Chapter 43

In the meeting room, Xu Yanwen and the Gu Group’s representative had a pleasant talk about the cooperation on their upcoming project. Representative Lin sincerely said that after he returned he would report the cooperation matter of the two parties to Gu Tingshen in person.

And for the first time would make efforts to promote the process of the cooperation plan.

“Representative Lin should stay for a casual dinner before leaving.”

Xu Yanwen intended to invite Representative Lin to dinner, after all Chinese culture pays more attention to wine table manners and some matters could also be chatted in depth at the dinner table.

However Representative Lin smiled as he waved his hand.

“No, I have to rush back to report to President Gu. Let’s have a meal on another day, there are plenty of opportunities later.”

Representative Lin was busy leaving so Xu Yanwen was not in a position to force him to stay and just personally sent him out of the door instead, before he turned and went back to his office.

Xu Yanwen originally thought he would see Xue Jiayue who was waiting impatiently in the office but there was no Xue Jiayue, not even her shadow. He only saw Assistant Feng alone.

“Didn’t Xue Jiayue come?”

Assistant Feng shook his head.

“Madam Xu has not come.”

Xu Yanwen took a look at the time, it was now more than an hour has passed since Xue Jiayue called him, according to Xue Jiayue’s usual character she should have arrived a long time ago but now she was nowhere to be seen and she did not even call him again.

This was something weird, it was not her usual reaction at all!

Suddenly Xu Yanwen’s right eyelid couldn’t stop twitching and a strong uneasiness welled up in his heart.

Xu Yanwen subconsciously dialed Xue Jiayue’s phone and this time the cold mechanic female voice came from the other end of the line, reminding him that the phone he dialed was turned off.

“Why was is turned off?”

Xu Yanwen was very confused and at the same time very worried. There was a deep feeling inside that was telling him something bad has happened, he knows Xue Jiayue very well and this was not her character at all.

Even if she was angry with him, she would confront him face to face and would not deliberately turn off her phone, acting like she was missing.

Xu Yanwen frowned while picking up his phone to call the head of X.W studio.

When Xu Yawnen called him, he was in his office organizing his designs drawings when he heard his phone ringing and glance at the phone screen. Seeing that it was Xu Yanwen calling him, he hurriedly picked up the call.

“President Xu?”

“Where is Xue Jiayue?”

He was stunned, remembering that Xue Jiayue was the person Xu Yan had arranged for him to recruit he hurriedly said.

“I have passed r her interview as you instructed, she…”

“That’s not what I’m asking about.”

Xu Yanwen did not wait for him to finish his words and interrupted him and asked.

“Is she still around?”

Mr. He was confused and did not understand why Xu Yanwen would want to know about a person’s whereabouts but still said honestly.

“She had long left.”

“How long had she been away?”

“Over an hour.”

“More than an hour?”

Xu Yanwen asked in deep voice.

“Yes, yes.”

Mr. He felt Xu Yanwen’s voice was cold and couldn’t help but feel his heart tightened as cold sweat was coming down his head.

But before he could think about what would happen, Xu Yanwen on the other end had already hung up the phone with a click.

“What’s going on?”

Mr. He thought in wonder as he looked at his phone.

Xu Yanwen hung up his call with Mr. He and dialed Xue Jiayue’s phone once again but the other party still prompted that it was turned off.

It’s not right, It’s not right!

Xu Yanwen’s entire face was gloomy and a cold aura emanated from his body.

Assistant Feng who stood next to him looked at Xu Yanwen’s sullen face and clearly felt the temperature around him was several degrees lower.

He felt like the current President Xu was a little scary now! And thought with his years working under Xu Yanwen for so many years, he has always been calm but today for the first time he saw Xu Yanwen show such terrible expression.

Xu Yanwen couldn’t sit still any longer, he explained to Assistant Feng before turning back and walked out of the office quickly. He drove directly back to Ningxuan Yayuan.

But when he returned to his apartment he found Xue Jiayue was not at home, the furnishing in the house were the same as just how they were this morning. Xue Jiayue never came back home.

