ECM 36


Chapter 36

In fact, the trainee system has been in plan and were discussed by Xu Zhaixing and Xu Yan. Previously it was planned to wait for the company to gain firm foothold in the circle for two years but Zhao Jinjin’s popularity was surprising. Chen Xing’s fame and status in the circle increased with Zhao Jinjin’s popularity which could be seen from Zhongtian’s willingness to break the ice with Chen Xing.

Last month, Xu Yan has confirmed the launch of the trainee program with the company’s supervisor. The assigned personnel, the responsible executives, the training teachers and the planning department have been in place. The star scout has begun to look for targets in major universities and even on streets.

The first trainee signed by the company was Yin Chang.

Looking at the empty dormitory and the cold building Yin Chang’s blood could only be swallowed back to his stomach, when he first came to Chen Xing, he thought that fate has finally smiled at him. But now—no matter how regretful and resentful he was, he could only bear it and asked the assistant.

“Am I alone?”

Assistant: “Aren’t you happy to live alone in such a big house?”

Yin Chang: “….”

Happy your sister!!! Are you people from Chen Xing this shameless!!!!

The assistant seriously patted him on the shoulder.

“Enjoy your life alone, it won’t be long before other trainees come to live in.”

Yin Chang’s intestines were green with regret.

It’s not easy to boil in the middle of the day for three years, and seeing that the center position would be elected next year they were even more intense. He thought he was finally liberated but it turned out that he had so start all over again.

He could only comfort himself since the Chen Xing was willing to sign him that means they recognize his own strength. Perhaps it won’t be long before the other trainees come, and once group was created they would let them debut sooner.

Those new chicks were definitely not as good as him, after all he has been a trainee for almost 3 years now so there should be no problem in taking the C spot.

With this in mind, he felt a little better and settled down in the empty dormitory.

Within a few days after Yin Chang went to Chen Xing, news broke out that Chen Xing opened a trainee program called CStar in the circle and some newcomers who were still fighting without fame, when heard the news jumped at it.

Chen Xing has a strong momentum in the circle now, other than the national’s first love Zhao Jinjin the company’s other artist resources were also very good such as drama, singing and dancing. Shi Lin, the resident singer signed by Xu Yan in the bar won the best original single award in one fell swoop with a song “the rest of life” which could be described as the flowering of film and television music.

After all there were only few domestic companies that implement trainee system in China and those old companies were almost saturated. If people wanted to sign as a trainee they could only go abroad, but now that there were companies who implemented the trainee system and signing trainee, Chen Xing received a lot of attention and self-recommendations.

Going back to Yin Chang, the trainees from Zhongtian all thought they would soon see the news of Yin Chang’s debut but after waiting for a few days for his debut what they heard was not him debuting but him being a trainee again in Chen Xing. They almost died laughing in the training room learning this.

Even the always aloof Cen Feng was a bit surprised.

Yin Chang’s strength definitely didn’t reach the level that General Manager of Chen Xing who made a special trip to talk about important people, pass. But instead of throwing him away they let him be a trainee, it looks like they were playing Yin Chang.

He couldn’t figure out what this General Xu was thinking.

Yin Chang’s incident once became the after-dinner joke of Zhongtian trainees, while Niu Tao only had one word: Deserving!

After the gloating, he was now worried. He didn’t dare to touch Cen Feng, while Yin Chang ran away so now he couldn’t find a suitable person to work for Mr. Ma—he’s going bald.

However for Cen Feng, he doesn’t care about these changes in the circle, he hasn’t gone to sing lately but found a part-time job in a motorcycle repair and modification store.

In fact it was not really a part-time job, he mainly wanted to practice his hands. In the past two years he has read and watched videos, and now almost figured out the principle of operating a machinery and only needs to practice it.

When he had nothing to do, he would go to the motorcycle store to help out.

The boss was a cheerful middle-aged man, when he was young he had been on the road so he attached great importance to righteousness and likes the young Cen Feng who talked less and did things neatly. Although the salary was low, he was given the freedom and time to practice his hands and let him observe by the side.

Most of those people who could afford to modify motorcycles were rich people, the boss has been doing this for many years and was relatively famous in the circle. From time to time there were rich kids driving limited edition sports car with beautiful little sisters with them that all came from a prominent family. They all have unrestrained characters, recently their visits were more frequent when they see such handsome little brother in the shop.

But this little brother—don’t even mention chatting, he even smile rarely to them.

He was not acting to reject them, he was just really cold.

Every time when they joked like—

“Little brother, smile, smile. We’ll give you this car for fee, you modify and practice with this and if it’s get broken it ours.”

Before Cen Feng could say anything, the boss would kicked them out.

“Go go go, we’re not selling smiles here.”

But all without malice, after all beautiful and indifferent treasures were always be lovable.

The first time they met Cen Feng was on a sunny afternoon.

The boss just finished modifying the new car and let Cen Feng drive it out to try. He got his driver’s license not long ago and the boss wanted to exercise his hands and guts, several rich girls of course would not miss the opportunity to take a ride with him and scrambled to get into the car first.

This area was on the outskirts of the countryside and the road were built wide and long, making it ideal for racing.

Cen Feng was wearing a hat, the brim of the hat blocked slant sunshine and the side of his face was caged with light and shadow with a single indifference wrapped around him. Handsome people who race were more handsome than ordinary handsome, making several girls go crazy. Then suddenly the speeding car stops on the road.

