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Chapter 26

Xu Yanwen stared at the hand that was grabbing his wrist, inexplicably the part that she was touching felt hot and then it spreads throughout his whole body and stiffened him for a moment but he did not break her hand away.

Xue Jiayue huffed in pain, her eyes were red and shining with crystal tears as her looked was very pitiful.

Xu Yanwen’s black eyes flashed with light and his gaze deepened, he then lowered his head and his hand kept on moving as it continue to quickly and gently wipe the wound clean, then apply the medicine and gauze.

“It’s done.”

He obviously just gave Xue Jiayue’s wound a little medicine but Xu Yanwen felt like a century has passed as his back was sweating a lot.

Xue Jiayue finally breathed a sigh of relief, she pulled down her skirt and covered her knees. She then looked at Xu Yanwen with her still wet eyes and said.

“Good thing you’re back early, otherwise I wouldn’t dare to put the medicine myself.”

Clearly what she said was the truth but it make the person listening felt even more distressed. The hand that was holding the cotton swab tightened, he reach out his other hand and rubbed the top of her hair.

“It’s okay, I’ll give you medicine later.”

Xue Jiayue gave an “hmm” and asked him.

“Why are you back early?”

Shouldn’t you be working at the company at this time?

A strange looked flashed across Xu Yanwen’s face as he lowered his head to organize the first aid kit and said.

“I have a meeting this afternoon and I forgot to pick up an important document.”

In fact he called Xue Jiayue to get the documents ready and asked Assistant Feng to come and pick them up.

But Xue Jiayue didn’t answer his call, he got a little worried and wondered if she had not returned home after the interview or if something had happened so he drove back in a hurry.

Then he ran into Xue Jiayue who was injured.

Xu Yanwen didn’t want to tell Xue Jiayue about these things. After he sorted out the first aid kit he went and put it back in the cupboard.

He then went to the kitchen to pour a glass of water and put it in Xue Jiayue’s hand.

“I have to go back to the company later, I have a very important meeting in the afternoon.”

Xu Yanwen said.

“Since you’re injured take extra good care of yourself at home and take a rest. It’s good if you take a nap. The wound must not get wet and you don’t have to make dinner. I’ll come back and do it tonight.”

Xue Jiayue listened and said with a smile.

“Brother, you nag too much.”

Xu Yanwen’s dark eyes stared at her and said with a sullen face.

“You’re still naughty even after being injured!”

He really looked like serious parent!

Xue Jiayue quietly spat out her tongue and obediently said.

“I know, I’ll do as I’m told just go and get busy if you have something to do.”

The expression on Xu Yanwen’s face eased a little then took another look at Xue Jiayue’s knee covered by the skirt.

Remembering how injured she was, his brow knitted slightly and said to Xue Jiayue.

“Don’t go looking for jobs these days, stay home and recuperate. Our family is not short of money, you don’t need to work so hard either.”

Xue Jiayue pulled the corners of her mouth and looked at him with a titled head.

“If I stay at home as rice weevil1, are you going to feed and keep me all the time?”

Xu Yanwen glanced at her, his gazed slightly sunken and said.



“Forget it if you didn’t hear it.”

Xu Yanwen took the document in his hand and walked out with big stride.

“I heard it all.”

Xue Jiayue shouted towards his back and managed to see Xu Yanwen walking faster.

Actually it was pleasant to hear those words but Xue Jiayue knows that sooner or later she and he were going to divorce.

Even if he was kind to her now, it was only because he thinks about their relationship as sister and brother for so many years.

When the female lead Han Mengxue appears, his ex-wife should consciously abdicate.

So she couldn’t place everything on Xu Yanwen’s shoulder, even if he says he was willing to support her, it was just said for her to hear.

Also she still wanted to rely on herself, have a job and be independent. Even if the future was not good she still has a way out and won’t be like the original owner of the body.


After Xu Yanwen returned to the company for the meeting in the afternoon, he called Assistant Feng to his office.

Assistant Feng stood in front of his desk, looking at a pensive Xu Yanwen. He was wondering if the big boss had some important work to explain to him.

After a while, Xu Yanwen seemed to have thought about it. He looked up and said to Assistant Feng.

“I want to open a studio, you help me plan it.”

Assistant Feng was a little surprised, he didn’t hear anything about opening a studio at the meeting before.

Is this a sudden whim of the big boss?

However he has been with Xu Yanwen for so many years, and has experience many things. No matter what the situation was, he has long been cultivated into a calm and relaxed mindset.

What the big boss does was what he does.

“What kind of studio does President Xu want to open?”

“Open a fashion design studio, under my personal name. For personnel and staff, you help me arrange it.”

Xu Yanwen briefly explained his initial idea to Assistant Feng.

“Open a fashion design studio?”

Assistant Feng felt even stranger. Xu’s main business was electronic technology and network information, commercial real estate, entertainment media, etc.

He has not involved in the clothing industry. Does President Xu always intend to open up a new market?

Xu Yanwen also saw the doubts on Assistant Feng but didn’t want to explain and give too many reason for doing so.

He just said.

“I suddenly had this idea. Either in the name of the company or in private open a studio, if it develops well in the future, I will make other plans.”

Is this to test the waters first? And later to see how the situation develops?

As soon Assistant Feng thought about it, he understood that President Xu was not a person who invests indiscriminately.

“Okay, President Xu I will get this done.”

Assistant Feng said.

Xu Yanwen nodded his head and added.

“Keep this matter confidential first, don’t let too many people know.”

Assistant Feng expressed his understanding.

“I got it, I’ll handle the things myself you can rest assured.”


rice weevil1– (fig.) sponger; parasite


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