as a result? Father Xu straightforwardly and with a temper told them that the 200,000 was all he could give them.

The two looked at each other and hated each other also. Xu Xiaojuan looked sad as she said.

“Third brother, it’s meaningless to think like that. If you weren’t my brother I wouldn’t stop to beg you but I am your little sister so 200,000….”

Before she could finish her sentence, Xu Zhaixing suddenly interrupted her.

“Little aunt, don’t you still have two houses in the city?”

Xu Xiaojuan: “????”

She looked at the smiling Xu Zhaixing next to her with a frightened looked and for a moment she couldn’t say anything.

The matter about buying a house in the city, it was only her and her husband who knows this so how could this girl know?

Her husband’s house was demolished that year, in addition to compensation for the demolition she also lost three houses which also has a huge compensation. She was very assertive and quickly bought a house and paid a down payment after getting the money.

A few years have passed since then, the city’s housing prices have long since doubled and she simply couldn’t help but wake up laughing in her sleep.

But now she was being exposed by Xu Zhaixing. Everyone in the house looked at her in surprise, even Xu Zhiwen didn’t know about it. He was shocked and shouted to her.


Xu Xiaojuan jolted and hurriedly said.

“There is no such thing, I have live in our hometown all my life so how can I have a house in the city. What nonsense is this child saying?”

Xu Zhaixing smiled and said slowly.

“One set in the sea mountain road, a set in the river road, two lots are very good ah, the mountains and rivers are the city government key development area. The price of housing is rising fast right? If you really have no money, just sell a set then you can have enough to eat and drink for the rest of your life.”

Xu Xiaojuan’s face was really ashen this time as her lips turned white.

How did she know? Did Guo Gang told her? But Guo Gang doesn’t know this girl well! Who could have tell her this? Did……she overhear us at last funeral of my big brother?



black1– dark; sinister; secret; shady; illegal; to hide 

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