Chapter 19

As it moved, the sound of footsteps outside the door became clearer.

They came in.

Tang Tang narrowed her eyes while still squatting down her body against the wall while she was holding the knife tightly in her hand. The footsteps sound chaotic, she was afraid there’s more than one person.

“How the fuck does this door have chair behind as if it was blocking it?

“Be careful, there might be someone inside.”

“Who can there be? Have more guts! We are now ability users! Even if someone is here, so what—they must be ordinary people if they take the chairs to block the door. I bet if they see us, they will be stunned hahaha.”

The voice of the two men came in loud and crass, from the tone of their voice it was clear that among the two the other one was slightly cautions while the other one was extremely nonchalant.

Tang Tang was afraid but she felt that there was no way to rest again tonight.

She just do not know what kind of abilities they have and whether they were strong.

As they spoke, the two had walked in one after the other.

Because it was stationary store, there would be a cashier where he opened the door. Tang Tang was worried that if someone pushed the door open she would be exposed at first sight so she hid behind the cashier earlier.

At this moment they came in she don’t which of them check the area and sent out a cluster of fire.

“Strange why is there no one here?”

“Who the fuck could be here? Don’t be too paranoid, go go go and sit inside a day. A night without sleep will tire us. Go what are you waiting for!”

Tang Tang was still listening to the footsteps of the two people, she guessed that the two people probably really did not notice her. They were about to sit down on the ground when she heard the slightly cautious boy suddenly shout to his companion.


“What again?”

“Go there and check.”

As soon as Tang Tang hear this, she became alert again.

Are they coming over here?

 Sure enough, after the words of the cautious person pointed the area the originally faded footsteps sounded again and was slowly approaching the side of the cashier.

Tang Tang held her breath while raising the half-meter large knife to her body, protecting herself as much as possible.

It turned out that instead of going towards the cahier area one of them throw a fireball.

“Holy Shit! What the fuck did you put that big fire over there for—burning down the place? Where are we going to rest tonight!!”

Tang Tang’s heart was already cursing like hell!

While she quickly pull the wet quilt behind her and block the fire so as to avoid burning her body, the whole person was sweating.

Ability user’s power were really scary.

She was gasping for breath on her side while the two man were looking at each other as they watched the light form the fire go out.

“Who is there?”

The cautious man asked.

“You, don’t keep on talking nonsense, just go over and check!”

Then the next second, a voice sounded above Tang Tang’s head.

“There really is someone!”

Tang Tang identify through the voice that this was the nonchalant man from before.

The man raised his hand to tug the quilt wrapped blocking her body.

“Wet ah, no wonder the fire did not burn this.”

The man’s strength was very strong, Tang Tang couldn’t pull back the quilt and almost fell forward as the man release the had tugging the quilt.

“Holy crap, it’s a woman!”

The man with who release the fireball with his hand came closer to take a closer look and was suspicious. But immediately after the voice changed to surprise.

“Wang Qi you quickly come over to see, she actually has a raincoat on her!”

Tang Tang thought she was in a bad situation. It has been raining outside, and seeing her with a raincoat they would probably loot her equipment.

With this thinking, she subconsciously hid the knife she had put down earlier while she tug the quilt behind her to prevent them from noticing it and getting defensive.

Wang Qi that was the cautious boy which came in one step behind. And like the man who was ahead of him had the same fireball in his hand.

These people were surprisingly both have fire ability.

Tang Tang thought of the scene in the dormitory thorough the loop hole, it seems that many people awaken a fire ability.

But what should she do now? If they make a move against her, she don’t know if she could handle it alone. If she couldn’t deal with them, should she escape?

She was alert inside but on the surface she just looked up at the two men, always observing their movements.

“You look a little familiar, huh? Haven’t I seen you somewhere before? Oh, I remember now! Aren’t you the girl who dumped that idiot Jiang Zhu? You’re still alive?”

Tang Tang: “…”


This boy was really not just nonchalant but tactless.

Should she talk?

It really make people want to smack him ah ah ah…

“But looking at you, you probably won’t live long so how about giving me everything you have on you and stayed with me for a night? To be honest I’m not used to seeing that silly pretentious look of Jiang Zhu but as for you, I’m still interested.”

The boy looked up and down at Tang Tang, who was obviously exhausted at the moment. His smile was lewd as he reached out to take off Tang Tang’s raincoat.

Tang Tang hurriedly ducked back while tilting her head towards Wang Qi’s side and found that the man did not care about her situation. She then understood in her heart that the other party probably acquiesced to this scenario of his companion.

Seeing that the man in front of him jump into the air and put his hand out again Tang Tang’s expression was cold. When they didn’t pay attention, she put her hand behind her and held the half meter knife in her hand.

When the boy’s hand was about to touch her, she fiercely held his wrist with other hand then the hand with the knife was fast and accurate as the end of the blade was pressed hard against his arms in one fell swoop.


The screams rang out and echoed throughout the shop.

Tang Tang really wanted to rub her poor ears.

“You want to die, you fuck! Hurry up and let go of me ah ah!!!”

The man’s face was distorted in pain. He gradually gathered flames with his other hand. Tang Tang’s expression froze, her hand holding the handle of the knife withdraw and quickly cut towards that hand.

With that, it would seemed that he had cut off his hand.

Seeing that the man was frightened, he cursed the woman as a madman as he hurriedly withdraw his hands.

Tang Tang breathed sighed of relief, she had already expected that the man would not dare to touch her knife so she quickly took the helmet on one side and pulled the quilt aside after kicking the man in the way and stood up to ran away.

Wang Qi, who was standing a little farther away did not seem to expect the situation to turn out this way and was flabbergasted for a while.

As a result, Tang Tang waved the knife the next moment and slashed in front of him.

The aisle of the cashier’s desk was narrow and this man called Wang Qi was not a thin person so this man who was standing on that narrow aisle was blocking Tang Tang’s way through.

Tang Tang doesn’t want to be stuck in between with these two!

She still wanted to enjoy her life with the time left!!!

Wang Qi was scared by her ‘fierce’ look after LL ability users were not vulnerable not to mention the woman’s posture was obviously not caring if they die together so no ordinary people would blocked her way.

What’s more they only awakened their ability a few days ago and they’re simply not used to today’s brutal encounter.

Wang Qi instantly panicked and hurriedly stepped back.

Immediately after Tang Tang saw the gap, she flexibly drilled forward. The whole person wielding a knife in the right hand while dragging the wet quilt with her left hand as she scampered out.

Facing the fierce storm outside once again, Tang Tang’s expression beneath the helmet was very calm.

But in reality, she was crying inside.

When will this stifling day ever end?

Let her awaken a psychic ability too!

Even if it’s just a meager ability!

She was an ordinary person in this post-apocalyptic word, was really difficult like walking on a thin ice!



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  2. Glad to see this still being updated!

    In response to the FL desire for another ability when she asked for space even though she knew was physically weak is just weird to me. She could have asked for invulnerability or invisibility but I guess this is where most of the tension will be coming from.


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