Several people in the back row were almost shrugged to the front row, and before they had time to speak Cen Feng unbuckled the seat belt and got out of the car.

The people inside the car looked at each other, and thought that the car had some kind of problem so they hurriedly followed out.

Only to see Cen Feng walking towards a small girl who was squatting on the side of the road. The little girl had a mountain bike in front of her and she was trying to fix the chain.

Xu Zhaizing felt that she was too unlucky.

Really too unlucky.

At home, her parents felt that riding a bicycle was not safe so they never allowed her to ride one and missed the most suitable age for riding bicycle in her last life. This time, taking advantage of the summer vacation to B city she chanted every day to Xu Yan to let her ride one. Finally Xu Yan could not stand it and bought her a mountain bike.

Xu Zhaixing was so happy that the day after she got the bike she let Xu Yan send her to the suburbs where there was less car passing through the road and safely ready to experience how to ride the bike.

As a result, once Xu Yan left she rode not even three kilometers away when the chain of the bike fell off! She almost fell and eat dog shit, not to mention the chain could not be fixed!

She was so angry when a shadow fell over her head and heard a voice that she had been dreaming of.

“Do you need help?”

Xu Zhaixing really thought she had squatted too long that she felt dizzy and hallucinating.

She looked up blankly and when she saw Cen Feng next to her, her whole body froze.

As soon as she looked up her little face that was covered with oil fell into his eyes. It was simply more beautiful than a cat, moreover the expression on her face was too shocked that he couldn’t hold back and laugh.

This was the first time that Xu Zhaixing has seen him smile so happily since she met her idol again.

Her heart melted softly and the stifled and anger she felt just now vanished in an instant. Seeing him smile so happily made it all worth it.

She stood up with a start, so excited that she couldn’t speak.

“Brother! How did you suddenly appear?”

After squattingfor too long then abruptly standing up made her feel dizzy as soon as she stood up. Her body swayed but was immediately held by Cen Feng.

He moved politely, not getting too close to her. He put his palm on her shoulder and waited for her to stand firmly before asking in a low voice.

“Better yet?”

Xu Zhaixing nodded her head repeatedly.

He then withdrew his hand, and saw that she was blinded by the sun. He raised his hand to take off his hat and put it on her head.

The brim of the hat immediately covered the dazzling sun, when Xu Zhaixing hurriedly lifted the brim of the hat Cen Feng had already squatted down next to the bicycle to put back the chain.

She said anxiously.

“That’s dirty, don’t touch it!”

The outcome, the chain that she had tried to put back for ten minutes was now on its original position in less than a minute between his slender fingers.

He stood up, held the front end of the bike and tried it back and forth. He then hit the kickstand again.

“There you go.”

Xu Zhaixing was speechless for a while. On one hand she was too excited on the other hand too shocked, it was a kind of feeling being smashed by the happiness from the sky.

She hadn’t been to Zhongtian since Zhao Jinjin finished her dance practice. Which star-struck girl does not want to see her idol every day, but she did not want her strange behavior bring him discomfort, so she never quietly went to him again.

She was already happy to him two to three times a year, just like how she was pursuing his activities in her previous life.

She never thought that she would be able to run into her idol while riding her bike.

Oh my, this bike is my baby koi.

She totally forget how she cursed the broken bike the moment before.

Cen Feng looked at her dumbfounded look with some amusement, he then touched his trouser pocket only to remember that he did not bring any wipes today. The rich girls were watching a few steps behind him. Cen Feng looked at them and politely asked.

“Do you have wet wipes?”

Little brother took the initiative to talk to them for the first time!!!

The little sister was excited, and said.

“Yes, yes, yes you wait!”

After saying that, he ran back to the car, took a packet of wet wipes from the bag and ran back, handing it to him.

Cen Feng tore open the package and handed the wipes to Xu Zhaixing who was still smiling at him. She blinked her long eyelashes then her two small hands immediately rubbed on her clothes and stammered.

“I’m not dirty, not dirty, you wipe, you wipe your hands!”

Cen Feng said.

“Your face is dirty.”

Xu Zhaixing hurriedly wiped her face twice again with her dirty hands.

“Okay, okay!”

Cen Feng watched her get more and more dirty, when she put her hand down he stretched out his hand and lift the brim of the hat on her head while the other hand took a wet wipes to help her wipe the oil in her face.

Xu Zhaixing was so frightened by this sudden tenderness that she did not dare to move.

Last time it was a nosebleed, this time it’s motor oil. Fairy Sister am I still chasing a star?

The cold wipes was wiped back and forth across her face and she don’t know if it was the friction or her shyness but her whole face was red through and through.

Engine oil was hard to wipe, Cen Feng wiped her face for a long time but her face was still dirty. Those rich people walked slowly towards them and said.

“This stuff can’t be wiped off, go back and wash it with makeup remover or nail polish remover.”

It was only at this time that Xu Zhaixing actually realized that there were other people.

When she first saw the few girls in luxurious clothes her eyes widened, then looking at the expensive sports car next to them, she sucked in a breath cold of air. She did not know what came to her mind but she looked at Cen Feng exaggeratedly.

Cen Feng was still wiping his hands with wet wipes that he used to wipe her face when he noticed her line of sight and looked up at him with frightened eyes. He stared back blankly but immediately reacted to what she was thinking.

He wiped his hands cleaned before tapping his index finger on the brim of the hat on her head, causing the brim to fall down, covering her eyes.

Then Xu Zhaixing heard her idol said coldly.

“No dirty thoughts.”


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