Chapter 9

Ye Susu who wanted to scold the cubs mother in her mind was caught her attention when a text message suddenly popped into her phone that was on the table.

[Your bill in November is 1749 yuan. The balance is insufficient and can’t pay it normally. Please log in manually.]

Ye Susu leaned in while meowing in her head.

How unlucky.

How did she survived to this day?

If she could not pay those loans, then couldn’t loan again.

Can this mortal be any more negligent?

“Baby ah, your mother really….ha!”

Ye Susu held her head and instantly felt that the cat nip behind her does not smell so good now.

She must find a way to make money, fast!

And right away if the some telepathy, her WeChat pops up again with Ye Wan’s voice.

[Susu, the company sent me an email, you are in this month’s elimination list. I want to help you, but you also have to make your own effort ah. You already have Ye Xun, yet you’re still unwilling, why? These previous years up to now, you have never achieve anything! But Mr Li can help you!]

[You have to show the company your value.]

[You can think about it. A while ago, my aunt told me that she would come her and make a living saying she would open a noodle store. And she said she still like the house and wanted to live there and I said I would give her a reply today. Do you want to go back to your hometown to farm or stay here fight for your happiness!]

Ye Susu was speechless.

Ye Wan’s knows that since her persuasion were not effective, she was now resulting tp repeatedly threatening her.

However, it gave her a reminder.

They couldn’t continue living in that house.

Although Ye Wan’s room was shabby but it was located in the city center. The monthly rent for a one-room apartment was three thousand five hundred.

It would be a lot cheaper to switch to a suburban area.


Ye Xun saw her listening to her WeChat and was seriously distracted, his little face could not help but show a deep concern as well as bewilderment.

Even his eyes have more than a few vague of self-reproach.

He did not know about the past, but every time he heard some few words he slowly learned that his presence caused great difficulties for Ye Susu.

Without him, Ye Susu would be much happier.

With this realization again, he hung his head in frustration.

Xiao Pang from kindergarten says he must have a father but doesn’t know where he was. But if he could find his dad, there would more people at home making money and would even the latest tank toy.

Ye Xun blinked, only to feel some hotness in his eyes.

He doesn’t want toys.

He just want a little more money for the family, so that his mommy could afford to pay back the money she borrowed from other people.

He did not want his mommy to cry alone, and secretly at night said that if she did not give to him, her life would be better.

Ye Xun bit his little lips and tried to open his eyes wide, holding tightly his tears from falling lest Ye Susu see and get angry at him.

“Baby ah, I have nothing to do for the time being. And you maybe feel wronged.”

Ye Susu scratched her head.

Ye Xun’s hand on the table, curled up.

Was it time to send him off the country side and lived with his grandma?

After dad, mommy finally gave up on him too.

He sniffled his little nose, and his eyes blurred but then nodded quickly.


He made a soft nasal sound that rolled out of his fiery throat with difficulty.

He knew that Ye Susu was really out of options.

She really couldn’t afford to feed him.

Although he has eaten as little as possible.

Ye Xun’s shoulder shrugged down, and tightly pursing his lips.

“Then before we go home, let’s go the rental estate agent next door who just handed down flyers.”

Ye Susu’s topic change abruptly.

Ye Xun froze, he blink his eyes rapidly and dropped a string of teardrop.

And when he looked up, he saw Ye Susu was still looking at her phone.

“Your mommy didn’t have the ability to make money, so we had to move to a worse and more distant place.”

Ye Susu spoke helplessly.

It was not what he think it was, but they were just moving?

Ye Xun’s heart which had just been twisted and didn’t know what to do suddenly wobbled and trembled, before finally floating back to its original position.

He raised his hand and wipe his tears that Ye Susu haven’t seen yet while looking at her with wide eyes full of eager desire to confirm what he just heard.

“Baby, look.”

Ye Susu quickly brought the phone screen to him.

The original owner had Lianjia APP1 installed in her phone, she must have considering of moving out from that house.

“It seems that it’s only 800 yuan a month to rent a single room for a shared house. We can just squeezed in and sleep on the same bed at night, just like now. It’s just that the toilets and kitchen have to be shared with other people.”

“I guess you can only play in our room at night.”

Ye Xun held his breath, the small mouth could not help but slightly pursed up revealing a small arc.

They really were just moving!

He sighed with relief and was busy looking down at the picture that Ye Susu’s fingertips were sliding.

The photo of this room was bit like the one they lived now, except for the bed and table there was no room for anything else.

The kitchen was also small.

He really couldn’t play in the aisle hall if they were going to live with other people.

Anyway, he didn’t play that very often and would usually only looked at the picture in the story book.

And he already long remembered those story, it does not matter if he does not look again.

“And yeah, this location is a little far from your kindergarten. You might gave to get up an hour earlier and take the bus to get on the kindergarten.”

Ye Susu said as she frowned again.

After being inside the body and getting to know on the hows of the human world especially on what happened earlier while ordering, she was now more integrated with the body.

The calculation ability, too, has kept up with the standard human level.

It was always enough to use all ten fingers.

“Baby, this will be harder for you and you will have less time to sleep. What do you think?”

Ye Susu was still very clear about the system missions.

After her all, he was her mission. And she still value his opinions.


Lianjia APP1 (链家) -second-hand housing/new house/rental house has the tools to find a house. It is easier to make appointments to see.


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