Chapter 20

His slim knuckles were visible as he turned the pages of the book “How to Get Along with Your Child

While Ye Susu was busy convincing Ye Xun for a while now but she did not see the child’s emotional value raising up, she could only helplessly stop and decided to clean the room and complete task 1.

Almost half an hour before Xia Ningmeng arrived.

According to Ye Susu’s aesthetics, this human Xia Ningmeng was a good definition of ‘chubby beauty’. She has a plump body but her pair of eyes were like a cat and was quite cute.

Her hair was curly with medium length draped over her shoulders and was slightly dyed with a little purple inside making her look like she have a playful personality.

But at the moment, she looked like she was full of nervousness and excitement at the same time written on her face. She was very restless in the room.

When she came, she brought with her an oversized toy gift box on one hand and an oversized fruit basket on the other hand.

But her expression was still one that says ‘why did I not bring much more?’

Ye Susu felt close to her at first glance.

Thinking, she was an honest human being.

Ye Susu pushed her to sit on dressing chair beside the somewhat excessively quiet cub next to her as she smile curtly and scream inside.

Please improve the mood of this baby cub!

“This is Ye Xun, my little baby you’ve been longing to meet~”

As soon as she opened her mouth, Xia Ningmeng immediately recalled the souls of these two people present.

She sobered up the ‘my friend finally introduced me to the baby’ and raised her eyes, she was immediately sucked in the soft, cuddly looking little boy.

The soft, cuddly looking little boy however was subdued by the words my little baby that comes out from his mother’s mouth.

Ye Xun’s small face were instantly flushed, and was a little embarrassed, he then rubbed his feet on the ground.

Ye Susu took a look at the mood, and it was still down, seeing this she sighed.

She just relaxes and touched Ye Xun’s little shoulder.

“This is your aunt Ningmeng.”


Ye Xun knows he has to be polite.

Although he was shy, he greeted Xia Ningmeng while holding the edge of his trousers and greeted politely. After that he felt that his voice was so soft, and thinks he would lose his mom’s affection again so he bowed his head in frustration.

But this low and soft voice captured Xia Ningmeng’s heart.

“Hello, hello~ go and see the toys I brought for you and see if you like it because if not will go to the store to change it!”

Ye Xun blushed again and said softly that he liked it.

When adults were talking, children shouldn’t interrupt.

Ye Xun grew up being taught like this, so seeing that the two adults wanted to talk he obediently hold the gift and quietly went to the corner of the room and took a story book with him to flip through.

Seeing that the child was walking away, Xia Ningmeng lowered her voice as she worriedly ask her friend how she could live in such a nice house.

“Susu you fell out with your cousin and move out, so that’s means you have a new job?”

Ye Susu looked at that the little cub was in a good mood.

So she was able to chat with Xia Ningmeng freely about the things that happened for the past days, including how she was able to live in a nice house.

Hearing this, Xia Ningmeng sucked in a deep breath.

“How can there be such a person like Ye Wan!”

She obliged herself to join the team and scolded Ye Wan but not long after she was worried for Ye Susu again.

“Then you terminate the contract with that agency. Can you still used their platform for live broadcast? I remember you’ve been doing one after high school—there was connection, anyway it’s hard to make money by doing live broadcast yourself.”

She was helping Ye Susu spreading the quilt, and her mouth wasn’t idle too.

Ye Susu search in her memory the events that Xia Ningmeng has been spouting.

“Oh, that live is registered to the previous phone number and I am not using anymore. The baby is using it now.”

Ye Xun has a phone.

The original body was previously obsessed with live streaming and often forgot to pick and drop him off school, so she gave him the phone to call her if he needed to.

“That number is all zombie fans1 now.”

Ye Susu waved her hand as she said.

“Forget it, I have no talent for that either, it’s all a waste of time.”

If the original body has talent for live streaming she should have been successful long ago.

“Then what will you do for living?”

Xia Ningmeng was aware of her general situation, she hasn’t really work after graduation and now it would be hard for her work without anyone’s support.

But how could she raised her child without making money?

With this on their topic, the confusion was reflected in both of her eyes.

“I used to be good at nothing, except sleeping and eating and being dressed up beautifully. Now I guess there’s only one thing I can do, cook.”

Xia Ningmeng was about to drink water and almost choked after hearing her say this.

Dress up beautifully….?

Why does this sound right?

And hearing her say she was good at cooking, Xia Ningmeng’s teeth instantly ache.

“Susu… the last time you made a homemade beef rice it almost burned through the bottom of the pot and the meat was also burnt. Even the rice can’t be eaten.”

Xia Ningmeng’s voice was getting smaller and smaller as she finished her sentence.

Ye Susu stared at her and paused for a moment.

She then remembered that this happened just six months ago.

Ye Susu immediately stood up the spot.

“Just wait, I’ll treat you to a tasty food this noon.”

“Huh? No need ah, I’ll just buy outside and order for the baby also…”

Xia Lemon suddenly stopped and moved–

However she was not fast as Ye Susu.

After a few steps Ye Susu turned back in a hurry and said to Ye Xun.

“Baby, I’m going to cook. Where did you put that 100 days breakfast? Show me~”

Xia Ningmeng almost stumble and knelt down in front of her.

Ye Xun also froze but obediently fished out the book from the small school bag and gave it to her.

“Baby, what do you want to eat for lunch, you tell mommy.”

Ye Susu boldly and unconstrainedly asked.

Just now after unpacking, her cleaning task for today was completed, and she had a new points value she could use.

Hearing this Xia Ningmeng couldn’t help but cover her forehead.

Browsing a new recipe…is this what she called good at cooking? I don’t see it!

Ye Xun looked at the strange aunt, and then looked at Ye Susu.

Finally, very facetiously with his tender and little finger pointed on the egg recipe.

This was simple, he could also do it so his mommy would be able to do a good job and auntie wouldn’t look down on her.

While thinking this, the next second he was gleefully embraced by Ye Susu.

“Wait for it ah!”

And with that, she took the book away!

However Xia Ningmeng hurriedly went out and order a takeway.

After all, she has no confidence with Ye Susu who would make the egg recipe from the start with the recipe book.

Ye Xun stood in place, frozen.

He was hugged by mommy…?



zombie fans1– generally refers to micro-blog and Baidu Post Bar as well as fake fans on the micro-letters, money can buy a “concern”, registered in bad faith nominal microblogging fans, they are usually automatically generated by the system User. When mobile phone users register, zombie fans are automatically generated by the system. With the expansion of WeChat user base, WeChat zombie fans also appeared in large numbers. WeChat zombie fans are a collective term for inactive or fake users on WeChat.

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