Chapter 50

Li Cuiyu couldn’t do anything to Shen Yan, but it doesn’t mean she could not expect Shen Yan to be eliminated.

On the day of the broadcast, Li Cuiyu refused a mahjong play and didn’t go to her beauty salon schedule but instead was sitting at home on the sofa watching “Future Star”.

As for Shen Yan being alone, Li Cuiyu drank an extra bowl of bird’s nest.

“This Shen Yan will lose for sure without me doing anything. She will eliminate herself.”

Having said that, she wiped the corner of her lips with a handercheif.

“If she could be popular, she would have been popular long ago.”

Aunt Qian who gathered the things on the coffee table said.

“Madam, not necessarily. Shen Yan was the last one to go on the stage last time and then defied the odds ah.”

“Aunt Qian.”

“Madam, I am telling the truth I wouldn’t tell the truth like this to others.”


Although Li Cuiyu’s mood was reduced due to Aunt Qian, she was still happy. After all, it was not Aunt Qian who would say that she pass of not.

Also she was on her own, how could she counter attack? Was she better looking than others, or was her own strength could defeat two people?

With this thinking, Li Cuiyu said.

“Let’s watch together.”

“Yes madam.”

The live broadcast has been aired to the point where the camera goes to each room to live-stream the contestant’s makeup, and they were basically doing the styling while discussing what to shoot.

The time to do the styling for each contestant was also fixed by the program team so that they would not do more elaborate styling.

Soon the camera shot reached Shen Yan, and immediately there were more pop-up comments than before.

[Poor Shen Yan, she’s going to be eliminated.]

[How do you know Shen Yan will be eliminated?]

[Others contestant are not stupid ah, last time Shen Yan relied on the book of Xianlu and acted a scene so she won. Other contestants who pass the first round will also read Xianlu and will know which part is more exciting, so of course they will play that part directly.]

[Yes, that’s true and Shen Yan is by herself which scene will she act alone ah?]

[Shen Yan can advance!]

[Upstairs, don’t be silly how can Shen Yan advance?]

[Damn it!!! Shen Yan is so beautiful!]

[It’s a pity that this face cannot act in Xianlu, historical drama has good costumes ah.]

[Shen Yan’s makeup is exquisite and beautiful. The stylist doesn’t know whether to apply liquid foundation to Shen Yan after all her skin is fair and flawless.]

[Just how did Shen Yan offend people, because if she did not offend people how can she not play good role in Xianlu?]

Because Shen Yan was alone, they only shot for a while since there was nothing else to shoot besides her getting her makeup.

When the camera stopped the live broadcast, Shen Yan’s makeup artist suddenly looked at the cameraman and then said.

“Sorry, I’m going to the bathroom.”

Just after the makeup artist said this, the cameraman also hurriedly said.

“I also need to go to the bathroom.”

Shen Yan’s slender hands played with the fringe hairpin then looked at them sideways.

“Okay, you guys can go the bathroom if you want but can you tell me who have I offended?”

They did not expect Shen Yan to be so direct, they thought Shen Yan would not let them go out and argue with them that they even thought of countermeasures.

If Shen Yan does not allow them, they would go live and let the cameraman record everything. Then they would say that Shen Yan dislikes her stylist and was not satisfied with her makeup.

And with the cameraman as the witness, they should be able to complete the task.

Shen Yan looked the tassel on the hairpin which she thought was quite pretty.

After waiting for a while, Shen Yan said.

“If I do not allow you out, you were thinking of a good countermeasure. After all, there are two of you and I’m alone, one can frame me up while the other one is the witness.”

After hearing this, the cameraman ran out with the makeup artist outside. They did not know what to do and could only think of running.

Listening to the sound of the door closing, Shen Yan did not even look and directly throw the hairpin on the dressing table. She then stared at the camera not far away.

Not long after the door was pushed open, Shen Yan took a look and then said.

“Lu Yunchen?”

Closing the door, Lu Yunchen looked kind and gently. He was wearing a white shirt and jean with a mask.

He took down the mask and said with a smile.

“Why don’t you bribe me and I’ll accompany you to shoot.”

Lu Yunchen dragged a chair to sit opposite to Shen Yan, as he approached her he slightly raised his eyes to look at her. Two people were close together.

Lu Yunchen could smell a faint scent coming from Shen Yan as two pair of eyes looking at each other as time passes second by second.

“In a black fans heart, even if you help them they will only think you have ulterior motives.”

Shen Yan calmly said as her long hair all draped followed by her taking a rubber band to tie her hair.

She does not want to get involved with Meng Yi’an nor does she want to get involved with the heroine’s male god although this male god does not like the heroine.

