Chapter 17 (2)

Jiang Mian did not tear the agreement into small pieces, so Luo Jiale did not have to struggle to put it together. It took less than ten minutes for him to put it all.

“….engagement agreement?”

He was stunned for a few seconds when he saw the few big words written on the paper.

When the contents of the agreement were read once, Luo Jiale did not hold back and said.

“Who is so shameless to set these regulations, does he think he is some idol with millions of fans?”

After listening, Qi Yanshu asked.

“What is the name of the signature?”

“You wait, it was torn a little.”

Luo Jiale carefully identified.

“It seems to be called….. Gu Qiwen, yes, this is the name.”

“He’s from the film academy.”

Qi Yanshu said.

“Check it out.”


No matter how many questions Luo Jiale has in his mind, he didn’t ask if he knows he shouldn’t ask. Anyway he was quite used to this, his boss ask him last time to look up a gangster name Brother Qiang.

After sending Luo Jiale away, Qi Yanshu got up and walked into the bathroom which has a large mirror, the kind that reflect his whole body.

He seemed to be trying to open his eyes, his eyelashes kept on twitching and eventually calmed down again.

Then he accurately took out the clean white cloth from the cabinet next to him and moved with familiarity like he could see everything.

When he heard the doorbell and Jiang Mian’s voice coming out from the electronic screen at the door.

“Uncle Qi.”

Qi Yanshu was stunned for a second, but immediately went to the door. He hesitated for a moment before opening it.

Right after opening the door, he smelled a rich aroma of food.

Jiang Mian went back and took a shower, she then change out her dress and put on a comfortable pajamas.

When she suddenly felt hungry, so she opened the refrigerator and check the ingredients inside—Liu Ma never leave leftovers and even if there were she would throw them out.

There were many ingredients inside. As a high paid nanny, Liu Ma was very good at taking care of Jiang Mian, so she would occasionally had someone from her hometown send some specialties over and bring them for Jiang Mian to eat.

Freshly cooked rice should have side dishes, so Jiang Mian cooked a bowl of nutritious noodles with carrots, bok choy, bacon another special bacon and other ingredients.

While cooking, she thought Qi Yanshu probably did not eat anything at the reception and if she was hungry so was the other party, so she cooked some more to bring over.

Although the process of cooking this was simple, but when the finished product comes out sprinkled with some scallion, it has all kinds of color and the fragrance could arouse people’s appetite.

Going back, Qi Yanshu’s brows twitched—he was indeed hungry.

In addition to the scent of the food, he also smelled the fragrance of flowers—the shower gel that Jiang Mian used.

“I’ve cooked some noodles, would you like some?”

The corner of Qi Yanshu’s lips rose a little as he turned sideways to make some space for her to come in.

She originally wanted to hand the noodles directly to Qi Yanshu and then go back but this action of Qi Yanshu obviously wanted her to bring the noodles in.

Thinking about the inconvenience with one hand, Jiang Mian carried the noodles and stepped into Qi Yanshu’s house.

The overall pattern was similar to hers, but the decoration style was completely different—the original owner was ill tempered since her four dads have always raised her like a little princess. When she was a child, she had like pink and laces very much but later she entered a rebellious phase that reached to its most disgusting period.

So the house was decorated with dark and rigid style, Jiang Mian had the sofa in the living room and all the curtains changed a few days ago making it look much gentler now.

If her house was decorated in a dark style, then Qi Yanshu’s was frigidity cool style.

Jiang Mian put the noodles on the coffee table and suddenly remembered that Qi Yanshu couldn’t move his right hand and couldn’t help but wonder if he would use his left hand holding the chopsticks. Last time at the restaurant, she remembered that he was eating with his right hand.

Luckily her worries were superfluous as Qi Yanshu picked up the chopsticks with his left hand and used them with great skill.

“Then I’ll go back first, and I’ll come over later to get the bowl.”

Jiang Mian said.

Qi Yanshu looked at her with the white cloth covered in his eyes and said.

“You haven’t eaten yet? Bring it over and let’s eat together.”

He said it very naturally that Jiang Mian also naturally answered abruptly.


The two people eating, it was better than a person eating alone in silence so Jiang Mian went back to bring her bowl of noodles. The two eat the bowl of noodles face to face.


Putting the chopsticks down, Qi Yanshu said. Then he added.

“Excellent cooking.”

“You’re welcome.”

Jiang Mian said.

“There’s more in the pot, do you want more?”

“….I’m full.”

Jiang Mian went back with two empty bowls and put them into the sink. After eating and drinking enough, naturally it was time to meditate.

The next day, when Jiang Mian came out of the bedroom Liu Ma was busy in the kitchen.

“Miss wait for a while, it will be ready soon.”

“Mother Liu.”

Jiang Mian said in a high pitch voice.

“Make more breakfast and then send one over to Uncle Qi across the unit.”

Liu Ma answered, she had been delivering chicken soup before so she was no stranger to Qi Yanshu.

Jiang Mian also waited to see if Shen Sheqing would come to her but he never does. As expected, her film emperor father has settle everything.

Then, she received a call from director Zhang himself, inviting her to be the female lead.

Jiang Mian was a little surprised.

“Director Zhang, don’t I have to re-audition for the scene?”

“No need.”

Director Zhang’s voice has a tinged of laughter, and he seemed to be in a good mood.

“That investor Shen….”

“Mr. Shen is a businessman, how can he be bother with a little girl like you.”

Director Zhang added.

“In addition, the role for the second female I have chosen Guan Xin. I don’t care what you girls have in private but don’t make trouble after entering the production and shoot the scenes properly.”

Finally at the end, he reminded.

“Remember, this circle doesn’t need money all the time to get popular. Most important is yourself.”

“I got it, thank you director Zhang.”



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