Where exactly did Xue Jiayue go?

Xu Yanwen’s face was gloomy as he took another phone and dialed a phone number he hadn’t dialed in a long time.

Soon a male voice came from the opposite side.

“Brother Xu?”

“Help me find someone.”

Xu Yanwen said in a deep voice.

“Looking for who?”

Ye Ming asked.

“Xue Jiayue.”

Ye Ming: “???”

If he remembered correctly, Xue Jiayue was Xu Yanwen’s adopted sister and later his wife. Xu Yanwen actually called him specifically to find his wife? This feels a bit complicated!

Xu Yanwen did not care what Ye Ming thought, said quickly.

“The phone cannot be reached, I don’t know where she go. I want you to find her in a fastest possible time.”

Good, you haven’t contacted me for year and half, and as soon as you contacted me you just want me find someone!

Looking for someone who is important?!

Previously, Ye Ming has work with Xu Yanwen. Knowing Xu Yanwen’s character, him asking to find someone even after not talking for long time he wouldn’t dare say no.

“I’m going to find her for you!”

Ye Ming said.

“I want it to be quick, it can’t wait!”

Xu Yanwen emphasized in an almost commanding tone.

Ye Ming also heard his urgency and importance so how could he dare to slow down even for a minute, he immediately said.

“I will let people go find her soon, you wait for my news.”

Xu Yanwen didn’t have the mind to sit and wait at home, he went out of the door and drove to the place where Xue Jiayue often went.

But after searching all the place he could think of, he did not find Xue Jiayue at all even until half an hour later, at this time Ye Ming called.

“The person was found.”

Ye Ming said inside the phone.

“Where is it?”

Xu Yanwen asked eagerly.

Ye Ming paused and said the address.

“Brother Xu, come and have a look.”

Xu Yanwen hung up the phone with a cold face, he turned the car around and drove towards the place Ye Ming said as quickly as possible.

This was community located at the junction of urban and rural areas, the houses were dilapidated and the environment was very poor. The street were full of garbage, several young people with rainbow hair gathered at the corner of the alley to smoke and cynically look at the passers-by until they see a black car approaching, and looked at the car strangely.

Wow, luxurious car!

A luxurious car worth multi-million and has a bright and shiny body that could even reflect a person’s face.

The yellow-haired head among the youngsters immediately stood up straight as he looked at the Bentley near him. Thinking how could such luxurious car drive to their poor and distitute community.

The black Bentley drove all the way to an old building. Xu Yanwen stopped the car and reached out to open the car door and got off, he looked up at the seven story building in front of him.

Passing by several young people, Xu Yanwen did not even give them a look even if several of these young people subconsciously stood up straight but since Xu Yanwen’s body emitted an aura that they could not help but feel a sense of awe.

He was dressed in hand-made black suit and trousers with a strong cold momentum all over his body. There was no expression on his handsome face, just looking at his appearance the felt that he was not simple.

He passed by several young people which virtually brought a cold feeling and a very compelling aura.

These several young man could be considered as people who were from all walks of life. After all they suddenly realized that someone big has come to their community they couldn’t help but be afraid that something big would happen.

“I’m here.”

Xu Yanwen took out his phone to call Ye Ming, the phone rang a few times and then connected. His voice was low and couldn’t hear a slightest emotion.

Ye Ming said on the phone.

“We are in the innermost building of the second unit 7-1, you come straight in.”

“How is Jiayue doing? Is she alright?”

Xu Yanwen was most concerned about Xue Jiayue’s condition right now. He never expected that Xue Jiayue was actually kidnapped.

Ye Ming on the other end of the phone obviously paused for a moment. He looked at Xue Jiayue next to him, and thought that it was not good to tell Xu Yanwen about Xue Jiayue’s condition, so he said.

“You’re here, just come and see it yourself.”

Xu Yanwen of course had to go in to see, he hung up the phone without any expression on his face. He walked straight towards the old building at the very back.


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