Looking at Shen Yan combing her hair, Lu Yunchen frowned slightly as he notice how Shen Yan styled her hair—it was the a man’s hairstyle, a half updo.

She was trying to play a male role.

Lu Yunchen lowered his eyes and smiled slightly.

Shen Yan got up after she inserted the prop jade hairpin. She then went to the dresser to find a male costume.

“Are you planning to play the first male role?”

Shen Yan did not answer, but Lu Yunchen directly stood up then picked up the camera.

“Just joking, as a judge I can’t watch you without any help.”


Soon the host said it was time to start recording their scene, and they were only given one hour.

At the same time while the audience were talking about what happened last week, Wang Peng on side didn’t want to talk about it. Because last time he said that if Shen Yan won he would eat keyboard—and in the end he was embarrassed.

This time even though he thinks Shen Yan would get eliminated he doesn’t want to talk about it.

Looking at Zhou Ruo’s frowning appearance Wang Peng said.

“Should I help Shen Yan find a new resource ah. I think Shen Yan is good.”

“What do you want to eat this time?”

“What do you mean by this? Let me tell you, I think Shen Yan is good that’s why I want to help her. I know you also think that Shen Yan is going to be eliminated this time, besides many people think so too.”

After he said this, he asked someone beside him from the audience.

“Do you think Shen Yan will be eliminated?”

The person next to him thought for a moment and then said.

“If Shen Yan defeats the odds, I will become a fan of her hahahaha”

Although Zhou Ruo also does not believed in Shen Yan, she was still her agent so she need to continue to believe in Shen Yan.

“Our Yanyan can advance!”

“Hahahah if Shen Yan can advance I’ll let Zheng Rou withdraw!”

If Shen Yan can advance Zheng Rou will withdrew from the competition!

But she knew it was impossible and Zhou Ruo didn’t want to pretend.

“I also know that she can’t advance but can’t you just pretend that she can? By the way what is the drama you want to introduce Yanyan with?”

“Historical drama, let’s talk about it.”

After that, Wang Peng and Zhou Ruo were talking about the drama he wanted to introduce to Shen Yan.

The program team gave an hour of filming time, but Shen Yan only took a few minutes to complete the shoot and did not re-shoot.

Lu Yunchen also did not say much, after the recording was completed he had to go out. After all he was a judge, also the live broadcast would soon begin and shoot the judges seat, the program team also pointed out the audience wanted to see the judges so he head to get there.

Before Lu Yunchen gets out, Shen Yan said to him.

“Thank you.”

Lu Yunchen paused in his steps but did not speak.

Shen Yan stayed inside the room for a few minutes before changing her coat, stood up and went out with the camera. After recording the cameraman should be the one to take the camera to the editor so that the editor process the recorded video.

But since Shen Yan’s camera man ran away, Shen Yan could only give the camera to the editor herself.

Walking down the long corridor, the camera in charge of the live broadcast saw Shen Yan who took the camera and handed it directly to the editor then returned to the stage.

Because the cameraman for live broadcasting has been following Shen Yan, the viewers saw the same scene and immediately the pop-up comments all expressed shock.

[Shen Yan came out so quickly what did she record?]

[Is she planning to withdraw?]

The audience and judges in the site were also shocked, because each group could come out after the recording and there was no need to wait for the one hour to be up.

This was the same with examinations papers handed ahead of time, but why did Shen Yan come out so quickly? What could she record in just 10 minutes?

The audience at the site said one thing after another.

“What’s going on?”

“I don’t know ah, is Shen Yan not recording anymore?”

“Did she just record a random scene and come out with it?”

On the stage the host took the microphone and asked curiously.

“Are you done with the recording?”

Shen Yan who took her seat, nodded her head slightly and said.

“En, I just finished recording my scene.”

The crowd was in uproar, as they thought the same—Shen Yan finished her scene already?

How was this possible? The other groups were not done, yet Shen Yan finished her scene so quickly all by herself. Did she think that since she was going to be eliminated she just recorded a scene casually?

Looking at Shen Yan’s exquisite appearance, Zhou Ruo thought she was getting most out of it since she was going to get eliminated if that was the case then she needed new drama so she said to Wang Peng.

“Let’s continue talking about the audition you mentioned.”

Though Zhou Ruo has resources in her hands it was all given to Zheng Shu already. Now there was no suitable resource for Shen Yan.

And since she felt that the resources introduce by Wang Peng were good, once Shen Yan was eliminated she could just let Shen Yan audition on that first and if she could still not get it, then she could find another one for Shen Yan.

After all Shen Yan has the strength and the beauty besides that Zhou Ruo feels that Shen Yan has the chance to be popular in this industry if given a great opportunity.



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